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Yes sir, it is so boring.

Legal fine-print page.

Page Title: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: BORING!

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner


Easter Eggs

  • Let the page stay open for about fifteen seconds and Homestar Runner walks into frame, examines the page, gives his opinion on all those little words: "Bo-ring!", and then leaves.

Fun Facts


  • Legal.txt (the txt version) is the only page on the site that is a text file.


  • If you resize your browser window on the Flash file to view the left side outside of the frame, you'll see a small counter on the top left. It will count from 0 to 25 in small black type up until Homestar appears. After Homestar leaves, it goes back to 0 and stays there.
    • The 25 denotes 25 loops of the first half of the animation. Instead of making the legal "toon" unnecessarily long by having nearly a minute of nothing, they simply looped the first few seconds of the toon 25 times. Once it reaches 25, the toon is allowed to continue to Homestar's entrance, and then ends.


  • "That" is spelled incorrectly (as "tht") under the "cookies" section.
  • In the Flash file (as opposed to the text file), you cannot view the entire terms of use using the scroll bar or the scroll buttons; the page stops a couple of lines before Jurisdictional Issues. You can, however, highlight the text and drag downward or use the scroll wheel on your mouse to view the bottom of the page.

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