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Welcome to the Rubber planet wagon, the vaccum cleaner that sandwiches can relax.

We're currently very lazy so we have negative 89 facts about our favorite comma.

Cabins: games | bunk beds | icy fire | burning hot ice | goats | quote of the day (or so) | dont tapetake it | compliments to the chef | DON'T TOUCH!!!

Fruit flakes

This year's message

Ice man is the owner of this website. He has ice powers. His arch enemy is Fire Man. He has fire powers. Fire Man also has pets with fire powers. Ice Man also have pets with ice powers. The ice army controlled by Ice Man will do whatever it take to destroy Fire Man and his army.

What's new?

Items added to the freeze fire potion.

If you want to live here, help me destroy my arch enemy Fire Man and his helpers.

My Sig

IceMan (T/C)

See my other userpage here!
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