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Lem Sportsinterviews's Book

Leomard "Lem" Sportsinterviews is an author and illustrator in the Homestar Runner universe. He was first mentioned in the Strong Bad Email studying with his book This Book is Better Than 1st, 2nd, and Quite Possibly Even 3rd Base, which was featured for sale on Bookazon.com. As well as authoring many works of literature, he has directed the Peasant's Quest movie adaptation and has worked on many other forms of electronic media.

According to vacation, Leomard lives, or at least draws caricatures, in Historic Over There.


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[edit] Strong Bad Emails

Another best seller
A Sportsinterviews Joint

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[edit] Beverly Sportsinterviews

Some Awards are worth it

Beverly Sportsinterviews (also known as Bev Sportsinterviews) is another author in the Homestar Runner universe. Her name is a parody of children's author Beverly Cleary.

Two of her books (Ewww, Claire!! Why??? and Laramie, Why?) have won the "Some Award" award. Her third book, "Cat," spoke Anne, "Wash!", received the "Gold Circle", while her fourth and fifth, Problem Brian and Scar, Let Moe!, were given the "Round Award".

Beverly collaborated with Lem Sportsinterviews on Laramie, Why?. In one interview, Matt Chapman suggests that she is Lem's ex-wife.

Beverly is credited as the writer for Twenty THANXty Six as "Beverly Sportsinterviews-Chimendez", suggesting that she may have married A. Chimendez. This also suggests that Beverly may be a relative of Lem as opposed to an ex-wife, as the practice of hyphenating a last name is far more commonly used to retain a birth surname than it is to retain a surname from a previous marriage.

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[edit] Crazy Prof. Sportsinterviews

Two heads, an arm, and one great story.

Crazy Prof. Sportsinterviews is yet another author in the Homestar Runner universe. Their relationship to, or whether they are a pseudonym of, Lem or Beverly Sportsinterviews is unknown. Their books appear to be parodies of Dr. Seuss's books.

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[edit] Leomardbury Chauceinterviews

Coming soon to pretend booksellers everywhere.

Leomardbury Chauceinterviews is an author in the Homestar Runner universe. His name is a parody of Geoffrey Chaucer, author of The Canterbury Tales.

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