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Just some Homestar fanatic who can't help but edit almost every page I read too a T. Oh yeah, it makes me a Sad Panda to see my work deleted, So watch your back, Boyfriend Dan! 'Cause the Person-Who-Deletes-My-Work-Killa is on the loose! So, here's a list of random crap: My most trivial knowledge of Homestar Runner:

  • Homestar's middle name is Micheal
  • The Brothers Strong may be part European
  • Homsar may have a disorder that is actually existent, possibly being the cause of him speaking jibberish

And here's a page I tried to make once:

[edit] Let's do this like Brutis

Let's do this like Brutis is a rarely used expression type running gag that has only been used twice, Being the nerd that I am, I was able to catch this.

  • Email monster truck- When Strong Mad is about to smash Marzipan's Guitar over Homestar's head, Homestar says, "Let's do this like Brutis!" Possibly wanting to be harmed.
  • Strong Badia the Free- While Strong Bad's convincing Homsar to join Strong Badia, Homsar jokingly tells him he has to pass three tests. After Strong Bad takes it seriously and then complains, he says, "Naw, man. Just messin' with ya. Let's do this like Brutis." The reason Homsar speaks normally during the scene is for reasons you'll have to find out yourself by playing the game. Nice try, Cheater Bob. But you'll hafta do better than that!
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