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Just as people in the real world need to eat, so do the characters in the Homestar Runner universe. These food items are varied, from strange ethnic foods to common junk food. Some foods are just plainly ridiculous in their name, shape, or size, while others look normal. Some characters even have their own brand of food named after themselves (or as a pun on their name) or shaped like the character.


Unnamed foods

Image Description Appearances
"Here you go. Oh, and you're out of mayo." Homestar hands The Poopsmith a hamburger in secret identity and tells Strong Bad he's out of mayo. In the DVD commentary, Homestar refers to it as a "McRib". email secret identity
"It deliciously didn't work!"
Homestar grabs a popsicle out of the King of Town's "hands". The King claims it's prescription. Bug in Mouth Disease

Food named after characters

Image Description Appearances
Crush the Cheat Commandos... O's! Blue Laser Blasts! is a cereal in Free Country, USA based on The Cheat Commandos TV show. specially marked
From Homemáde! Bubs' Doughnuts from Homemáde! are doughnuts shipped from a third world country named Homemáde. Bubs' only did this so he could legally print "Homemade" on the package. Donut Unto Others
It sure is old! Bubs' Old Pizza is another fine product that Bubs sells, presumably from his concession stand. Homestar Runner is his delivery boy, bringing The Cheat's order to him in the email "privileges." Judging from the name, and the slogan "It's-a really old," the product is not very fresh. The grease stains on the box further add to the questionable quality. privileges, Homestar Presents: Presents, bike thief
"I'ma head over to Bubs'" Bubs' Thirty Cent Lunch Special is a thirty cent food with two hot buffalo wing bones, a cup of ice, and a half eaten candy bar. It appears to only be available from 11 am to 3 pm. email no loafing
Not O's in the least Sugar Crunchy Cheat Commandos...O's Sugar Cereal is a breakfast cereal made by Cheap as Free foodstuffs. The product was introduced by a commercial in which several members of the Cheat Commandos were saved from exhaustion in the desert by a welcome delivery of the cereal. Ironically, they are not O's, but instead are a Cap'n-Crunch-type cereal. The cereal is not part of a nutritious breakfast, but rather a delicious or "ridiculous" one. They come in two varieties: "regular," and with Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. It also comes with a gallon of ice cream. The box features several activities on the back, such as a Crack Stuntman mask, a maze and a word search. Cheat Commandos...O's, specially marked, Homestar Ruiner
Always check your Cheaters' Almanac. Cheat-toes is a bag of orange snacks, a reference to Cheetos. Kick-A-Ball
Who can resist these sugar-crusted The Cheats? CHEETS are a series of marshmallow The Cheats, a parody of PEEPS. CHEETS were one of the many unlicensed products that Strong Bad mentioned in the email licensed. The box of CHEETS consist of four The Cheats. licensed
Featuring a human nose The Strong Badge: The Movie Lollipop is a licensed unlicensed gummi lollipop from "Strong Badge: The Movie". licensed
"It's light green!!!" Strong Bad's Double Deuce-blemint Gum is a brand of chewing gum similar to Doublemint gum. It costs 25 cents and advertises the fact that it has a light green color. The side of the package reads "Strong Bad's Double Deuce-blemint Gum is the product of choice." 2 emails
A Nutritious Part of your Morning Routine! Little is known about Strong Bad's EGGS "brand type cereal" other than the fact that it originated in an Easter egg at the end of Strong Bad Email morning routine. This breakfast cereal claims to be "A nutritious part of your morning routine" and essentially has the endorsement of Strong Bad. According to the front of the box, it has duck, goose, nut-hatch, and brown eggs. It is interesting to note that all the types of eggs featured on the box were originally found in the couch by Strong Sad during the aforementioned Strong Bad Email. In the nutrition facts listed on the box as "side words", "0 mg" is cited seven times. The ingredients on the side of the box say "Eggs, eggs, eggs, and two more eggs." morning routine
With Real The Cheat Spots! The Cheatcakes are a specialty food The Cheat made for Strong Bad as a substitute for Grumblecakes. Even though The Cheat added even more steam and sugar than the Grumblecakes, Strong Bad still didn't accept the substitute for the Grumblecakes that he couldn't get. The Cheatcakes have their own "jingle" which encourages people not to eat Grumblecakes. The lyrics are as follows: "Only liars and thieves eat Grumblecakes, and those people go to prison. Just ask The Cheat." stupid stuff, do over, Grumblecakes (video)
It wouldn't be the first time The King of Town's Last Three Items in the Pantry Special! is food made from onion salt, hot sauce, and lumps of coal. It is priced at $f.ood. Decemberween Short Shorts
Whisk away the worries! Uncle Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders is a brand of "chewing powders". This was introduced in an Easter egg in 2 emails. It is endorsed by Old-Timey Strong Bad, and its slogan is "Whisk Away The Worries!" It is produced in Strong Bad Powdertory in St. Louis, Missouri. It appears to have a "flavor" taste to it. 2 emails

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Unseen foods

Description Mentions
Homestar told Strong Bad that he would sell his half-eaten Breakfast burrito on an online auction. The real burrito was actually put up for auction on the internet. email english paper
Bubs' fundraiser candy bars are candy bars that Strong Bad and The Cheat attempted to steal from Bubs' Concession Stand. Strong Bad described there to be crispy crackly ones and regular-ol'-chocolate ones, which Strong Bad thinks are "fools gold". it is implied that Marzipan possibly helped to sell them with Bubs at one point. Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
Strong Badman asks for a danish from Li'l Stiny. Danishes were also mentioned briefly as part of rock opera. email superhero name, email rock opera
The Dijon Chicken is one of The Three Stout Sub Sandwiches Strong Bad brought with him to Strong Badia, in its origins. email colonization
Dinner mints were mentioned in an ad in Under Construction. The ad read "After dinner mints highly recommended." Unrelatedly, in do over Strong Bad suggests having dinner and after-dinner mints with Ali and Ali Jr. Under Construction, email do over
While in a bottomless pit, to avoid dying of starvation, So and So requests a single Frito. Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
Lunchables were briefly mentioned by So and So, begging for food. Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
Strong Bad apparently invited Coach Z over for gumbo, which he threw up into a ripped hole in Strong Bad's couch. email couch patch
The Ham n' Swiss is one of The Three Stout Sub Sandwiches Strong Bad brought with him to Strong Badia, in its origins. email colonization
Strong Bad thought that his action figure would sell like hotcakes, and especially if it smelled like them. email action figure
Strong Bad asked The Cheat to get him some mustard-crackers after he slapped the Cheat-cakes out of his hand. email stupid stuff
Oreo Cheesecake is a food that Gunhaver said would be a part of the "good" side of the brain. Commandos in the Classroom
In Strong Bad's dreamail he told Chester Eleganté to tell Adelaide that the poached eggs were tremendous. email dreamail
In the rich newspaper in portrait, the paper explained that pork bellies would be served around 8-ish. email portrait
So and So asks for a Rib-A-Q while falling down the Fighting Growlbacks Bottomless Spirit Pit. Teen Girl Squad Issue 4
Steak-umms are a food that Strong Bad said that The Cheat could of had if he had little extra effort. New Boots
Sun Chips are a food that in Page Load Error, Strong Sad warns the viewer not to eat. Strong Sad and the Deleteheads packed them special. Page Load Error
Sugar Daddys are a candy that Open Source Greg, brought back to the other Gregs when he took advantage of the "concession stand mainframe". 4 Gregs
Veggie Delux is one of The Three Stout Sub Sandwiches Strong Bad brought with him to Strong Badia, in its origins. email colonization

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