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The Stinkomanual is the instruction manual for Stinkoman 20X6. It can be seen by hovering the mouse below "Controls" on the main menu.


[edit] Stinkomanual


Instruction Stinkomanual Videlectrix

Welcome to Stinkoman GAME! Stinkoman is trying very hard to win this exciting challenge! Only YOU can help him. Keep striving until you REACH YOUR GOALS or you'll be stuck with the same dead end friends you've had since HIGH SCHOOL. This game will prove a challenge...

...but can you prove it back?!?!

The Story STINKOMAN and his pals 1-UP and PAN PAN live on Planet K in the year 20X6. This game is all about that. Don't expect any weepy princess crap, this is a STINKOMAN game! Or at least it was last time we checked! Maybe fighting? Maybe challenge? THE CHOICE IS OURS!!

The Controls This game keeps using ARROW KEYS to move Stinkoman around. It won't stop making him JUMP with the A key or SHOOT with the S key, either. You won't find this kind of quality in other countries!!

[edit] Level 1 - Go Home!

Stinkoman fighted a challenge and WINS! Help him get back home for some fave treats.

JARO - A bouncing cup, Jaro will hop around until he's pounded you down!

GREGGO - This robot will become indestructible if you stare at him. Shoot, jive, GET OUTTA THE WAY!

POORU-POORU - This punk cucumber is no cactus! Land on one and it's DOINK for you!

CHORCH - A flying mecha with pinching fingers, Chorch will make you wish you were never even born!!

BROWNTANT - This little robot is no mecha. He'll shoot you down with his mecha antenna! Takes a lickin!

[edit] Boss 1 - Tampo

Tampo is as mean as he is delicious! Stinkoman already beat Tampo before you started playing the game only now his brain has decided to get revenge! Dodge his attacks and shoot him or you'll never amount to anything

"I wish I still had a lungs!"

-Tampo '89

[edit] Level 2 - Pick a Bone!

Stinkoman found a chicken bone in his dumpling soup. Battle throughout the kitchen for revenge!

TERRELL - A baby chick with no body? That's freaky. Blast em up Dan!

ROSE BLAKE - A 'Lectric burner with a taste for human flesh!

KOLKARYU - A UFO that zips in and is always shooting at you. I honestly don't think you can kill it.

GRUNDY - A jogging chicken? That has to be a bold faced lie.

LUNDSFORD - Natural gas is the name of the game when Lundsford is in town. Learn his habits, have him followed, hunt down his family.

STOBAT - The fattest chicken plays fly, hocking up old bones. Stay outta range and BLAMMO: Stobat tenders.

OLD SAGE - These are sharp tips! They'll kill ya dead! DEAD I SAY!

TORTAN - Tortan is a drippy bottle of poisonous Tortan. Don't drink! Is no good for you!

"I am waiting a good while for you to help me win this game! What's the hold up? Help me out already!"


[edit] Boss 2 - Brody

Brody is stompin' mad! Keep from squished, ya know? Shoot him in the eye when he tries to come in for the kill. You're not chicken, are you?

"My feet are orange feet."


[edit] Level 3 - Up 'n Down

Stinkoman goes up, up, up and then down, down down

CLOWDER - Steer clear of this crotchety old cloud. He won't die and doesn't say hello.

MR. UBBERS - A rain drop that releases golden nuggets when punched. Go for the GOLD!

Stinkoman loves BREAD, but boy does he hate SOAP, APPLES, EARS and P's. Falling from the skies and bove.

1 BREAD results in 1 ITEM POINT! SOAP, APPLES, EARS, and P's result in minus 1 ITEM POINT!


[edit] Boss 3 - Stlunko

Stlunko gonna pound you!! Shoot the wall on top of Stlunko's head to send him packing. His fists hurt you, but you can't hurt thems.

"Stlunko need a reason to live"

-Stlunko, 404

[edit] Level 4 - Fisticuff!

Use some giant hand to protect 1up the extra man!

POORBT - Man! 'Poorbt' is hard to say! This guy shoots straight from the fist.

GOKUL - Dear Throbbing Mass, If you gotta go, gokul.

GASPEAU - Gaspeau flies in like a lion and out like Gaspeau!

PINK CHAM CHAM - STAY AWAY FROM CHAM CHAM! He's rolled in coconut and highly delicious.

FROTZER - If you think Frotzer is different from Gaspeau, that's okay.

1UP - Apparently you've gotta save this guy. (No, there aren't five of them in real life! Jeez! Quit writing already!)

[edit] Boss 4 - Saargtsson

Saargtsson rarely plays fair. He'll often employ the help of his firey hot friend, Firey-Hot. Smash his tail bit by bit by bit by bit until he doesn't have a head to stand on. Watch out for those fierce laser blasts and you'll be sure to have a blast with Saargtsson.


"Saargtsson is an equal opportunity employer." Saargtsson-Bosch, GmbH

[edit] Level 5 - Oh, the Moon.

1up takes matters into his own, um, torso!

ASTROMUND - This little astro style mund has a shield that can't be beat! Or maybe it's a trashcan lid.

THE BENDINI SISTERS - This family of asteroids are meteors! Hit the breaks when you feel them comin in the air tonight. Hold on!

DOWNTANT - This guy thinks you killed his Browntant cousin. Well, DID YOU?!?! Think twice, or pay the price. UPTANT sold seperately.

PIEDMONT - At least little Piedmont knows how to keep a guy laughing. This little comedian scans for intruders and open mic nights with a hot fry lamp!

[edit] Boss 5 - Nebulon

Nebulon's been working out and it shows. He's had it with scenes and cliques. He's ready to be accepted for WHO HE IS!!

"Another green salad, another iced tea..." -Nebulon

[edit] Level 6 - Stratosfear!

Stinkoman is back in style and vacationing in the clouds where he can challenge all the plugs and saws he wants! Is it getting warmer in hear?!?

PORCHI - This round-about lives inside the clouds, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his IPO. Incision Puncture OUCH! Yeah, he's invincible.

STAFULTER - Man, can't you kill ANYTHING on this level? This flying plug-duck saunters around like it's goin outta style!

POSTLETHWAITE - A gloomy, dark cloud, ol' P-thwaite is real jealous of the pink clouds and zaps them to and fro! Don't get caught in the middle of this domestic cloud-spute!!

PROTEK - Watch out for the 3-pronged, 2-prong attack! Take out his cord first, then go for the face!

HASH-HAW - What kind of a name is Hash-haw for anyone to have anyway? Time your jumps! Take your lumps!

[edit] Boss 6 - The Liekand

You will probably not be able to beat this guy. I'm sorry. He is a truly great warrior with firm resolve and sweet shades. And I mean, come on, he shoots bubbles. BUBBLES!

"Fashion first, ask sections later." -The Liekand

[edit] Level 7 - Ice 2 Meet U

Someone zapped Stinkoman with red button lightning, and now he's freezing it off in the Ice Zone! Remember to keep the faucet running or your pipes will burst!

MY BENJ - These little cuties are hoppin mad! They gather in groups and have roundtable discussions about all things kill-Stinkoman. Aim low, sweet chariot!

STOTHOS - Part tank, part tank robot, Stothos shoots both ways and hopes to get into a good school. Shoot. Jump. Repeat!

FULLBIDE - Fullbide has one of the best names in this game. Better than Chorch or Tortan even! He'll swoop down on Stinkoman from either side and spin around like he belongs in a top-down shooter!

SEEPER MO - These ice crystals will stop at nothing. Stinkoman better think seriously about jumping o'er thems.

DITMARS - Contrary to this drawing, Ditmars is NOT a tree and a blanket. She is a vent that shoots froze-jets that will turn you into town square!

BIZTAR - Aw, man, Biztar didn't do nothin'. Come on, let's go.

[edit] Boss 7 - An Ice Machine

An Ice Machine shoots ice and frozen style at you. Cryptic messages in the sand. Shoot him in the eyes like most bosses in this game.

"LOOK! I'M TRYING! OKAY?!" -An Ice Machine

[edit] Level 8 - Negatory

DON'T BLOW INTO YOUR CARTRIDGE!! YOUR GAME PAK IS NOT BROKE! Stinkoman has just been zapped into the fabled Negative Zone where everything is screwed up. Ump is down and black is right in this crazy, mixed-up label. Don't trust your senses! Only quick timing and short tempers can get our hero out of this one. Negative great!

[edit] Boss 8 - Ekersby

Poor Ekersby. He's a jumble of good, good graphics from the rest of the game. Don't let his ham-heartedness get you down!

"You were NEVER there for me." - Ekersby

[edit] Level 9 - Turbolence

Stinkoman hops inside his mostly cool ship, The Stinkowing, hoping to take a shortcut through an evil jungle. But the mysterious challenger sends out an entire seafood platter. Man the tartar cannons!!

PRUDENCH - Peeled, deveined, and totally INSANE! These skrimps are butterflied and ready to die. Great with butter but I prefer ceviche!

DOLMERLAY - This is a robotic clam but that's just between you and me. Dolmy's shell will deflect your shots, but get him talking about work or his kids and it's all over.

ROLDHAP - These anemones are always firing their mouths off. LITERALLY! Watch out for their stinging mouth shots. The red light knows all and tells all!

SEMULADE - These shark-ships fear no Stinko and will hurl themselves at our hero after a moment's rest. Head down, power through!

FUNDLAKE - You can shoot a Fundlake, boh yes, but a Fundlake will come back. Shoot late, hurry on!

SACKASTANO - These goldfish ships travel in schools! Be careful after 1st period or they'll try and sell you an elevator pass!

QUORVEKT - That is a great drawing of a stingray with guns on it. I really like the perspective. This might be my favorite drawing in this manual. hard2kill.

BROODACRE - A jungle-ized bolcano with extra rocks! Broody has 2 flaming boulders to juggle. Get all up in his business and figure out that pattern!

REID - Reids are punk jellyfish with high GPA's. They ALWAYS travel single file except when it is determined that they are NOT traveling single file. Watch for their trademark Reid-thrust!

[edit] Boss 9 - Harvax XVII

Named after the moon on which he was born, Harvax XVII is a small but speedy octopus or squid. His ink attacks won't come off so dodge carefully. His beak just might hold the key.

"That description is ALL WRONG!" -Harvax XVII

[edit] Giving Up Already?!

Stinkoman must be ashamed of you! Get back in the game and try out these rules and hints!!

  • play the game every day, even after mom says no
  • new and exciting recipes
  • hold B
  • ask your parents
  • walk and talk
  • table the label! wear your own brand!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • GmbH is the German abbreviation for "Gesellschaft mit beschr√§nkter Haftung", literally translating as "Company with limited liability", and roughly comparable to the abbreviations "Ltd." or "LLC."
  • Ceviche is a dish that originated in Peru and primarily consists of chunks of raw fish and sliced onion in lime or lemon juice.

[edit] Remarks

Left: Ekersby's heart
Right: The King of Town's heart

[edit] Goofs

  • When version 5 (up to level 7) of the game was first released, the level 6 portion of the Stinkomanual mysteriously vanished (and no level 7 portion was put in its place.) It was replaced later in the day.
  • When Level 9 was first released, Levels 6, 7, and -0 mysteriously disappeared on some computers.
  • The manual lists Level 3 as "Up 'n Down", while its true title is "Dumb Wall".

[edit] Inside References

  • The manual is inspired by the manual for a game based on Matt Chapman's comic "The Day of Bob and Lump".
  • In the Level 6 section another mention of Ducks is used.
  • The line "Blast em up Dan!" is an adaptation of "fry 'em up, Dan!" from TROGDOR!
  • 1-Up "taking matters into his own torso" refers to his lack of visible arms.
  • Postlethwaite being abbreviated to "P-thwaite" refers to Piemonade being shortened to "P-nade" in other days.

[edit] Real-World References

  • The description of the Bendini Sisters refers to the Phil Collins song "In the Air Tonight".
  • The phrase "Table the Label" is from a motivational video hosted by Mr. T called Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool!
  • Postlethwaite is likely named after Pete Postlethwaite, an actor best remembered from the film "The Usual Suspects" from 1995.
  • "Another green salad, another iced tea" is a lyric from "Tunic (Song For Karen)" by Sonic Youth.
  • Gokul's description holds a line from Leonard Bernstein's musical West Side Story.
  • The quote on Saargtsson's page is attributed to Saargtson-Bosch GmbH. Robert Bosch GmbH is an actual German company.
  • The phrase "aim low, sweet chariot" in the My Benj entry is a reference to the song Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.
  • Gaspeau's description "In like a lion and out like Gaspeau" refers to the saying, "In like a lion, out like a lamb."
  • In the description for level 8/-0, the Stinkomanual advises you not to blow into your cartridge. This refers mainly to the original Nintendo system, which was extremely sensitive to dust. One of the most popular ways to "fix" a game that had dust collect in it was to blow into it.
  • "Hold B" is likely another reference to Super Mario Bros., in which holding B causes Mario to run faster.
  • "Stlunko, 404" probably refers to HTTP error 404 (file not found).
  • "Up 'N' Down" may refer to a video game called Up'n Down.

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