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The different costumes of Strong Mad.

Image Costume Seen in
Strong Bad A Jumping Jack Contest
Bullhorn singlet, oven mitts, and a tattoo In Search of the Yello Dello Deleted Scenes
Wearing glasses Email Processing Room, Email rampage
Orange sweater Decemberween Email Menu
Miner Email cheatday
Green sweater with snowflakes on it Homestar Presents: Presents,Happy Dethemberween
a Doctor Email bedtime story, Email looking old
Black wristbands Email death metal
loincloth and black shoes, as "House Mouth" Email retirement
Wearing his L.U.R.N. uniform Email coloring, Career Day
Wedgie Email strong badathlon
Basketballs shoved down his singlet Email more armies
On Point King Email more armies
Football helmet Ever and More
Textile factory Email bike thief
Wild Vacationer Email yes, wrestling
Foreign Objects Brother Email yes, wrestling
Rax Email yes, wrestling
Facepaint Connection Email yes, wrestling
Deletehead Member Email fan club, Place Ya Bets!,
Sbemail 200 Fakeout
Red sweater, yellow scarf A Death Defying Decemberween
Blue sweater, pink/brown scarf A Decemberween Mackerel
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