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Homestar Runner for the Braves

Mark Lemke is a former Major League Baseball player for the Atlanta Braves, The Brothers Chaps' home team. He was indirectly the inspiration for Homestar Runner's name, and as a tribute to this, his last name appears in a number of odd places in the Homestar Runner universe.


[edit] "Home Star Runner" for the Braves

As related during the Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Show:

STRONG BAD: There was this local commercial for Winn-Dixie, and on it it featured Braves second-baseman Mark Lemke. And it was like — "Mark Lemke makes all-star saves for the Atlanta Braves, and you can save at Winn-Dixie!". And our friend Jamey here, not being sports-ularly inclined, he was doing his impression of that commercial a few weeks later and he said something like this:
JAMES HUGGINS: I was watching a Braves game and didn't know which position was which, and I — sometime around 1992 — said something like: "Mark Lemke: Home Star Runner for the Braves!" A seed was planted... I had nothing to do with the aftermath; I guess I created the word "Homestar".

Lemke was the regular second baseman for the Atlanta Braves from 1990 through 1997. Although popular, he was never officially an MLB All-Star. Lemke retains a connection with the team by providing pregame/postgame analysis for the Atlanta Braves Radio Network.

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"Lemke wins the pennant! Lemke wins the pennant!"
Another Lemke sighting

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