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This article is about the song. For the character, see The Thnikkaman.
Yeah, shut up! To one and all o' dang y'all!

Dethemberween Thnikkaman is a song about The Thnikkaman featured in Happy Dethemberween and on day 22 of the Decemberweenvent Calendar.

[edit] Lyrics

STRONG BAD: It happens each Decemberween though some would say it doesn't.
The best thing that you've ever seen, even better than your hot cousin!

MARZIPAN: {talking normally} Better than Debra?

STRONG BAD: {talking normally} Oh, maybe not better than Debra. {slower and more sultry} Ooh, Debra.

STRONG BAD: I'm talking about a magic man, who defies the laws of physics.
He turns Decemberween into DeTHemberween!

STRONG SAD: Tell us, man, who is it?

STRONG BAD: He's the Dethemberween Thnikkaman, and he'll make your dreams come true.
No, there ain't no beatin' that holiday feelin', when he says "Shut up" to you.

THE THNIKKAMAN: {speaking normally} Yeah, shut up, kid!

STRONG BAD: When the sun goes down, he creeps into town, and borrows your hedge clippers.
And while you're sleeping, safe and sound, he puts blank media in your slippers!

COACH Z: {talking normally} It was 8-Tracks in my day!

STRONG BAD: Sometimes he'll cold call random kids with discount travel packages!

THE THNIKKAMAN: {faintly mumbling}

STRONG BAD: {talking} Las Vegas? For 20 dollars a night? Thankth, Dethemberween Thnikkaman!

THE THNIKKAMAN: {faintly and muffled} Yeah, shut up kid!

SHERIFF: Yes, he's the Dethemberween Thnikkaman. Flying through the night in an unmarked van.

SHERIFF: You never know what he'll bring us when you hear those high-pitched singers!

SINGERS: Here comes the Dethemberween Thnikkaman!

STRONG BAD: One, two, three!

ALL CHARACTERS: He's the Dethemberween Thnikkaman, oh, and he'll make your dreams come true! {Strong Mad sings only "Dethemberween", "make", "dreams", and "true".}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Do-do-la-do-do-do-doo!

STRONG BAD: No, there ain't no ceilin' on that holiday feelin',

ALL CHARACTERS: When he says "Shut up" to you!

THE THNIKKAMAN: {his voice echoes} Yeah, shut up! To one and all o' dang y'all!

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