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[edit] STUFF Balls

The name Cheatball, as well as the way Stinkoman throws him, is a reference to the Poké Balls used in Pokémon.

From: trading cards
Posted on: 14:09, 12 September 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • Since the sequence is a pastiche of the Anime trading cards/accompanying TV series culture, it seems unlikely TBC would have come up with the name 'Cheatball' (or indeed, the character design) without it being a reference in itself.
  • The throwing method mentioned is nearly mirroring the Poké Ball throw as seen in the TV series.

Arguments against:

  • It seems just as likely that it might be a spoof of 'Koffing' / 'Weezing' from Pokémon, given the sort of attack that the Cheatball uses.
  • I believe this is not a reference to a Poké Ball, but rather a simple first appearance of 20X6 The Cheat.
  • If it was a reference, 20X6 The Cheat would have come out of the Cheatball instead of exploding like he did.
  • It's probably just an odd, Japanese-sounding name, like Stinkoman.
  • It seems to be a stretch to say that it is a specific reference to poké balls, or to specific pokémon. It IS a general spoof on pokémon the game, and on the pokémon cartoon; Cheatball is an entity TBC probably created with no more than that in mind. I think they would have put in a more specific reference if they meant one.

Additional comments:

  • I think that TBC are trying to encapsulate a few of different elements into one sequence, i.e. in this instance they are referencing both Poke Balls and the strange names given to Pokemon fighting moves at the same time
    • So let's break it down:
      • Cheatball's shape: Pokeballs
      • Cheatball's squick: How Pokemon only say their own name
      • Stinkoman's throw: How trainers throw their Pokeballs
      • Vornado: The strange names of the moves in Pokemon
        • Maybe a revision is in order to reflect that.
        • Side point: The names in Pokémon aren't THAT unusual... The few that aren't right out of the dictionary usually only take a few seconds thought (mostly coz it only allows 12 spaces for an attack name, so some become compound words).
          • Yeah, 'strange' is probably the wrong word, i think 'distinct' is more appropriate.
  • Just for the heck of it: Does the Cheatball's attack seem like a cross between the Weezing attack and the self destruct attack that Voltorb/Electrode uses (because the spherical shape is somewhat similar)?
    • Well, Koffing and Weezing can use explosion...
      • Explosion and Selfdestruct aren't Poison-type attacks, though. It's some kind of combo of Poison Gas/Smog with Explosion/Selfdestruct.
  • I thought of the Pokeball right off. All they did was make Cheatball in the shape of the ball instead of having him come out of one. It's a direct reference to Pokemon and the Pokeballs. It's obvious.
    • Obviously, it's not obvious ;-)
  • 'It's probably just an odd, Japanese-sounding name, like Stinkoman.' Wasn't Stinkoman's name derived from what Homestar called Strong Bad in 'Island'?
    • Why can't it be both?
      • Perhaps, but then surely you can apply that logic in the case for the argument.
  • I think that it is an obvious reference to Pokemon. Beside's maybe he was just smushed into a ball & exploded before he became a normal The Cheat shape.
    • Remember the argument is about whether or not there is a reference to Poke Balls here. The reference to pokemon is on the fun facts.

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