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[edit] Level 1 - GO HOME!

"Stinkoman heads home after beating a gem-studded brainbot"
Stinkoman is headed home after winning a challenge against Tampo the robot. Fortunately for him (according to level 6), the way back is filled with dangerous traps, baddies, and bottomless pits! Then he discovers that Tampo isn't finished yet.

[edit] Stage 1.1 (Transcript)

The very first shot of the game.

{Stinkoman is standing in a green area. Tampo the robot is silhouetted in the foreground.}

{The camera switches so that Tampo the robot is standing against a blue sky and Stinkoman is silhouetted in the foreground.}

{Stinkoman flies across the screen in an action pose.}

{Stinkoman punches Tampo the robot crazily. Black lines are flashing around for effect.}

{Camera switches to the view used in scene #2. Stinkoman lands in the foreground. Several explosions appear on Tampo the robot's body as he sinks out of sight.}

{Stinkoman is standing against the sky with only his head visible.}
{Stinkoman's head appears to glide away to the left.}

{The level start scene is shown (Stinkoman in an action pose with a blue and black background) with the words "TRY LEVEL 1.1" at the bottom.}

{As the game begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


[edit] Stage 1.1 (Guide)

  • Move forward, ignoring the remains of Tampo the robot. Simply shoot the two gray bouncing robots named "Jaros" that you'll meet.
  • Jump and shoot the flying blue robot with claws who is called "Chorch". Then jump up on the high ground and keep moving.
A Chorch and a Greggo
  • There's another kind of robot nearby that will hide when it senses you. It's called a "Greggo". Wait for the Greggo to start walking away from you, then jump and shoot him. Greggos don't hide from the shots so much as they hide from you. They are easy to kill from a distance. Climb up to the highest level of this small hill and go to the edge, taking care not to fall onto the spikes called "Old Sages" down below. If you happen to slip and fall onto them, I hope you've already written your will, because you're dead.
  • Jump onto the nearest floating platform when it is at its lowest. Wait until it is higher up, then shoot the Chorch.
  • Walk onto the next few platforms when your platform is higher. If you fall, you will die instantly. When you are on the third platform, jump and shoot the nearby Chorch.
  • Jump over the small gap when the next platform is low. Then go from platform to platform in a similar manner. When you reach the end, jump off the the lower ground and shoot the two Jaros there.
  • The path now splits in two. The lower path is riskier and should only be tried by experts (but bypasses all the enemies), but the higher path is longer and good for beginners.
    • Lower path: Get on the rightmost edge of the area you are on and you will see a trapdoor. Carefully time your jump so that you land on the platform just as it comes back up.
    • Quickly run across and jump at the very edge of the platform onto the tiny platform.
    • Jump from the tiny platform to the ground that lies ahead.
      • Higher path: Climb the ladder, being careful to avoid the shots of the shooting robot "Browntant". If you wish, you can kill the Browntant by shooting it three times. Just remember to climb down to dodge its shots between firing. You can't hurt it while it's flashing red.
      • Climb up higher and shoot the Chorch. Then jump off the ladder and onto the platform with the tree on it.
      • Jump up from your platform and shoot the Greggo. Don't worry about the direction it's facing, you won't jump high enough for it to see you.
      • Walk to the stair-like platforms. When the moving spike is down, jump over it and land on the edge of that platform, avoiding the spike.
      • When the time is right, jump over the Jaro. You might want to shoot it. You also may want to take out that Browntant on the other side of the wall. Once you reach the end of the stairs, jump down while staying close to the wall. (You can also take out the Chorch at this point.) You will land where the two paths reconnect.
  • Follow the path of the ground you are on without jumping up. The Chorch, if it is still there, won't be able to harm you down there. Go the end of the path into the bushes. There's a wall there, so you can't continue, but you can shoot the Jaro on the other side. Finish him off now so he won't bother you later.
Drills gone mad!
  • Jump up to the next platform and shoot the Chorch. Follow the path to the platform directly above. Run past a drill on the ceiling whenever it is retracted. Stop between drills and then repeat the process until you pass all three.
  • Jump onto the box. If you didn't before, kill the Browntant now.
  • After the Browntant shoots, jump and shoot at it. Repeat this process until the enemy dies. Then jump up to where the Browntant used to be.
  • Hop onto the tiny platform. Then jump to the one on the left. When you hop to the one to the right, be careful. If you fall, you will land on the spiked cucumbers called "Pooru-Poorus" and get hurt a bit. When the moving platform is at its lowest, hop on. Ignore the solitary tiny platform to the right.
  • When the moving platform is between the two upper platforms, jump off to the left if you need help; otherwise, head to the right.
    • If you are low on health, hop onto the box. You will need to fall through the trapdoors to reach the capsule. There are two ways to do this without taking damage from the moving spike below:
      • Sometimes you can time it right so that you can land on the lower trapdoor with enough time to spare so you can jump back up to the top one and then jump away to safety.
      • When this is not possible, time your jump so the drill is gone. Drop and quickly run right.
      • Get back to the upper platforms and jump to the right platform.
  • Drop down the path between the two walls, moving left and right to get off the tiny platforms that will be blocking your path. As long as you took care of that Jaro earlier, you should have no problem. In New Mode, you'll land on the checkpoint flag.
  • When the horizontally moving platform gets close enough, hop on. The path now splits into two. The lower path is really risky and should only be tried if you want a challenge. The higher path is much easier and safer.
    • Lower path: Hop onto the square platform. Then jump onto the little platforms one by one, being very careful not to fall off. When you reach the last one, wait for the moving platform to be down low and hop on.
    • Higher path: Jump onto the ladder when the timing is right and climb up to the top. Be careful, an invincible UFO named "Kolkaryu" will come to meet you up there. It will shoot some shots downward. When it comes, quickly run to the tree and you'll be safe.
      • Walk to the edge of the platform and time your jump so you land on the dipping platform just as it comes back up. If you fail, try to catch yourself by landing on one of the tiny platforms below. If you succeed, jump onto the moving platform and you'll be where the paths reconnect.
  • When the platform you're on is high enough, jump onto the stationary platform. Then wait until the next platform is low enough and make the rather big jump. You should try to be halfway off the stationary platform before you jump.
  • Jump onto the closest dipping platform when it's up and then quickly jump onto the ground. Stay clear of the drill!
A Browntant and a Jaro
  • Jump over each drill whenever they are in the ground until you've cleared them all. Now the path splits up again. The lower path is easier, but both aren't too hard.
    • Higher path: Staying up on the platform with all the drills, jump when it's safe and shoot the Browtant until it dies.
      • Hop onto the dipping platform right after it comes back up and then jump to the platform which had the Browntant on it. If you fail doing this part, you will land on the lower path. Then jump onto the next dipping platform with good timing and quickly walk toward the end and jump onto the platform with the hanging ladder to be at the connection point.
    • Lower path: Drop off the platform you're on and shoot the Jaro through the box. Hop over both boxes, jump over the cliff, and grab the ladder. Don't mess up or you'll die. Climb up the ladder to be where the paths reconnect.
  • Jump off the platform and grab onto the hanging ladder of the next platform. Climb up when it's same and shoot the Browntant. Either jump over or duck under (using the ladder) to dodge its attacks.
  • Jump off the right side of the platform and onto the tiny platform below. Then try to reach the next one to your right. From there, jump to the ground. Remember, Stinkoman won't fall from the tiny platforms until his feet are completely off.
  • You will reach a large hill. Shoot all the Jaros and Chorches. Then kill the Browntant by jumping when it's safe and shooting.
  • There's a capsule in the second to bottom row with a spiky cucumber called a "Pooru-Pooru" right over it. Grab the pill without going under the Pooru-Pooru to not get hurt. It is best to approach the capsule from the right side. You'll have to inch close to safely get it.
Secret iTem
  • SECRET ITEM GET! Go to the top of the hill and jump. You will find a hidden platform behind the tree. Jump again and you will find a hidden capsule behind the tree. Getting this capsule is easier and safer than getting the one next to the Pooru-Pooru.
  • When you're ready, run up to the red flag and end the stage.

[edit] Stage 1.2 (Transcript)

{The same level start scene is shown with the words, "TRY LEVEL 1.2" at the bottom.}

{As the level begins, the following words are projected across the screen for a few seconds.}


[edit] Stage 1.2 (Guide)

  • Blast the Jaro and make your way to the ladder, which has 3 Pooru-Poorus under it. Jump onto the ladder and don't let go. Wait until the Greggo has passed and the drill to have gone up, then immediately clear the ladder and if necessary, get close and punch the Greggo to kill it.
    • At the start of the level, as you fall from the sky, a well-timed punch can kill this Greggo with no chance of him hiding.
Just chillin'... on a ladder... I'm cool with that.
  • Climb up to the top platform and watch out for the semi-hidden Pooru-Pooru. Jump over it and be careful. A Browntant is ahead and will shoot at you. Jump over its shots and kill it. Then stand on the right edge of the platform.
  • Wait for the trapdoor to come back up and immediately run off the edge, land on the trapdoor, and jump on to the platform to the right (the one with the wall on it). Then shoot the upper Chorch through the wall.
  • This next move is kind of tricky, so be careful. Wait for the moving platform under you to get closer. When it's directly under you, fall to the left and snap back to the right to land on it, then immediately shoot the other Chorch. Hop onto the lower vertically moving platform when the time is right.
    • There's a capsule ahead, but it's extremely hard to get to it and back. Don't get it unless you really need to and/or if you are confident with your skills.
    • If you choose to get the capsule, you can get there two ways. The basic way is to wait on the vertically moving platform and jump onto the trapdoor as soon as it comes back up. Quickly walk to the edge and jump to the platform that holds the energy tank. The other way is to climb up to the stairs above and drop through onto the platform.
    • This next part is difficult, but you need to return. Look carefully at the trapdoor and the nearby vertically moving platform. You'll need to jump from one to the other when they are aligned. Even then, you'll have to get the most out of your jumps by jumping at the very edge of each platform.
    • When the trapdoor drops when the vertically moving platform is around halfway down and lowering, that's usually a sign that you should attempt the maneuver as soon as the trapdoor raises. This is possible and is good luck.
  • Whether you go for the capsule or not, the next step is to jump onto the next vertically moving platform when they align. You should have killed the Chorch here earlier, but even if you didn't he shouldn't be much of a problem. When it's time, jump onto the solid platform above.
  • Go down the stairway, and either wait on the second-to-bottom step to shoot the Jaro when it hops, or jump over it and shoot it. As stated earlier, you can choose to drop directly down from the bottom step to land where the capsule is. If you choose not to, go up the other stairs.
Ahhh! Kolkaryu!
  • As you climb up, ignore the path of tiny platforms below. They'll be explained later. Once you reach the top, stay off the elevated part of land with the Browntant and immediately move to the center of the platform. A Kolkaryu will have appeared, but as long as you stay there directly underneath it or on the far left of the platform, you will be fine.
  • After the Kolkaryu leaves, jump up and deal with the Browntant the way you usually do (unless that way is dying). Then go to the right edge of the platform. You will see three trapdoors.
  • Watch the trapdoors and use your judgment as when to run or jump across. In New Mode, cross the checkpoint. If you want, you can shoot the Greggo when it gets close before you go. If you don't, just punch it when you get there.
    • If you mess up and fall through these trapdoors, don't panic. You aren't going to die.
    • If you fall, there's a platform directly below. There's a Jaro on it, so try to avoid it. Once you land, quickly kill it. Then jump and shoot the Greggo.
    • Jump onto the platform that the Greggo was on. Then jump onto the tiny platforms from there, one after the other. From the second one, jump back onto the staircase. You're now back where you belong. Be careful though, these jumps can be rather tough.
    • Get back up to where the Browntant was. Cross the three trapdoors without messing up this time and kill the Greggo.
  • Walk over to the ladder and climb down to the bottom. Do not let go without making sure it's safe! Underneath the ladder you will see a trapdoor. When the trapdoor flips up, hit the jump button to drop down onto it and hop to the tiny platform to your right.
  • From there, jump onto the ground when the Chorch is out of the way, then shoot it.
  • Hop onto the first floating platform. The jump to the second platform is rather easy, so hop on it, then jump and kill the Browntant.
Floating platforms
  • Now you have to jump up onto the next two floating platforms. These ones are rather tricky to get onto, so run completely off the platform you are on and then jump. Once up there, jump onto the little platform.
  • There's another Kolkaryu near that tree. Just jump onto the platform, run to the ladder, and go up as fast as you can; you're safe there.
  • Hop across the moving platforms. It's rather easy, and if you've made it here it shouldn't be much of a problem. Time your jumps and take it a platform at a time. On the other side you will find a much-needed capsule. Try not to get hurt now, because you won't get more health until after the boss. (Or if you die, but you don't want to do that.)
  • Below you are several blocks forming a staircase. There are obstacles on the stairs. (In respective order, there are a half-hidden Pooru-Pooru, two drills one after the other, another Pooru-Pooru, and a Jaro.) You can stay on the edges of the steps to avoid becoming a futuristic slice of swiss cheese. Wait on the second Pooru-Pooru step to blast the Jaro when it jumps into range.
  • Jump onto the last remaining box and then prepare to jump onto some ground. You can't actually see the ground, so aim for the tree when jumping off the last platform. Watch out for the Browntant a few steps away from the tree.
  • After killing the Browntant, run ahead like crazy and prepare to meet the first boss in the game!

[edit] Level 1 Boss: Tampo (Transcript)

{Cut back to the start of level 1.1, where Tampo's remains are lying. Suddenly the brain that was sticking out on top wiggles and floats up. It flashes black and grows huge. Its brain stem disappears and the cerebellum turns bright red during the change. Then it floats away to the right.}

{Cut back to Stinkoman. He is standing in a green field. Suddenly Tampo floats by and heads to the upper right corner of the screen.}

STINKOMAN: Are you asking for a challenge?

After you defeat Tampo...

{Tampo's cerebellum disappears and he shrinks back to normal. Then he disappears with a pop. Stinkoman laughs for a while and then teleports away.}

[edit] Level 1 Boss: Tampo (Guide)

  • It looks like Tampo wasn't satisfied by the first beatdown. His brain has come back for revenge on Stinkoman. It's just too bad for him that his weak spot is HUGE; it's his giant bright red cerebellum.
  • Tampo will hover around in the top-right corner in the screen for a little bit. Then he'll drop down lower and fire four glowing mind balls at you. Three of them go in a group that will sink into the ground nearby and the other one will fly away right above Stinkoman's head. Then he'll go back up to his starting location and shoot four more mind balls downward in a similar fashion. Then he'll go to the left side of the screen and repeat the attack. Tampo speeds up as he takes more damage.
Level 1 Complete!
  • You can only hurt him when he comes down low to attack. Jump and shoot. When he's flashing red he's invincible, making you normally only able to hit him once per lowering, but if you time your attacks good enough and if Tampo's going slow because he's not hurt too much, you can hit him twice in a single round.
  • To defend from his attacks, run to the middle of the screen after attacking him to fit in the gap in his first spray of glowing mind balls, then toward him to completely avoid the second spray. It will be difficult at first, but you will get the hang of it soon enough. Then he will switch sides and repeat himself, and so must you. Remember that he gets faster after every hit, so stay on your toes.
    • You could also stay in the lower right hand corner, where Tampo never gets to, and lunge out to shoot when Tampo's on the other side of the screen. Seven hits will end the battle.
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