Stinkoman 20X6 Walkthrough Level 6

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"Recreational challenges on the token cloud level."
Stinkoman decides to take a vacation in Pink Cloud Zone, where there are plenty of power tools and electrical accessories for him to fight. And also a shade-sporting tornado!

Stage 6.1 (Transcript)

Stinkoman deserves a break!

{Cut to Stinkoman's House Interior, where Stinkoman is still playing his video game from Level 5. The Level 5 music dimly plays in the background.}


{a slight pause}


{Cut to the TV. The words "GAME OVER!" flash three times. Cut to Stinkoman's face as the Game Over music plays.}


{Then we see Stinkoman pondering.}


{Stinkoman suddenly raises his fist}


{Cut to Stinkoman in his Double Deuce pose.}


{After a few seconds, he flies off}

{Cut to the Level Start scene. As the level starts, these same words are projected across the screen:}


Stage 6.1 (Guide)

  • You start off on a white cloud. Jump onto the blue cloud on its right.
  • Run across the blue cloud, and quickly jump to the big white cloud before the blue cloud disappears.
  • Jump onto the next blue cloud, using the same caution as before, and jump onto the next blue cloud on its top right.
  • Quickly jump straight up to the next blue cloud, and then to the white platform with a giant saw, called "Hash-Haw."
  • Try to jump over the Hash-Haw when it is next to you and low. Jump onto the small white cloud and you are safe.
  • When the buzz-saw known as "Porchi" is not there, jump to the lower cloud, and walk to its left edge. It is safe to wait there.
  • Jump onto the white cloud when it is near you, and to the next cloud when it is near. This cloud does not go all the way next to the blue cloud to its top right, so you will have to jump for it.
  • Using caution, run to the end of this cloud, and jump to the next one, run to its end, and jump to the white cloud. Jump to the next white cloud.
  • You will now have to fight the electrical outlet known as "Protek." Shoot it once and it will blink red for an amount of time, shoot it again, and it will lose its cord. Again, it will have two "blink-red" lives, but now it shoots tiny zaps. Try to jump over both of the bolts.
  • Jump up to the blue cloud, and onto the one on top of it, next to the one on top of that, and then to the one on the top left of it.
    • If you are in need, you may go get the capsule nearby.
  • Go back to the top left blue cloud, and then run along a wide white cloud, avoiding the threat of the flying plug, called "Stafulter."
    • Please note that it is invincible.
  • Jump to the next white cloud, then up left to the blue cloud, and then up-right to the next blue one.
  • Jump to the wide white cloud, and yet again avoid the Stafulter.
  • Jump upright a few blue clouds, and then you face the Browntants.
  • Jump to the blue cloud directly horizontal from the Browntant, and shoot it. Then jump up two clouds, and wait until you fall back down to the original cloud. Shoot the Browntant again, and repeat the process until it is dead.
    • If you are tired, the clouds the Browntants are originally on are safe spots to rest.
  • For the second, jump up to the blue cloud next to the 'Tant and shoot it. When you fall back down, repeat the process.
  • For the third Browntant, just use the second Browntant's white cloud and the blue clouds near it to achieve victory. Jump to the white cloud on the top left.
  • Go to the next white cloud, and jump and shoot until the Browntants are defeated.
    • If you are in need, you may go down the ladder and jump on the blue cloud and take the capsule. If you do so, make sure to quickly jump off of this cloud after you take the capsule.
  • Go back up and climb the original ladder. While avoiding the Stafulter, jump onto the next ladder, and climb all the way up.
    • Some helpful advice is to go shoot the Protek until his cord is gone so he does not bother you later. Don't worry about the Stafulter, he can't reach you.
  • Then go up the left ladder, and jump along the clouds.
  • You will reach a white cloud. Jump to the moving white cloud when you can. You will reach a black cloud known as "Postlethwaite." To avoid his lightning, jump along the blue clouds on the left until you are at the top.
  • The right edge of the higher white cloud is a safe spot. Avoid the Postlethwaites and the Stafulter, jump on the blue cloud, and then hop onto the white cloud.
  • Run along the platform cautiously and jump to the bottom white cloud.
  • Use jump-and-shoot techniques to defeat the two Browntants.
  • Jump onto the upper Browntant's white cloud. Go up-left onto the top of the white cloud nearby.
  • Avoid the Porchi, jump to the next cloud, and run along the platform until you are safe, which, again, is at the left edge.
  • Jump onto the moving cloud, and onto the next one, avoiding the Stafulters. Jump down to the white cloud.
  • Shoot the Protek until it loses its cord. Then jump up to the white cloud it was bothering.
  • Jump onto the white cloud with a ladder attached to it. Jump up-right to the blue cloud, and then up-right again to the white cloud.
  • Jump up-left to the flag, and Level 6.1 is beaten.

Stage 6.2 (Transcript)

{The same level start scene is shown with the words, "TRY LEVEL 6.2" at the bottom.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


Stage 6.2 (Guide)

  • At first, don't move to either side. Once you hit the cloud, jump to the next cloud and follow the Stafulter. If timed correctly, you do not need to jump as you will run straight until you get to the last evaporating cloud, from which you jump to the solid white, landing in front of the Protek.
  • Knock out the Protek's cord, but keep shooting. Once the first bolt comes at you, jump a little earlier, and you'll miss it with enough time to land and jump to dodge the second. Keep shooting until the Protek is dead (3 shots after you take out its cord).
  • Run straight and avoid falling through the next cloud. Jump over the drill and the Hash-Haw on the cloud above.
  • You have the choice to jump over a hole and face a Stafulter, or fall through and land next to a Protek. Land next to the Protek. Destroy the Frotzer, then hop onto the evaporating cloud when the moving cloud is close, then immediately jump onto the moving cloud. Hop the moving clouds and you'll eventually see a stack of two evaporating clouds. Hop on up and blast the Jaro on the solid white cloud.
  • Proceed to close in on the next evaporating cloud (EV from now on). Kill the Chorch, then time it so you fall through the EV onto the moving solid white (SW). You'll reach a stack of EVs. There are two possible paths from here.
    • If you're low on health, climb to the second or third cloud from the top, jump to the trapdoor (you'll need to time it pretty carefully), grab the capsule, and jump off to the clouds on the right.
    • If you have full health, climb up to the top. Wait for the first Porchi, run under it while it disappears, back up if necessary to avoid the second Porchi (if you stand under the first Porchi, neither will hit you), run to the right, and jump so you don't get hit by the second Porchi when it comes back up. While more difficult to avoid damage, one avoids risking a fall through a trapdoor.
  • Once on the solid clouds on the right, proceed to go up the SWs instead of down. You'll be faced with several Postlethwaites. When the first one fires, dart straight across the clouds. None of the bolts should hit you and none of the clouds should evaporate while still underfoot.
  • Jump over the Protek, then run straight — don't jump into the flying Stafulter. Kill the Browntant to get a capsule; even if you don't need it, you can't save it for later. There are two paths you can take to move upwards.
    • First path: There's a stack of EV's near the spot at which the Stafulter was flying. If you take this route, start jumping when the Stafulter is at its lowest point, directly over the cloud in the middle. There will be another Stafulter halfway up; jump off to the side if it looks like it might hit you. When you get to the top, run under the Hash-Haw. You'll come to a Postlethwaite and a Porchi; run as soon as the Postlethwaite is done firing and jump to avoid the Porchi when it comes back up. Kill the Browntant.
    • Second path: There's a set of EV's and floating clouds to the right of where the Browntant was. If you time it right, you should be able to get on the vertical rising SW, which comes down to the top of the diamond-shaped formation of EV's. Be careful when jumping so as to avoid hitting a Hash-Haw, a Browntant shot or to avoid falling. Kill the Browntant and continue.
  • Time it so you're following the Stafulter to the right after the first bolt starts. The Stafulter doesn't dip into the spot where the bolts are hitting, so use it as a safe zone if the bolts aren't falling.
  • Once on the last SW, you're safe, except for the two EV's and the trapdoor next to the flag. You can't stay on the EV's too long, and there's nothing under them, so you have to time it to make sure you don't fall through the trapdoor (try to start jumping onto the EV's right when the trapdoor flips down). If you're successful, you'll reach the last landing where you'll be taken to 6.3, a battle against The Liekand.

Level 6 Boss: The Liekand (Transcript)

Windy times!
All a fat mouse.
The same TV.

{Stinkoman is walking}



{A strong wind starts a-blowing}


{A tornado with sunglasses rises up. Its glasses glint in the sunlight.}

{As the fight begins, Stinkoman says that all-too-familiar line:}

STINKOMAN: Are you asking for a challenge?

After you defeat The Liekand...

{The Liekand flickers, then disappears, revealing a fat mouse wearing the sunglasses. The glasses fall down.}


{The mouse falls down, and Stinkoman kicks it. The mouse flies into the distance and "blinks" away, with Stinkoman in the foreground. This image of Stinkoman is seen on a TV. The shadowy figure is watching it.}


{We pan over and see 1-Up and Pan-Pan}

1-UP: {subtitled, to Pan-Pan} STINKOMAN HAS THAT SAME TV!

Level 6 Boss: The Liekand (Guide)

  • The end level boss is The Liekand, a tornado with sunglasses. The Liekand starts by spinning with a wind that sucks you toward it and spitting out three bubbles. Avoid these bubbles and The Liekand. Then, he hops from one side of the screen to the other. Don't get hopped on.
  • The easy way to beat The Liekand is as follows: When he gets to one side of the screen, start shooting at him. Run up next to him before it starts spinning and run away when the spinning starts. You'll be running against the wind, so you won't go far.
  • The bubbles will be spit out far and then move in toward The Liekand. There is space for you between the closest bubble and The Liekand; stay there.
  • Then, the wind will stop and he will back up for a second before bouncing toward the other side. When he hits the furthest point in his backup, run toward him. This will get you under the bounce. Then, chase The Liekand to the other side, firing at him, and repeat.
  • After you hit The Liekand ten times, he will start spewing out five bubbles, but the method of staying between the closest one and him won't get any more difficult. The Liekand needs fourteen hits to be defeated.
  • Every third time The Liekand crosses the screen, he will suddenly stop in the middle of the screen. The sky will darken and a series of lightning bolts will rain down. Avoid them by staying between them or at the edge of the screen. This is a good time to attack, but stay away from the bolts.
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