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Several times, innards of characters will be used as a location. These are usually stomachs or other organs in that general area. Once the characters go inside the innards, it makes them seem much smaller.

[edit] Lion's Innards

"I got you this half-digested gazelle carcass."

Appearing in Teen Girl Squad Issue 6, it is the inside of a lion. However, it appears more similar to a whale's insides. This is where the Decemberween gift exchange went on. What's Her Face was the only one in the squad who chose not to enter here.

[edit] Sickly Sam's Innards

"What manner of uncivilized ribcage is this?"

A stomach belonging to Sickly Sam. It contains moonshine, a shovel, a barrel, parcheesi, and Old-Timey Strong Bad. According to Old-Timey Strong Bad, it is uncivilized, and it seems very unkempt. It appears in Sickly Sam's Big Outing.

[edit] Pan Pan's Innards

"I'm thankful for Pan Pan's epiglottis!"

This is Pan Pan's stomach. This is where 1-Up (tries to) teach Stinkoman how to give thanks in Twenty THANXty Six. It somehow contains a desk at which an executive, such as Stinkoman, can buy and sell. The texturing on the inside wall resembles the surface of a brain.

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