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"Make up your own house rules if you think that it would make it more fun..."


Detailed Information

Album: Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP
Track: 11
Time: 58 seconds
Artist(s): sloshy
Origin: None


Doesn't matter if you (unh!) forget the rules
Doesn't matter at all (It doesn't matter)
If you forget, for instance, (unh!) to move the knights
Just move 'em on the next turn (Yeah, I don't break a sweat)

Make up your own house rules
If you think that it would make it more fun (Oh, it definitely would)
If items recharged on anyone's turn
It'd easier to get the job done (Yeah, that's the way my friend Doug plays it)

Doesn't matter if you (unh!) tear up the rules...

...'Cuz I was never coming over to your house to play it anyways.
Stop calling. (I won't.)

Fun Facts

  • One member of sloshy refers to his friend Doug.
    • This may also be a reference to sloshy member Doug Tarndner.

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