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"Wanna see it? Tough! ...Okay, fine."

One feature of The Cheat's physiology, as evidenced by the medical diagram in big white face, is the large gold tooth on the right side of his mouth. When he is seen grinning, his gold tooth is sometimes revealed with a shing! noise. In The Cheat's character video, he seems hesitant to show it, but eventually does.

Its first plot-relevant role is in the 2017 Halloween toon Haunted Photo Booth, in which the tooth is pulled out when The Cheat eats too many "orange- and black-flavored loose tooth-remover candies". He hides the candy in Marzipan's photo booth, where the tooth gets caught on everyone's costumes (except The Cheat himself, Strong Bad, and possibly Homsar), causing a glare resembling a ghost in each photo. It finally ends up in the mouth of the Goblin. In The Cheat's Easter egg, when Homestar Runner guesses who The Cheat is dressed up as, The Cheat summons a giant gold tooth to fall on Homestar, in reference to his costume of Maxwell from Scribblenauts.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Origins

In the Wonkavision Magazine interview, the interviewer asked Mike and Matt Chapman how The Cheat got his gold tooth, and Matt replied with:

The Cheat's golden tooth is a nod to this lunch lady at our elementary school that had a huge gold tooth and when you'd get in the lunch line she'd go, "How doon?" and then *SHING* she'd smile and flash that gold tooth at ya'. We called her How Doon.

[edit] Other Gold Teeth

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