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"Keep on knockin' on Heaven's door..."
"Naw, it can't be Heaven. There's not enough Twinkies."

Heaven is the place where the good citizens of Free Country, USA are sent after death; more specifically, it is where Main Page 6 is set.

In Where The Crap Are We?, Homestar Runner suggests that he and Strong Bad may be in Heaven. Strong Bad posits that they are not, implying that they are (or at least he is) in Hell (or Massachusetts, according to Homestar).

In Teen Girl Squad Issue 9, all of the girls and Mr. Pitters die and wind up as ghosts, but it is unclear if they wind up in heaven or not. In Issue 10, What's Her Face hopes that heaven has corn chips as she dies from being lathe'd.

In retirement, one of Strong Bad's cool nicknames for himself is "Heaven in Tights".

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