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[edit] Updates

This is a work in progress! More will be coming eventually. In the meantime, I leave you with my catchphrase, which I shall dutifully deliver once an episode. . . or at least once a post! Eh! Megan

[edit] Biography

I am a native of Columbus, Ohio, currently living in "Small Town, USA" (we share a zipcode with Free Country ;-)) and a proud alumna of Urbana University in Urbana, Ohio. I have a BA in English and look to go to graduate school for a useless Master of Fine Arts degree in English literature. My chief passions are my faith (I am an Independent Baptist) and my education, with Shakespeare (which is not only an obsession but my occupation), Star Wars, and Homestar Runner coming as close seconds. My spouse is a Sony VGN-FZ290 laptop named Dante.

[edit] Homestar History

I was first introduced to in 2002, made a gallant attempt at watching all the sbemails as well as the "First Time Here?" toon and promptly forgot almost entirely about the site until my freshman year in '04. I quickly discovered that SBEMAIL is a college student's best friend, for it gave me something to do while putting off my homework. Since then, I have been a devoted fan. I have sent at least 12 e-mails to Strong Bad (with no response) and at least one fanstuff item (that never made it on). The Cheat is my role model and I am fluent in his native language, The Cheat. I discovered the Homestar Runner Wiki shortly after watching the toon "Bug In Mouth Disease." When I ran a Yahoo! Search for "Caleb Rentpayer," the Wiki came up, and I have been a devoted fan ever since. . . It's just taken me awhile to get the account!

[edit] Some Daily Homestarisms

  • "That's not a good prize!" (whenever I don't like something)
  • "Oh, why don't you creat an alternate reality where you don't have to spell correctly! And I talk like this! And your name is watered down!" (when faced with grammatical errors; "Rhythm'n'Grammar" songs also apply)
  • "Meh!" (catch-all phrase)
  • "Yup yup, wight wight." (to annoy my best friend)
  • "Sixteen hour drum solo!"
  • "You're a girl. . . or maybe a wagon filled up with pancakes."
  • "Positate without pizzazz and jam!"
  • "I swallowed your computer!"
  • Hey, that stuff's prescription!"

[edit] Trivia

  • One of my nicknames is Teh Fontmaster because I have 3,000 fonts on my computer and twice that many memorized by face and name
  • It is generally accepted that I have obsessive-compuslive disorder
  • I was homeschooled from first to twelfth grade
  • Ich habe lerne Deutsch für vier Jahre jetzt

[edit] Wishlist

  • Trogdor Black T-shirt
  • Trogdor polo
  • Star T-shirt
  • Bear Holding a Shark T-shirt
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