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Songs, Background Music, Jingles, and Worse

Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack Volume 2 was released on April 10, 2020, along with the other two volumes. By combined track length, it is the longest of the three volumes.

Running time: 40:14

[edit] Track Listing

Number Title Length Source Notes
1 Homestarrunner.Com Old Intro - Remix 0:34 flashback Fades in, then plays six times before fading out.
2 Strong Badia National Anthem (Original) 1:20 flag day
3 Jumbo Large 0:13 road trip
4 Real Live Emails 0:31 Real-Live E-Mails
5 Trudgemank 1:35 Trudgemank
6 Whaddaya Know Haddi-Man? 0:17 for kids The theme song from the toon.
7 Strongest Man Contest Intros 0:30 Strongest Man in the World The background music played when introducing each contestant. Plays three times.
8 You're a Girl 0:43 montage
9 Dunkin' the Ch8t 0:15 mile The background music during The Cheat's parade.
10 Having Fun With My Friends 0:18 high school The album version includes previously unheard lyrics "Solving crimes, yeah, that's right!" at the end.
11 Bug in Mouth Disease 0:35 Bug In Mouth Disease The toon's title theme. Plays four times, and three times with only background accompaniment before fading out.
12 It's That Clock 0:24 vacation Includes Strong Bad's "wicked solo" and the quote beforehand.
13 Hustle for Sports 0:44 Coach Z's 110% The toon's background music, with "Hustle for sports" said six times by Homestar throughout.
14 Loading Screens 2:07 Loading Screens
15 Bubsotathon 0:33 Senorial Day Played during Bubs's commercial. Plays twice.
16 Theme from Stinkoman 0:51 Stinkoman 20X6 Intro Cinematic Featuring Paul & Storm. The ending plays during the credits of Under Construction, with an instrumental version playing over the main battle. The lyrical part was previously partially presented at Georgia Tech in 2007.
17 Annual Triathlon 0:29 Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold The song that plays as the story is being read.
18 No 1 Understanz Me 0:17 Let us give TANKS!
19 Standard Slumber Party Fare 0:27 slumber party Played during Strong Bad's explanation of slumber parties.
20 Grumblecakes 2:08 Grumblecakes (video) This version is notably missing the Cheatcakes jingle at the start.
21 Brother in a Jar 0:19 your funeral
22 I Killed Pom Pom 0:21 I Killed Pom Pom The main theme plays three times, then is interrupted by the dramatic sting.
23 S Is for Sucks 1:30 Trogday 08 Also includes the heavy metal "S is for Sucks" song at the end.
24 Welcome to the High Voice Crew 0:19 helium Includes Strong Bad's quote at the end.
25 No Loafing 0:44 no loafing Background music played when Strong Bad looks at signs.
26 Todaybor Day Is Labor Day 0:41 Labor Dabor Plays twice.
27 Garbage Disposal 0:11 Teen Girl Squad Issue 13
28 Everything Else, Vol. 3 0:39 Everything Else, Volume 3 The main menu theme.
29 One Two, One Two 1:26 One Two, One Two
30 Senor Cardgage Mortgage 0:17 Senor Mortgage The jingle that plays at the end; does not include the Visor Robot's voice, or the "no probalo" at the end.
31 Where My Hat Is At 0:21 Where My Hat Is At? (toon) Consists of the music that plays in the intro, the outro, and between the Coach Zee and Bubs scenes.
32 Partyin' (Party, Party, Party) 0:34 montage
33 Tonight, Woman 0:13 death metal Limozeen's song on Video Thyme.
34 The House That Gave Sucky Tricks 0:16 The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Consists of the music with a theremin-like synthesizer heard at the title card and just before the Largest Bean poem.
35 A Bag of Four Grapes 0:35 Cool Things The first song played by Cool Tapes.
36 K.O.T.H.S. Marching Band 0:35 Fall Float Parade Includes Coach Z's "freestyle" and Marzipan's admonishment.
37 Hi, Gene 0:42 hygiene Consists of the music played throughout "Say 'Hi' to Hygiene".
38 Sweaty Overweight Jam 0:29 love poems
39 Scroll Button Medley, Pt. 1 1:17 Scroll Button Songs Consists of songs from January 20, 2003 to September 12, 2005, excluding the March 16, 2004 edition
40 Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar 0:30 The Animated Adventures of Puppet Homestar The title theme of the toon.
41 Il Cartographer 0:41 yes, wrestling Also includes the Gardenboy variant at the end.
42 Technical Difficulties 0:12 pizzaz
43 Peasant's Quest Coming Soon 0:51 Peasant's Quest Preview Includes the 2-bit Trogdor theme and floppy disk sound at the end.
44 Chumbly Wumbly Bear 0:22 Teen Girl Squad Issue 11 Includes Camp Counselor Shortshorts's quote at the beginning.
45 Jumpin' Fun 0:08 The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show
46 Get It on Like Diddy Kong 0:32 Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 The music played throughout the birthday party.
47 I Really Gotta Pee 0:17 extra plug Includes Strong Bad's quote at the end.
48 Kansas Mash 0:31 Mr. Poofers Must Die The music that plays during the Mr. Poofers stories.
49 Commandos in the Classroom 0:11 Commandos in the Classroom The title theme of the toon.
50 Bend at the Knees 0:43 Characters from Yonder Website
51 Lappy 486 by Compy 0:42 animal Includes the Lappy's startup sound, followed by the Lappy's "speculations" music.
52 You Said You'd Bake Us a Cake 0:22 Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2
53 Sblounskched! 0:29 candy product
54 Goblin Song - Dance Remix 0:23 Most in the Graveyard
55 The Strong Bad Email Show 0:26 theme song The "bludgeon you over the head with the blunt end of the show's main premise" theme song. Removes Strong Bad's commentary at the beginning.
56 Ever and More 0:16 Ever and More
57 Lappynapped Outro 0:32 retirement The background music from the end of the toon.
58 2018 Truckhead Homestar 0:33 Fan Costumes 2018 After the song, Strong Bad says "2018 Truckhead Homestar! Built chassis tough! You probably hunt, right? Or... fish?"
59 It's Over 0:31 Teen Girl Squad Issue 14
60 Sbemail Songs, Pt. 2 4:43 Strong Bad Email Intros Includes the following intros, in order: pizzaz, the facts, extra plug, virus, radio, part-time job, dreamail (both songs), secret recipes (followed by "Nothin' like na-na-nas to get you through an email song"), rock opera, best thing, long pants, rampage, garage sale, do over, boring (really), modeling, bottom 10, record book,, geddup noise, bedtime story, space program, portrait, high school, death metal (YouTube version), technology, narrator, myths & legends, pop-up, lady fan, disconnected, alternate universe (including the exchange with Strong Sad), senior prom, isp, redesign, keep cool, theme song, road trip, trading cards, cliffhangers, retirement (both songs), coloring, 4 branches, the chair

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