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"So hopefully one day technology will catch up with my advanced thinking."

In video games, the 94th Strong Bad Email, Taylor R. asks Strong Bad what he would be like in a video game. Strong Bad first mentions Secret Collect, an Atari 2600-style game, in which he would wander around futuristic mazes collecting things that look nothing like him while his own graphics look nothing like him. After Secret Collect, Strong Bad mentions StrongBadZone, a vector-graphics game, in which a spiky-headed, cyber-shield guy would block attacks from a vector version of Strong Bad's head because nobody can control him! Vector Strong Bad would sometimes say poorly-translated phrases such as "BACK OFF BABY" and "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE". Next, Strong Bad mentions Thy Dungeonman, an interactive fiction game, that consists of getting Ye Flask. However, the main character is not Strong Bad. Last but not least, Strong Bad mentions RhinoFeeder, a SNES-era game, which in his words, is "super-photorealistic" and "takes migs and megs of memories just to play it". The objective of RhinoFeeder is to have Strong Bad feed a rhino while avoiding snakes. The four games can be played and they were later added to the games menu. watch (more...)

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