Strong Sad and Coach Z's Relationship

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"I don't wanna die!"

While Strong Sad and Coach Z are both considered creepy loners by the rest of the cast, they don't really get along themselves. Most interactions consist of Strong Sad questioning, criticizing, or being creeped out by Coach Z's behaviors. However, they do seem to get along sometimes, usually in a professional context.

[edit] Strong Sad criticizing Coach Z

[edit] Strong Sad and Coach Z in Conflict

[edit] Strong Sad and Coach Z Getting Along

  • A Jorb Well Done — Strong Sad successfully helps Coach Z properly pronounce "job".
  • Email 1 step ahead — Coach Z cheers Strong Sad on for "patting" his butt.
  • Email labor day — Coach Z laughs at Strong Sad's joke about Strong Bad's party invitation getting "da-leet-ed", calling him the life of the party.
  • From the Vault — Strong Sad and Coach Z share a car on the "Bubs" roller coaster.
  • One Two, One Two — Strong Sad pats his belly in time to the music, as Coach Z cheers him on.
  • Email Accent — Strong Sad calls in Coach Z to help Strong Bad regain his Mexican accent.
  • Coach Z's 110% — Coach Z helps Strong Sad become the "number one pick".
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