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This is a near-replica (see talk) of the main page as it appeared on April 1, 2006. To see it with the correct style and system links, click here.
The MediaWiki software was getting too complicated and difficult to maintain, so we have reverted to using WikkiTikkiTavi. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Main Menu:



  • AllPages - Every page on the wiki, listed alphabetically.
  • HelpDesk - Get answers to your questions.
  • HomestarLinks - Links to pages about Homestar Runner.
  • Homestar Runner Glossary - A glossary of terms used on the Homestar Runner site.
  • InsideJokes - A list of inside jokes on the Homestar Runner site.
  • Sightings - Significant Homestar Runner sightings. ie; Pop-culture references.
  • TranscriptionStandards - Interested in helping us transcribe? Read this first.
  • WikiFanStuff - A place for wiki users' fan stuff (don't confuse this with the official Weekly Fanstuff).
  • WikiGettingStarted - Information about how the wiki works (e.g. editing pages).
  • WikiInfo - Information concerning this wiki.
  • WikiIdeas - Add your recommendations for wiki features and layout improvements.
  • WikiLedger - A history of donations and payments for the wiki.
  • WikiProjects - Projects that the users of the wiki are currently working on.
  • WikiSandbox - A place to fool around and learn how to edit pages.
  • WikiUsers - A listing of users who are registered on this wiki.



  • [Admin Page] - This area is only accessible by the admins.
  • Blocked IPs - A log of IP addresses that have been blocked.
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