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As with all famous cartoon character ensembles, Homestar Runner went through its fair share of line-up changes early on, before the final group of twelve main characters was chosen. The rejected characters are those who seem to have been abandoned, with very few sightings to date. Some appeared in an early toon or game, while others are only seen in the Museum Sketchbook or the Character Cards. All that is known about them for sure is that they won't be around much anymore. However, most of them can be seen, silhouetted, in A Decemberween Mackerel.

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That weaselly know-it-all
[edit] Homeschool Winner

The mysterious character of Homeschool Winner came about when a friend of the Brothers Chaps was unable to recall Homestar Runner's name. In the Club Aquatica interview, Matt Chapman recalls that his friend said: "What's your website," Homeschool is described as "a big nerd, with maybe a creepy edge to him." He more or less resembles Homestar Runner, but with no hat, an overbite instead of an underbite, a blue shirt with an empty white speech bubble (or possibly a comma) on it, and red soles on his feet. As revealed in Why Come Only One Girl? on the Everything Else, Volume 2 DVD, he is very smart, winning a "Quiz Bowl" and earning a giant #1 trophy while provoking the ire of the narrator, who calls him a "weaselly know-it-all" and mutters "Boy, I'd like to clean his clock..." He also appeared in the February 28, 2008 sketchbook, holding a calculator. In that picture he, along with a differently drawn Strong Bad and a crudely drawn Dora The Explorer, were labeled as "puddin patch friends". His colors are the same as Homsar's. In Quickstart Overview, it is implied that he may be Homestar's stepbrother.

The character seems to have been aborted, with few sightings to date. He first appeared and was named on the Character Cards, which are now on a secret page. He then made a cameo in one of the backgrounds of Dancin' Bubs. Humorously mentioned in the Sample of Style video on the DVD, Mike Chapman breaks the tube Matt uses to "make" Bubs's voice, and Matt says: "Great. Now we have to kill off Bubs. Just like Homeschool Winner." A skull resembling his head was seen in an illustration of the layers of earth underneath Strong Badia, shown at the end of buried, suggesting that Homeschool Winner actually was killed. However, he appears again in A Decemberween Mackerel. In 2019, he appeared in Powered by The Cheat form in Quickstart Overview. Four days later, the @StrongBadActual Twitter account Tweeted an animated GIF from the video, animated in the usual style, marking the first time that Homeschool Winner has gotten an official design in the modern animation style.

[edit] The Unguraits

The Unguraits are small, possibly insectoid, bandit-like characters. They appeared in the Character Cards, along with Homeschool Winner (seen above). They are a group of at least four diminuitive characters wearing green robes, white scarves resembling bandages covering their faces, and brown shoes. The only visible part of their body are their glowing red eyes. The Brothers Chaps had apparently considered using them as the forces of Blue Laser in Cheat Commandos toons, but this idea has been dumped. They were also mentioned in the DVD commentary for Date Nite, when Mike and Matt suggest other situations where Homestar and Strong Bad would work together. One suggestion was if all the other characters were frozen by the Unguraits. Three Unguraits finally appeared, standing on top of each other, in A Decemberween Mackerel.

[edit] Champeen

Champeen appears in the background of the Dancin' Bubs game. In the Club Aquatica Interview, the interviewer refers to her as Strong Glad, but Matt Chapman never agreed that this would be the character's name. Strong Glad is really just Strong Sad with long, feminine legs, seen in the Museum sketchbook and Homestar Runner Goes For the Gold. After going unidentified for years, the girl was identified as Champeen in Why Come Only One Girl?, and was intended to be the female equivalent of Homestar Runner. She is an armless humanoid with off-white, slightly yellow skin and orange hair pulled into pigtails. She wears a frilly light blue dress and some sort of gold medal, hinting at her athletic successes (although Strong Bad suspects it's chocolate gelt). Her feet are similar to Homestar's, but with red "soles" instead of blue ones. Her silhouette appears in A Decemberween Mackerel. She later appears in Mario Paint-form in the third edition of "Mario Paint Thursdays", posted to @StrongBadActual. In the video, she beats Preshy and Rafferty for the gold, coming in 1st place on the podium.

[edit] Dijjery Doo
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[edit] Trivia Time
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[edit] Preshy and Rafferty

Preshy (right) and Rafferty (left) were Homestar Runner's cousins, as shown in Why Come Only One Girl?. They had been set to appear in the unfinished cartoon "Those Darn Cousins", which was evidently being made around the year 2000. They appear to enjoy torturing "Uncle Homestar", as they call him. According to the DVD commentary, the cartoon would involve Homestar trying to convince everyone else that his cousins were trying to kill him, as they were nice to Homestar when others were around. Preshy and Rafferty were voiced by The Brothers Chaps' niece and nephew. Unlike Homestar, Rafferty seems to have arms and hands. Preshy has a similar head to Strong Sad, but with the soft serve flip on the back. They both appear in A Decemberween Mackerel. They later appear in Mario Paint-form in the third edition of "Mario Paint Thursdays", posted to @StrongBadActual. In the video, they are beaten by Champeen for the gold, with Preshy coming in 3rd place, and Rafferty 2nd.

[edit] The Hurricane

The Hurricane was an early attempt to introduce a new female character, as shown in Why Come Only One Girl?. She was chosen as the design of a new female after many scrapped ideas, being described as a "corn-dog-cotton-candy-looking lady". She actually made it into Flash and was prepped for animation, but according to The Brothers Chaps, the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker came out, and they opted to play The Wind Waker instead of working on animating The Hurricane. However, she did eventually make it onto the website in A Decemberween Mackerel. Her feet slightly resemble Strong Sad's soolnds, but are yellow and have only one toe.

[edit] Folly
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