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This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from 2024.


[edit] March

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LAST DAY to get these two Pointing Click em-ups for 50% off in the @Steam Spring Sale:
20 Mar 2024

The Teen Girl Squad DLC practically makes itself!
This Tweet is a reply to a since-deleted tweet from a removed account.
20 Mar 2024

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Open Source Greg demanded it! Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate now available for LINUX!

Also ON SALE for only $4 in the Steam Spring Sale:


Video Transcript

{Strong Bad as Dangeresque is seated at the Compy 386. The following "email" is on the Compy's screen:}

DANGERESQUE: What is this? Did the quadratic formula explode? I see a "Dangerskew" in there, but it's getting eaten. By some... {echoing} Linux...

{The camera zooms in on the text on the screen, before cutting to a Powered by The Cheat depiction of Dangeresque and a penguin.}

NARRATOR: That's right! And that means Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate

{The penguin's beak grows in size and gains sharp teeth as it grabs Dangeresque's head before swallowing him whole. The penguin smiles at the camera while the text "NOW on Linux" appears.}

NARRATOR: —is now available for Linux!

{The penguin and text disappear. A version of the Videlectrix logo reading "Videlympix" appears shortly afterwards.}

NARRATOR: Videlectrix asked a guy...

{The words "asked a guy" appears underneath the Videlympix logo as they're said. A text box depicting Edgar comes in from the bottom, shoving the other text off the screen.}

{Cut to a list reading "GAME MAKE", with options reading "apples", "winNT", and "the 'NUX". A spade-shaped mouse cursor appears and clicks the box for "the 'NUX".}

NARRATOR: ...then clicked a checkbox!

{The title screen for Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate slides in from the right. The text "AVAILABLE ON:" appears below the game's logo, followed by drawings of a rotting apple, a broken window, and a fat penguin wearing a crown and necklaces.}

NARRATOR: And now you can play the game on all three o' 'dems!

{Cut to part of the intro of the game, where Dangeresque is jumping off of a building. The scene pauses right as he jumps, with the 2D sprite artstyle switching to a 3D model artstyle as the camera zooms in on Dangeresque, at which point he begins falling.}

NARRATOR: Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate, only from Videlectrix!

{Dangeresque falls off-screen, followed by a cut to the Videlectrix logo, its appearance styled after Dangeresque's glasses. Typing is heard right before the scene changes to Open Source Greg typing at a computer whose screen reads "um... kernel?"}

OPEN SOURCE GREG: {turning to the camera and raising a finger} Or did I?!

{Fade to black.}

Fun Facts

14 Mar 2024

[edit] February

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Where do i find a .bin file? I wanna try and convince the Videlectrix guys to do a Joystick Wagglin’ comparing this version to the dvd original.
This Tweet is a reply to @deater78 who informed Strong Bad that C.H.E.A.T. was nominated in the "Best Graphics" category in this year's Atari Homebrew Awards.
16 Feb 2024

Watch this HORRIFYING new short! In Flash:

On YT:


Fun Facts

13 Feb 2024

Tweet image for 12 Feb 2024

(no text)

This Tweet is a reply to @BrookeTF who replied to the previous tweet with a "Haldo!".

Fun Facts

12 Feb 2024

I keep hearin all this SupraBowl trailer hype but I think we ALL know the best halftime trailer drop ever! Were you there 19 years ago? (Were you born?!)
11 Feb 2024

Btw, THIS is how big the “jhonka” sized video from back then displays in a modern browser. GrainyPostageStamp.flv!
11 Feb 2024

[edit] January

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Check out this Apple ][e version of Trogdor that @deater78 m̶a̶d̶e̶ found! This mighta been from Videlectrix’s short-lived Sbemail Via Snailmail subscription service. I think they were trying to compete with Infocomics.
This Tweet quotes @deater78's "found" music video of an 8-bit rendition of the Trogdor theme song using visuals from Email dragon that runs on an Apple IIe.
30 Jan 2024

This is a Retweet of @adzuken's post about her dream interview with The Brothers Chaps. 16 Jan 2024

Tweet image for 13 Jan 2024
The Cheat animated Dogdor for #Trogday!! Lookit ‘im go!
13 Jan 2024

Tweet image for 13 Jan 2024
Tweet image for 13 Jan 2024
Let’s imagine we’re in an alternate timeline where THIS was the dragon I chose to draw 21 years ago today. Prolly woulda called him Dogdor? #trogday #happytrogday
13 Jan 2024
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