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This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from 2019.


Text / Transcript Date / Link
Tweet image for 5 Mar 2019
Another legend leaves us. We'll always have the time I drew King Kong Bundy in a Teen Girl Squad, executing a Big Splash from off a playground slide.

Fun Facts

5 Mar 2019


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Tweet image for 10 Feb 2019
This is def on of my favs.

Fun Facts

10 Feb 2019


id=1094624595070590976 text=Peoples keep sending me this comic movie website that's all Web 0.0. Lemme just remind all y'alls that Strong Bad unironically made an awesome/terrible website a million years ago with way better gifs and a proper broken hit counter. http://homestarrunner.com/sbsite/ fun facts=Strong Bad's Website was first presented in the [[Strong Bad Email website. date=10 Feb 2019


Video thumbnail for 8 Feb 2019
In this week's edition of 'More Stuff Phife Dawg Inspired in Sbemail History,' we look at an easter egg from Sbemail 119: 'Animal' and the origin of my favorite wardrobe provider.

Video Transcript

{Fade in to the Easter egg from the Strong Bad Email "animal". The Deep Sea Fangly Fish is sitting on a counter with its lights flashing.

GENERIC ANNOUNCER: Second place contestants receive Deep Sea Fangly Fish. Promotional considerations by Sterrance.

{The words "Mr. Bad's Wadrobe provided by Styles Upon Styles" fades in}

GENERIC ANNOUNCER: Strong Bad's wardrobe furnished by...

{Cut to a music video. A rap artist with his eyes covered with plastic hits his finger against his palm as he raps.}

PHIFE DAWG: Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have! You want it just to fight for but you still don't know the hap!

{The music video stops, the text from before returns, and the commercial music resumes playing. The Homestar Runner head lure drops in from the left. Words appear below as he talks.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER LURE: Steep prices and trees!

Fun Facts

As stated in the Tweet, Styles Upon Styles is a clothing store introduced in animal.

8 Feb 2019

Video thumbnail for 7 Feb 2019
It's no 'wagon fulla', but @fancybane did a pretty good slopjob with these pancakes!

Video Transcript

{A pancake shaped like Strong Bad's head sits on a griddle. Music begins to play.}

PANCAKE STRONG BAD: {singing} I'm a girl, or maybe a Strong Bad, made out of pancaaakes!

{Cut to a pancake shaped like Homestar's head. Music plays.}

PANCAKE HOMESTAR RUNNER: A Homestar made of pamcakes? In the champeenship? I'd like to see me try!

{Fade to black}

Fun Facts

Both songs are from montage, where the Wagon Fulla Pancakes was first introduced.

7 Feb 2019

Tweet image for 1 Feb 2019
'Member the explodey collar app? If your device doesn't go into lockdown when it sees a Flash file, then have a go at it yourself! Can be very cathartisfying for those stuck at computers all day. https://homestarrunner.com/kotcollar.html

Fun Facts

The remote control collar head explosion game was first introduced in the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Developer's Blog.

1 Feb 2019


Text / Transcript Date / Link
Tweet image for 4 Jan 2019
I'm a day late, but as you can guess, the Announcer is pretty bummed at the passing of Mean Gene. He took inspiration from Gene's ability to stay calm in the face of sweaty, dinosaur tranquilizer-fueled rants.

Fun Facts

  • The GIF is from yes, wrestling.
    • The phrase "dinosaur tranquilizer-fueled [rants]" also originated from the email.
  • "Mean" Gene Okerlund was a wrestling interviewer, announcer, and television host. He died two days prior to the Tweet.
4 Jan 2019
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