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This article is about the main theme song of Stinkoman 20X6. For the first level, see Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 1. For the vocal theme by Paul & Storm, see Theme from Stinkoman.

Stinkoman Level 1 is the name of Stinkoman 20X6's main theme. It plays during the game's first level; this version was also put up for download on the Videlectrix website, and later used in Twenty THANXty Six and throughout Level 10's cutscenes, including the start of the credits. It was composed by Jonathan Howe, credited on the Decemberweenvent Calendar as Johann Sebastian Howe. A version of the song was also used for the game's title screen, and a slight variation for the level select menu. The song was also integrated into the Level -0 theme along with most of the other level themes. A fan-made heavy metal remix by VikingGuitar was featured on the June 25, 2009 Quote of the Week, and later repurposed for the Stinkoman Level 10 Launch Trailer. Another remix was used for the 2019 delay announcement on @StrongBadActual, later appearing in a Level 10 cutscene. A remix of the song by U.Z. Inu was used for Level 10's main theme, and the song was also integrated into Mecha-Trogador's boss theme.

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