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[edit] Buffalo Teriyaki

The mention of "teriyaki chicken" in connection with Trogdor's beefy arm is similar to another chicken-related comment in the first Fan Costume Commentary, in which Strong Bad says that fans carelessly "turned it into a buffalo wing."

From: More Fan Costumes
Posted on: 02:28, 10 November 2005 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • It's not exactly a popular thing to say, and is therefore not a coincidence.
  • Why did he specifically choose chicken, out of all the other things he could have mentioned at the food court? Or even sushi?
  • This is a perfect reference. Both chicken comments, both Trogdor costumes.

Arguments against:

  • There really isn't a connection between one and the other:
    • Strong Bad is telling people to literally go fill the arm with Teriyaki chicken.
    • He said the other people turned the arm into a buffalo wing.
  • He only said "teriyaki chicken" because the person dressed up as Trogdor appears to be in a food court of some sort. Teriyaki meats are oftenly perceived as Asian foods, and Asian restaurants seem to be specifically found in food courts.

Additional comments:

  • I don't think it's necessarily a direct reference, but in both cases the arm is compared with a form of chicken, so it's notable.
  • Maybe if they were the same type of chicken, but this is much different.
    • They are, however, fast-food types of chicken. If it were, say, "rotisserie" chicken it would be different. Since it's a "beefy" arm, the use of chicken at all is somewhat counterintuitive. For it to happen twice is even less logical.
      • The only way this is truly a reference is if there is an actual connection. It has been established that there isn't. Yes, there were two kinds of chicken mentioned- and even so, there was no mention of the actual word "chicken" in the original Fan Costume Commentary, just the buffalo wing. While that is chicken, it has nothing to do with what was said by Strong Bad.

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