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[edit] Level 2 - PICK A BONE!

"Stinkoman goes after the chicken what choked him"
Stinkoman is back home and eating food. 1-Up tries to tell him that Pan Pan has been kidnapped, but Stinkoman chokes on a bone and then all he cares about is going through his chicken-infested kitchen to challenge the chicken who choked him.

[edit] Stage 2.1 (Transcript)

{A city is shown as the camera scrolls left. Eventually Stinkoman's house appears and the camera stops moving.}

{Cut to inside Stinkoman's house. Stinkoman jumps up in a fighting pose. The background is blue with flashing black lines for effect. The animation repeats itself three times.}

{A sideways view of Stinkoman with a blue background streaked with white lines for effect. Stinkoman is dashing forward in an action pose.}
STINKOMAN: {subtitled} WAAAGHH!!
{Stinkoman's right fist hits a refrigerator door handle.}

{The refrigerator is open. It is mostly empty except for some soup and jars. Stinkoman is silhouetted in the foreground, facing the fridge.}

A Bone Challenge?!

{Camera switches view to Stinkoman in front of a plain blue background. Only his head is visible.}

{Cut to Stinkoman quickly slurping up chicken soup at the table.}
{1-Up comes up and stands to the side. Stinkoman continues eating.}

{Stinkoman's head is shown again. His mouth opens and a bone shoots out.}
STINKOMAN: {subtitled} WAAAGHH!!

{The bone flies away spinning against the white-streaked blue background.}

{Stinkoman is standing with his mouth open. 1-Up is standing to the side.}
{Stinkoman closes his mouth.}
1-UP: {subtitled} BUT PAN PAN'S BEEN- {Stinkoman enters the pose he was in during scene #2 of this movie and stays there.}

{The same level start scene is shown with the words, "TRY LEVEL 2.1" at the bottom.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


[edit] Stage 2.1 (Guide)

  • Wow, huge kitchen. Blast the yellow chicken heads known as "Terrells". See the hot electric burners? They're called "Rose Blakes" and do not hurt unless they are white-hot and flashing. That gives you the time between cool-down and heat-up to valiantly dash across. Or hop. It's a good idea to stop between them.
Fear the Lundsford!
  • Next, you will notice some gas-burners. Called "Lundsfords", they are obviously only dangerous when the blue flame is on, but you can stand in between or on the edge, and as long as the flame does not touch you, you're good to go. Hop off the Lundsfords and onto the ladder.
  • Next, go up when it's safe and blast the chicken in jogging shoes, called "Grundy". Run across to meet 3 Terrells and introduce them to your fist. Watch out for the Browntants on the other side, which you can dodge or altogether destroy.
    • There is a capsule where you crushed those Terrells, on the bottom left. Unless you are heavily damaged from Stage 1, destroy everything in the general vicinity before taking it.
  • Go back to the bottom of the tall ladder. The path now splits in two. The upper path is the regular path which almost everyone should take. If you want a difficult challenge, take the lower path. They both have capsules.
    • Higher path: Climb up the ladder, dodging and killing the Browtants, if you haven't already.
    • At the top of the ladder, the bloated chicken known as a "Stobat" threatens your soup and life with an unlimited bone barrage. Wait for the calcium of doom to pass and quickly pull up onto the platform and get to the left tip. Make sure you are out of range of its attacks and then give it "what for" with your shots. Now is the time to get that capsule down there if you were saving it.
    • Blast the Chorch and get on the first moving platform. Watch out for a Kolkaryu strike on the center moving platform. The safest course of action is to wait it out on the first platform, which would by then shift back and out of harm's way. You can also wait in the center moving platform, that one that's going up and down. Take out the second Chorch and move on. These jumps can be a little tricky, so remember to jump after at least half of you is over the cliff.
    • The right moving platform is an ooch to the right of where its limits were supposed to be. If you fall during this part, try to land on the platform hold the lower path's capsule.
    • Once you get past the moving platforms and cross the checkpoint flag (in New Mode), you will see a trapdoor with a Stobat and Terrell on the other side, and a Kolkaryu will trigger right before the trapdoor. Employ standard UFO evasion and then blast the Terrell. Then stay on the left side of the trap door and shoot the Stobat for another capsule.
    • Fall through the trapdoor and don't move to land on a platform. This is where both paths reconnect.
This was a bad idea...
      • Lower path: This path is for daredevils only. You've been warned. Anyway, to take this path, go right from the really tall ladder and kill the lowest Browntant. Then keep moving and you will see a bunch of Pooru-Poorus. It is hard, but possible to jump into the small space between the Pooru-Poorus. If you get hurt, try to use that little time of invincibility to run through as many Pooru-Poorus as possible, which is usually just one.
      • Keep on jumping from gap to gap and you'll eventually meet a capsule on an elevated platform. You're probably in dire need of one now, so jump up and get it. Then continue rightwards in the same manner you used earlier. Try to lose as little health as possible.
      • Thankfully the ending is somewhat nearby and soon you'll be able to jump onto safe ground. Then jump onto the two floating platforms nearby one after the other and you'll be where the two paths meet.
  • Anyhow, jump onto the refrigerators and blast the Chorch there and feast your eyes on that poison bottle called "Tortan". As you can probably guess, the green drops are not candy. Or Mountain Dew. Dodge them.
  • The next sequence involves lots of pain if you don't have faith in your jumping abilities. The key is landing on the EDGE of the Lundsford so the flame doesn't melt your robot booties. Jump when the flame is extinguished and move to the proper spot before the Lundsford turns on. Don't fall down; that Pooru-Pooru is one prickly cucumber!
  • Land on the left tip of the third Lundsford and exercise some revenge on the Stobat to earn another generous helping of capsule. Hop over and down to the energy helping and use the ladders to get to the top platform, reminding yourself to destroy those Chorches through the walls to avoid having to deal with them later.
  • As you climb up, you'll have to pass by a few sporks. Sporks are just glorified drills, but they hurt all the time, so just jump over as it retracts, or else risk creating a new belly button.
  • Watch out for the twin Browntant assault. Focus your firepower on the left one first, then pull up and destroy the other one. Time your jumps so that both of them can't harm you. Or just jump over their shots and leave them shooting each other.
  • Climb down the ladders to the bottom level. If you didn't kill them earlier, dodge and then shoot the Chorches as you go. Once you reach the bottom, you'll see a small forest growing in your house!
  • Hidden behind the first tree is a trapdoor. Use it to get on top of the refrigerator. A Kolkaryu will come, but you can easily avoid it by quickly going directly underneath.
  • After the UFO flies out of there, run towards the Lundsford and jump directly up to land on the left edge. Wait until the fire goes down and run!
Ahh, the dreaded Browntant-Stobat combo.
  • You'll be met with a Browntant-Stobat combo. Immediately dodge the Browntant's fire and jump onto the left edge of the small platform, out of the range of the Stobat. Burninate the Stobat, which leaves a capsule, and take care of the Browntant. Get on the floating platform to your right.
  • You've done this before: Jump onto the vertically moving platforms when the time is right and kill the Chorch. Then get on the ladder, using the trapdoor if you want, dodging any Browntant fire. You can destroy the Browntants, but it isn't recommended, considering the 50% survival rate with that trapdoor if you get hit.
  • Drills are old hat by now. Walk underneath them when they're retracted.
  • Stop running after you pass the second drill to remove the Stobat.
  • The two drills that are close to each other won't be much of a problem, just pause in between them. Walk to the edge and you'll see an arrow made up of tiny platforms.
  • Obey the arrow's advice. Oh, no! A bunch of Old Sages are sitting where you're going to land! You're doomed! But wait, what's that? A flag! You're saved! Stinkoman will teleport away right above the Old Sages.

[edit] Stage 2.2 (Transcript)

{The same level start scene is shown with the words, "TRY LEVEL 2.2" at the bottom.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


[edit] Stage 2.2 (Guide)

  • Take out the Terrell through the stove. You know how to handle a Lundsford.
  • Jump up and over the second Lundsford and onto the fridge, then up onto the platform to your left. If you fall off the fridge and land on the ground to the right, use the floating platform to get back up. If you like, from the ground to the right of the fridge, kill the Strobat through the wall to the right. It'll make the end easier.
Kill the Grundy already!
  • Wait for the Grundy to pass, then hop onto the trapdoor and hop to the next platform while blowing up the Grundy.
  • Jump onto the right edge of the Lundsford and wait for the flame and floating platform to drop, then quickly run across the stove and jump onto the platform.
  • Jump to the next floating platform and blast the Chorch when it comes into range.
  • Get to the other side of the platform, remember that the Rose Blakes can't hurt you as long as they aren't white-hot and flashing.
  • When the first one is safe, jump onto it and run, don't jump, to the safe spot. The Old Sages will stop you from jumping over the next one, so just get that timing down and run across. Whatever you do, do not touch the Old Sages.
  • Wait until the last Rose Blake is safe and the trapdoor is about to swing up, then run on the Rose Blake, hop to the trapdoor, and then hop to the next platform in one quick maneuver.
  • Blast the Terrell and then jump the gap. If the Terrell is out of range, shoot it once you get onto the platform. Make sure that you jump far because the gap is larger than usual.
  • Shoot the Chorch and jump onto the moving platform when they come into range.
  • Jump onto the ladder when the moving platform gets close. Once grabbing on, wait for the Grundy to pass, then climb up and blast it.
  • Holy silverware! It's a whole row of angry sporks! Carefully jump to the left ladder, and climb all the way up. It is suggested you jump when the sporks are hidden, but it's possible to make it when they're out. If you fall and land on the sporks, you can jump straight up while invincible and grab onto the ladders.
  • Use the trapdoor and the tiny platform to get behind the fridge, allowing you to easily take out the Stobat so it won't be a problem later. Note the existence of two Browntants above.
  • There's a capsule below. Jump onto the tiny platform and then jump and hug the left side of the screen. You will land on a platform with the good ol' capsule on it. Grab it, walk off the edge of the platform and fall straight down.
Ladder Hopping
  • Now get back onto the left ladder. Climb up until your head touches the platform. Hopefully, you have good reflexes. Hold down the right directional key, hit the jump button and when you touch the right-side ladder, hit the up key to grab on to the ladder. Keep trying until you make it. When you do, climb onto the platform.
  • Because you are out of range of the Stobat, now would be a good time to kill it. Jump and shoot.
  • Climb up to the next platform. If you killed the Stobat earlier, you'll have no problem. If it's still there, climb up when the coast is clear and get out of range. Then kill it.
  • When you're ready, jump onto the moving platform, and meet those Browntants you saw earlier. Don't worry; you are out of their range as long as you stay on the moving platform. Jump and shoot the first one when the time is right, then jump to the platform it was on once it dies.
  • Right ahead is the second Browntant. Jump over its attacks. You don't have to kill it, but it's hiding a capsule.
  • Jump onto the ladder, wait for the moonwalking Grundys to pass, then pull up and shoot them.
Safe from danger.
  • Notice the overhanging structures. You can make out three Tortans. Keep this in mind as you cross to the other side and reach the checkpoint flag (in New Mode).
  • Now you reach a staircase of Lundsfords. Looks more like the stairway to hell. This part is difficult, but there's a capsule at the top, so don't worry about losing a little health. Stay on the edges, and wait for the Lundsford to turn off. Then run forward and jump to the next edge.
  • When you reach the fourth Lundsford, a Kolkaryu will ambush you. You can hide directly underneath it to be safe. Hang halfway over the left side of the floating platforms until the flying robot leaves.
  • You should see three trapdoors. Each one leads to a different path. The first one leads back to an earlier part of the level. The third one leads to a capsule and then takes you back to the trapdoors. You want to fall through the middle trapdoor.
    • Kick yourself if you accidentally fall down the first trapdoor. This left passage drops you in front of a Browntant. Kill it and then you'll discover that you're hanging out over the earlier part of the level.
    • Jump left and try to land on the floating platform below. You are now back in the part of the level between the Rose Blakes and the sporks. Bummer. Climb back up the way you did before to the trapdoors. At least the bad guys are gone.
      • Falling down the third trapdoor isn't as bad as the falling down the first one. It does, however, land you in a pile of Pooru-Poorus, next to a Browntant. Don't hug the right wall as you fall; you don't want to touch one of the Old Sages in the roof.
      • Once you land, don't worry about the Old Sages above. You can't jump high enough to touch them. Jump over the Browntant's shots and blast him, just like you usually would. Destroying it nets you a capsule for your troubles, but it's not really worth it.
      • Once the Browntant is dead, climb up the ladder to a really difficult climb of floating platforms and trapdoors. This is really hard, so you'll need to run as far off the platform as possible to make it, and don't forget to time your jumps so you don't fall through the trapdoors. Then you'll have to jump onto a few tiny platforms. Eventually you should make it back to the three trapdoors. Fall down the middle one this time.
  • Assuming that you went with the middle path, you will fall really far. It's far enough that your character may start yawning if you don't touch anything. Eventually you will land between a Stobat on the left and a Terrell on the right. Blast the Terrell on the right so that you can get out of the bones' range and a splode the Stobat.
This should be fun...
  • They make no attempt to hide the daunting task that is avoiding all seven bottles of a row. Wait for the drops to hit the ground and run through, screaming like a lunatic. Well, I guess screaming is optional.
  • You should meet a Terrell as you are running, blast it.
  • If you stop going forward just out of the way of the last Tortan, you will see a Stobat and be out of its range. Stay underneath the last Tortan as you kill it, but don't get hit by the poison itself. Take the Stobat out to receive the last capsule of the stage.
  • Continue running forward. Hey, a big open space. This would be a great area to have a challenge in. This seems REALLY suspicious. Could it be? Yes, it is!

[edit] Level 2 Boss: Brody (Transcript)

{The screen is letterboxed and a silhouette of Stinkoman slides to the right in a dramatic fashion. Two colossal chicken legs drop from the top of the screen, causing the screen to shake. The camera pans up slightly so that the bottom of the chicken's torso is visible. The chicken's huge head suddenly drops from the top of the screen and screams ferociously.}

{The screen cuts to a shot of Stinkoman looking up with the shadow of Brody looming over him.}

STINKOMAN: {subtitled in very tiny letters and a small talking mouth} ARE YOU ASKING FOR A CHALLENGE?

{As the round begins, Stinkoman repeats the same message he used against Tampo}
STINKOMAN: Are you asking for a challenge?

After you defeat Brody...

{The sound of an explosion occurs, followed by four falling colossal chicken bones. Stinkoman does his victory laugh (which is just a sound clip of him laughing from japanese cartoon sped up and played thrice) and teleports out.}

[edit] Level 2 Boss: Brody (Guide)

That's one huge chicken!
  • Brody is the chicken that choked Stinkoman somehow. That's one heck of a chicken. Resembling Grundy in a slight way, he consists of two legs and a head, which both can stretch and retract. He also can apparently fly, because his feet hover over you for a while. You can never see his full body. As tradition requires, Brody's weak point is his eye.
  • It should be noted that Brody doesn't take damage until the shot hits his eye. If it touches his eye (even if it's closed) it counts as damage.
  • Brody starts off with one foot hovering along the top of the screen. Sooner or later, it stops moving for a second, then swiftly drops, crushing anything under it. As a general rule, being crushed is not a good thing. After a while, Brody pokes his head from the ceiling for a split second and then lunges downwards, snapping its beak. This move is randomly placed, fast, and therefore very dangerous. After the first lunge, Brody now uses two feet instead of one regardless of whether or not you got the first shot. The next lunge is coming up when only one of Brody's feet are deployed and none are coming back out.
  • To avoid Brody's feet attacks, it doesn't matter what you're doing as long as you move out of the way whenever a foot freezes above your head. As a general rule, you can rather easily avoid being hit if you stay still in the middle and dodge when you have to. Prepare for when the head is about to drop, keep your eyes open and be quick. Dodge the head as it comes down, and if you succeed, shoot him right in the eye to hurt him. Don't bother attacking his feet, though. Do good, and you should make Brody a splode.
  • However, if you like cheating, hug the right side of the screen. For some reason, Brody's feet rarely crush this area. This does not work on the left side. When it's time, jump out of your hiding spot and attack Brody's head. Be careful, if you're really unlucky, you can still get crushed, so stay on your toes. But your main problem will be that Brody can still peck you while you're hugging the right side. Brody takes five hits before going down.
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