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The different costumes of Old-Timey characters.

Image Character Costume Seen in
How's he gonna get around? The Homestar Runner Without legs Kick the Can
(Toons Menu Preview)
He's not getting a HEAD in life! The Homestar Runner Without a head Kick the Can
This is bizzare and hilarious. The Homestar Runner Without a body Kick the Can
Hey!!! I'm just a BODY!!! Anyone want to claim it for rusty, secondhand bionic parts? The Homestar Runner Without a head or legs Kick the Can
(Toons Menu Preview)
Apparently, Homestar has resorted to can wearing. The Homestar Runner A can for a body Kick the Can
(Toons Menu Preview)
Homestar's taking can-liking too far. The Homestar Runner A can on his head Kick the Can
He's president? The Homestar Runner A "herbert hoover?" shirt Kick the Can
Gosh indeed. The Homestar Runner An upside down head with an odd face, sticking out his tongue Kick the Can
Ready for liftoff! The Homestar Runner Rocket flames in place of his legs Kick the Can
He's less lively looking now. Old-Timey Strong Bad Without a head Kick the Can
The can-wearing fad has spread. Old-Timey Strong Bad A can for a head Kick the Can
Introducing Sickly Sam, the human cannonball! Old-Timey Strong Sad Wearing a helmet Main Page 10
If he tries to excersize, this will be hilarious. The Sneak Overweight Ballad of The Sneak
Strong Bad's gonna be envious. The Sneak Varying amounts of facial hair Ballad of The Sneak
Fly in a safer flying machine next time! The Homestar Runner Bandaged up and using crutches Ballad of The Sneak
That's not gonna protect him from a Bengal Tiger. The Kaiser Wearing a Pickelhaube Ballad of The Sneak
An experiment if Fluffy Puffs taste good in space. Mr. Shmallow An astronaut/rocket ship Mr. Shmallow
This will be hilarious for present-day Strong Bad. Old-Timey Strong Bad Missing half of his mustache Email flashback
What a numbskull! The Homestar Runner His skeleton That a Ghost
Bones are the new fad. Old-Timey Strong Bad His skeleton That a Ghost
Strong Bad will have to settle for gold shoes. Old-Timey Strong Bad His skeleton, trying on gold pants That a Ghost
Hair has bones? Old-Timey Marzipan Her skeleton That a Ghost
A high life liver. Fat Dudley His skeleton That a Ghost
No skin about it! Strong Man His skeleton That a Ghost
Homestarlius Caesar was known for his many aquaducts. The Homestar Runner Julius Caesar Email high school (Easter egg)
Strong Bad the legionary was known for his love of vomitoriums. Old-Timey Strong Bad Roman Legionary Email high school (Easter egg)
Apparently, potatoes weren't discovered back then. Sickly Sam Olives sack instead of potates Email high school (Easter egg)
Strong Sad carved this, and everyone is laughing at it somehow. Sickly Sam Ionic column Email high school (Easter egg)
Strong Bad's ready for the Big Beer Diving contest. Old-Timey Strong Bad Swimsuit Email alternate universe
Bonnet and bottle provided by Polymascotformulate. The Homestar Runner A baby Email 4 branches
I don't think it is hat weather. The Homestar Runner Winter hat Decemberween Short Shorts
A great hat for time-having Sickly Sam Hat with a flower in it Sickly Sam's Big Outing
Spic'd span indeed Sickly Sam A bowtie Sickly Sam's Big Outing, @StrongBadActual
Honest Telegram deliverer The Sneak As a telegram deliverer Sickly Sam's Big Outing
Arrow Smith The Demon The Arrow Smith 2022 Costume Pack Now Available

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