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Lemme see.

Homestar Runner, whenever his eyes are concealed or covered, tends to peek around where he can see the viewer, breaking the fourth wall. On rare occasions, other characters will do this as well.

[edit] Appearances

  • A Holiday Greeting — After popping in front of Strong Sad and closing his eyes, Homestar reopens them to see if the audience is still watching.
  • First Time Here? — When Strong Bad says, "You don't know it yet, but I'm the reason you're here," Homestar peeks out and says, "It's true."
  • Pumpkin Carve-nival — At the toon's closing, Homestar puts a "The End" ribbon onscreen, and then makes a few attempts to look past it.
  • Main Page 16 — After being covered in snow, Homestar blinks until his eyes are visible.
  • Superbowl Dealie — Homestar peeks out from under The Paper.
  • Experimental Film — When the second split screen appears with Strong Sad and the Grim Reaper, Homestar peeks out from the middle of the screen, giving away the split screen.
  • strongbad_email.exe Disc Three menu intro — Both Homestar and Strong Bad peek out from under The Paper if the viewer takes too long to make a selection.
  • Email origins — After his first bread sing-along, Homestar holds a slice of bread over his face and then peeks out from behind it several times.
  • Cool Things — When the cassette tape covers the screen at the ending, Homestar peeks out from the small hole in it.
  • Halloween Safety — Homestar peeks through his Route 66 costume.

[edit] Other Characters Peeking

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