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Fake error pages are used by The Brothers Chaps (as fourth wall breaks) for toons that make fun of the accessibility of homestarrunner.com content.


[edit] Internet Explorer

"The system is down, yo."

The Internet Explorer Error Page is where cartoons first occurred when a system error "happened". The background text is displayed in Internet Explorer 6 when the URL entered does not exist, or the site's server is experiencing difficulties.

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[edit] Netscape

"Oh, thought you could sneak in the back door, eh?"

The Netscape Missing Plugin icon is shown if one tries to view the Store Thank You Messages through a direct link without ordering something beforehand, followed by Strong Bad popping up and mocking the viewer for trying to "sneak in through the back door".

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[edit] Firefox

"Oh, no you don't!"

A newer fake error page was based on the Firefox Error Page. The text is mostly standard with a few jokes thrown in. This error page emulates technologies contemporary to 2008, such as Firefox and Windows Aero, likely due to Internet Explorer 6's waning usage. This is where the Deleteheads were camping out in anticipation of the 200th Strong Bad Email, email thunder.

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[edit] Flash Plugin Error Page

"Wo-ho! Check it out! I'm vulnerable and should be updated."

The Flash Plugin Error Page is actually a sign held up by two wooden planks in The Field. It is modelled after the "Flash Plugin Vulnerable" error page that appears upon trying to load an embedded .SWF file, requesting permission from the user to run the insecure application. It appeared in Flash is Dead! as a warning that support for the format is waning, with Flash authoring interface falling from the top of the screen. Another fake error screen appeared at the end of the toon, but with different text.

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