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Stinko Man K: 20X6

20X6 is an era of cartoons that depict stereotypical Japanese cartoons. Pronounced "twenty exty-six", this era satirizes elements of Mega Man and Metroid video games, wherein the year is referred to as 200X, 20XX, 21XX or 20X5.

20X6 stars anime versions of the standard "present era" characters. Strong Bad becomes Stinkoman, a reference to the email "island". Homestar Runner becomes 1-Up, a kid who wants to be the guy. Pom Pom becomes a hungry panda called Pan Pan. Marzipan, Coach Z, The Cheat and possibly The Poopsmith also made minor 20X6 appearances as well.

It takes place on Planet K, but it also seems to be the future of Free Country, USA—this is supported in time capsule, where Strong Bad is asked "why not make a time capsule of stuff filled with stuff about you to be opened in at least X0 years," then Stinkoman finds Strong Bad's time capsule and 1-Up finds Homestar's time box.



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