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[edit] Adventure Time

  • In issue #16, Ice King uses the phrase All up ons. Princess Bubblegum uses the same phrase in issue #21 and #24.

[edit] Arby the Archer

In Episode 7, the miner is "ARROWED!" and in episode 8 a mine Botter is "WHIPPED!" by a [GM].

[edit] Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Eight

In issue 16, "Time of Your Life, Part 1", Kennedy is seen wearing a T-shirt with Marzipan clearly depicted on it.

[edit] Digimon

In the fourth and final volume of the Tokyopop manga adaptation of the third season of the Digimon animated series, Rapidmon utters What's Her Face's classic line: "My blood hurts."

[edit] Hawkman

In the December 2003 issue of DC Comic's Hawkman (page 16 of issue 20, volume 4), an abusive spouse is seen wearing a black T-shirt featuring Strong Bad's face and gloves, and the text "FHGWHGAS." Unfortunately you'll have to pick up an old issue of the comic to see it. [1]

[edit] Mercy Sparx

  • Early in the second volume, Hank is checking a display of records at a store, and album covers for Taranchula and Limozeen can be seen.

[edit] MoDCAMeRa

In the fourth panel of "Welcome to Yore Doum!", Matt says: "Okay, let's just give up trying not to laugh at him sounding like the Homestar Runner and do something else."

[edit] Nancy

In the May 11, 2021, comic, Agnes reads a book with a Trogdor-like dragon on the cover.

[edit] Runaways

In the July 2005 issue of this Marvel Comics publication, as the title characters head off on a mission to rescue the captive mother of their newest accquaintance, Victor, Victor himself remarks that he is "not sure why he should entrust his mom's life to the freakin' Teen Girl Squad!" Chase, the only male member of the Runaways team, corrects him with: "That's Teen Girl Squad plus one, amigo!"

[edit] Sonic The Hedgehog

In comic 187, a hyperactive, bomb-wielding character called Bean shouts, "Get clear! Get clear! I'll a'splode him good!" as a reference to Vector Strong Bad. In sub-series comic Sonic Universe issue 23, the same character quotes Homestar's line about times from the sbemail animal.

[edit] Stuck in the Middle

In this comic anthology, one of the characters is wearing a Trogdor shirt.

[edit] Teen Titans Go!

In the issue of this DC Comics comic entitled "Finding Nero," there is a carnival game with Strong Sad plushies as prizes.

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