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Jonathan Howe At DragonCon '05

Jonathan Howe is a friend of The Brothers Chaps and Flash programmer for the Homestar website and Videlectrix games. Jonathan currently resides in Maine. He also composed music for the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer and Stinkoman 20X6. His name appears as an Easter egg in the TROGDOR! game if one has 2000 or more points when one dies.


Appears In

If you reach level 25 on the game Trogdor, Jonathan Howe's name will appear in flashing colors at the bottom left side of the screen and Strong Bad's voice draws attention to it by saying "Whoa, that's the coolest thing I've ever seen! Somebody's name in flashing colors!"

In Thy Dungeonman 3, he portrays the Disgruntled Cleaning Guy.

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