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In anything as big as Stinkoman 20X6, mistakes can be made. This is a list of some of the ones that have been found.


Manual Inconsistencies

  • Kolkaryu and Old Sage are listed under level 2, but they already appear in level 1.
  • Level 3 is called "Dumb Wall" on the level select screen, but it's called "Up 'n Down" in the instruction manual.
  • In Level 1 in the manual, the original version said "face treats" instead of "fave treats."
  • Level 3 is the only part to have its title constantly on the top of the page. All of the other Levels' titles disappear after the first page.
  • When v4 (Level 6) and v5 (Level 7) were first put up, The Brothers Chaps forgot to update the Stinkomanual to include Level 6. This was fixed, but the release of version 5 seemingly broke it again. Later in the day, the level 6 section was replaced and the level 7 section was added.

In-Game Goofs

  • The two Pooru-Poorus at either end of Stlunko seem to be hovering above the ground.
  • When you fall off the conveyor belt on Stlunko and stand on the ground below the belt, you'll still be carried along with it. (However, once you jump or are hit by one of the Pooru-Poorus, you appear back on the conveyor belt.)
  • When Stinkoman wears his giant fist, it is slightly larger than when Stlunko has it.
  • In Levels 4.1 and 4.2, if Stinkoman walks directly beneath the lavafall and then hits the ground with the rock fist, he apparently deflects the lava with his head.
Level 1 or Level 1.1?
  • Any damage you took as Stinkoman in levels 3 and 4 will remain on 1-Up in level 5, even though they're not the same person. This also goes vice-versa: any damage taken as 1-Up in Level 5 stays on Stinkoman in Level 6.
  • In the "Level Select" screen, levels 9.1 and 9.2 were originally listed as -0.1 and -0.2. This was fixed later in the day.
  • On level 3.1, if you get hurt, or attack, the silhouette of Stinkoman will stay in the form of him jumping.
  • On level 1.3, with the newest version of flash(10. something) if you die, the floor will dissapear


  • In the Videlectrix catalog, if you click Stinkoman 20X6, a screenshot of the game will appear. In the bottom right corner, it says "Level 1" and not "Level 1.1".
  • When you get the Flash 7 warning, the game still tries to load in the background.
  • Technically, -0 is the same as 0.
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