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Various old menus for Toons, Games and the like that are no longer actively used on the site.

Screenshot Name Description External Links
Old Toons Menus
Oldest Toons Menu Presumably an old toons menu. The toons.swf file is embedded in this page. However, the swf file is no longer on the site. This text is contained in the page source:
"Kick the Can an ancient homestar cartoon found in the ruins of Pompei the isle of Pom a sweet little story about the big, round, yellow one. Pom-Pom i think is his name. The King of Town The King of Town has lost his crown. No, wait. I mean his sheep. Marshmallow's Last Stand What more is there to life than marshmallows and tag-team wrestling?"
This menu was most likely the earliest one on the site, but this isn't certain. Because it has very few toons, and even has the Isle of Pom according to the source, it probably came before the lava lamp toons menu.
View the menu
Lava Lamp Toons Menu An old toons menu with a lava lamp as a back button. The remote was used in the museum, but with only 1 button. View the Flash file
Telebision Toons Menu An old Toons menu, see its page for details. An earlier version exists without sound, a back button, descriptions and A Jumping Jack Contest. It can be noted that on the old version, both option 6 and option 1 are "The Reddest Radish" View the menu
View the Flash file
View the Flash file of the earlier version
Chinese Food Toons Menu An old Toons menu, possibly related to the fortune cookies game. View the menu
View the Flash file
Old Remote TV Time Toons Menu The TV Time Toons Menu before the remote was updated to have Puppet Stuff and Powered by The Cheat, which were combined into Shorts at the time. It also had Features instead of individual buttons for Strong Bad Email, Teen Girl Squad and Marzipan's Answering Machine. Instead of a scrollbar, the longer lists had flaps and two separate pages that you could move back and forth on. The newest cartoon was Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon. View the menu (mirror)
Old Games Menus
Third Games Menu One of the old game menus, this one features a board game theme. Note the links to Strong Bad Email and Marzipan's Answering Machine. View the Flash file
Old games page An old games page. This text is contained in the page source:
Homestar Talker d a n c i b u s Fortune Cookies marzipan's answering machine hairstyle runner Strong Libs.
Also, stronglibs.html seems to be misspelled as stonglibs.html in another part of the source. It was most likely the Third Games Menu listed above.
View the menu
Original Handheld Games Menu The original version of the Handheld Games Menu, it was upgraded when the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu was released. View the menu (mirror)
View the Flash file (mirror)
Old Strong Bad Email Menus
Broken Tandy Menu An old Strong Bad Email menu that only goes up to gimmicks. It was used as a replacement for the Tandy 400 when it exploded. View the menu (mirror)
View the Flash file
Strong Bad Email Vacation Menu An old Strong Bad Email menu that was presumably used during the email vacation. Click on the post-it note to hear it say "Hey!" then "Dorks!" then "Get offa me!" and finally "You stink!" View the Flash file
Decemberween Email Menu This was the "no new email notice" used during the holidays in 2002. Since it does not include any actual links to the emails made before that point, they most likely turned into Secret Pages while this menu was displayed. Visit the menu
View the Flash file
Old Strong Bad Email Selection The email selection before the email virus. View Flash file
Broken Compy Menu The email selection page that appeared between virus and animal. The version still on the site lacks the bonus toon it featured when in use. View the official Flash file
View the page with toon included (mirror)
View the Flash file with toon included (mirror)
Old Main Pages
Old Main Page 6 This is an unfinished main page from 2000. The "new cartoon!" link goes to A Jorb Well Done, the "another homepage" goes to Main Page 10, the "more messages" link goes to Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0, and the "new toons menu" link goes to the current toons menu. Also, the buttons on the left don't work correctly. Also note that email is above downloads, instead of below store. The only button with a special effect is "Email", which is the same as the normal main page 6 (except that Strong Bad's mouth doesn't open in surprise). Also, Homestar's mouth will move when the downloads or store buttons are moused over, but he won't say anything. Only downloads actually works. The other buttons won't do anything. View the Flash file
Old Character Pages
Character Cards This is a small Flash file which contains an old-style picture of each main character on the H*R Website, except for The Poopsmith and Homsar, who weren't main characters at the time. It also shows two characters, Homeschool Winner and The Unguraits, who were later rejected. View the Flash file (mirror)
Yearbook Character Page An old characters page, created circa The Luau. Homsar is not included in the lineup because he was not considered a main character back then. View the menu
View the Flash file
Old Store Menu
Flash Store A Flash-based store that was replaced by the current Store around 2005. It includes links to the Strong Bad Email DVD Promo, which does not appear to be linked to anywhere else either. View the Flash file
Old Intros
Intro 2 Despite the name, this intro is actually the third intro, made between the second and fourth intros. Watch "Intro 2"
View the Flash file
Ween Intro The intro that is displayed on Halloween. It always takes links to Main Page 7 "Dead as a Doornail". View the Flash file for "Ween Intro"
Flag Intro An intro featuring Homestar and an American flag, possibly intended for use on Independence Day. When the toon completes, Main Page 12, the Fourth of July main page, is displayed. View the Flash file for "Flag Intro"
Old Loading Screens
Old H*R Loading Screen An old loading screen featuring some of Homestar Runner's outline and then the text H*R. A parody of the opening to "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". View the Flash file

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