Six-Sadded, Die: Don't Make Daddy P.O.'d

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"So, uh, today we're just going to try and recreate the game without instructions, right, Lucky?"

Strong Sad and Lucky Yates try to figure out how to play Don't Make Daddy P.O.'d.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, The Sad Kids, Lucky Yates, Announcer

Date: Monday, August 13, 2018

Running Time: 8:36


[edit] Transcript

{Shot of a black surface; a six sided die lands with a blank face up}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded— Oop.

{Strong Sad picks the die up and rolls it again; the die lands on two}


{Strong Sad picks the die up and once again rolls; it lands on five}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded— {grunts in frustration}

{Strong Sad rolls the die again, landing on two and revealing that two of its faces have been modified}

STRONG SAD: Six— {grunts in frustration}

{Strong Sad picks up the die and places it so the modified sides face the camera, revealing it to resemble his head.}

STRONG SAD: Six-Sadded, {sound slows down as logo fades in} Die.

{Fade to black. Cut to a top-down shot of Strong Sad's hands near a "Don't Make Daddy P.O.'d" board game.}

STRONG SAD: {rolling his R} Grrreetings, all you Six-Sadders out there, and welcome back to the Six-Sadded, Die. We've got a real treat for you today! And I'm not even talking about the game we're going to be playing! I'm talking about my special guest—

{The camera pans over to Lucky Yates, sitting at the table in front of a castle-themed wall}

STRONG SAD: Mr. Lucky Yates!

LUCKY YATES: {waves at the camera} Hi. {to Strong Sad} Hi, Strong Sad.

{Throughout the video, the camera pans down to the board when Strong Sad speaks, and up to Lucky when he speaks}

STRONG SAD: So, thanks for coming on the... the Six-Sadded, Die, Lucky, uh...

LUCKY YATES: I'm... very excited about this one.

STRONG SAD: We should give everybody a little background, I suppose, uh... Lucky and I have sort of a standing date, we go thrifting together.

LUCKY YATES: We are thrift store friends.

STRONG SAD: That's right, that's how we met.

LUCKY YATES: That's right, this is, uh... the— our first venture outside the world of thrifting together.

STRONG SAD: Yeah, what do you think of my... my gaming dungeon I've constructed here, Lucky?

LUCKY YATES: {looking around} Uh, I didn't realize that... kindergarten classes also had thrift stores.

STRONG SAD: Oh, my kindergarten class was a real dungeon, I'll tell you that.

LUCKY YATES: Ah ha haaa. Like... like for real, though?

{The camera pans down sadly}



{Video cut}

STRONG SAD: Why don't you tell 'em what we found at the thrift shop?

LUCKY YATES: Oh man, I'm really excited about this one.

{Video cut. The camera zooms into the title on the board.}

LUCKY YATES: Don't Make Daddy P.O.'d!

{Cut to Lucky}

LUCKY YATES: So, uh, anyw— I don't re— all I remember is a commercial that I saw maybe twice.

{Cut to bad-quality footage of the game from the Trogdor!! The Board Game video. The Jurvy-Skat music from Family Resemblence plays.}

ANNOUNCER: Watch out! When Daddy's P.O.'d, the family fun never stops!

{Cut back to the board game}

LUCKY YATES: I remember... kind of things like all of this in the commercial!

{Video cut. Lucky is pointing at the colored shapes.}

LUCKY YATES: {points at the green shape} I think these are grass... {points at the blue shape} and I think this is water...

{Cut to a notepad and pencil in a box}

LUCKY YATES: {points at the box} A notepad an— and pencils! Tiny pencils in there, and—

{Cut to Lucky with the shapes}

LUCKY YATES: {holding the red and gray shapes} Dirt? S— brick and steel? {confused stuttering}

STRONG SAD: The elements, it's an elemental game!

LUCKY YATES: {holds up clear shape} Right, wind? Perhaps?

STRONG SAD: {overlapping} Okay...

LUCKY YATES: I d— I don't know!

{Video cut. Lucky is pointing at the dice.}

LUCKY YATES: I don't really remember there being four-sided die, but maybe there were. {video cut} I don't know. We'll figure it out.

{Video cut. Strong Sad is pointing at the Sad Kids.}

STRONG SAD: And who do you think these... speaking of urchins...

LUCKY YATES: These are clearly the children! {gestures to Daddy} This is Daddy... {video cut; drawing a trail in the air with his finger} And I remember, he moves! He whizzes around the b— game board.

{Strong Sad starts tapping Daddy's head}

LUCKY YATES: Uh, yeah, I think we're supposed to tap—


LUCKY YATES: We're supposed to tap his head... {taps Daddy's head}

STRONG SAD: Come on, Daddy! {video cut} So, uh, today we're just going to try and recreate the game without instructions, right, Lucky?

{Cut to Lucky}

LUCKY YATES: Yeah, I'm really excited about this. And we— we'll piece it together, I'm— I'm confident.

STRONG SAD: Absolutely! Uh... all right, uh— you go first!

LUCKY YATES: Oh! Uh... great! All right. Um...

{Cut to the game board}

STRONG SAD: {gestures to the Sad Kids} Who do you want to be, here?

LUCKY YATES: {picks up the boy} I'll be, uh, I'll be the— the... {video cut} fellow in the 1930s hat. {video cut; places the boy at the beginning of the board} We'll start here, from the house...

STRONG SAD: Okay, we'll start at the cookout...

LUCKY YATES: And then, maybe... we have to get to the lawnmower to do our chores, and then maybe back? I don't know...

{Video cut}

STRONG SAD: It definitely wouldn't P.O. him if we did our chores—

LUCKY YATES: Yeah, that's what I'm assuming.

STRONG SAD: —so maybe that's our goal, yeah.

LUCKY YATES: Get to do the chores, and don't make him angry in the meantimes. {video cut; he is rolling the dice} So, why don't we roll the two with the numbers on them.


LUCKY YATES: {rolls} All right, I got a nine. Six and a three, so...


LUCKY YATES: {moves the boy nine spaces} One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine...

{Cut to Lucky}

STRONG SAD: All right, hammock?

LUCKY YATES: I'm touching Daddy's hammock—

STRONG SAD: Not bad...

LUCKY YATES: —sooo... I'll fffool— no...


LUCKY YATES: {picks up the blue die} I— {laughing} I will roll... I'm touching a Daddy possession, {rolls} I'll roll Daddy... uh oh.

{Cut to a close-up of the dice. There is a symbol of a person moving, with an arrow.}

STRONG SAD: That looks like Dad moves!

LUCKY YATES: This is Daddy moves...

{Cut back to the game}

STRONG SAD: So, uh, where's he go? Maybe he goes to the hammock!

LUCKY YATES: We'll do the hammock! {moves him to the hammock}


LUCKY YATES: To the next thing, that makes sense! Now I'm really close to Daddy, I'm assuming I'm in trouble... {video cut; picks up an orange frame} I'll put a frame... I'll put a frame in— in the frame-holder, and then hold it up to Daddy. {places frame in front of Daddy}

STRONG SAD: Oh! {holds his fingers up to Daddy like a camera} It's like a little... we're takin' a little, uh, portrait, there.

LUCKY YATES: Yeah. It's like, uh... cheeese!

STRONG SAD: Hey, Daddy!

{Video cut}

LUCKY YATES: {taps Daddy's head} Touch Daddy's head... and he doesn't even get angry... {trails off}

STRONG SAD: {tapping Daddy's head} Come on, come on, maybe we gotta charge 'im up— we're priming him.

LUCKY YATES: I don't know...

STRONG SAD: It's like the— before you start a lawnmower? You know, from the old days?

LUCKY YATES: Yeah, you gotta pump, {cut to Lucky} uh, pump gas into the car.

STRONG SAD: Exactly!

LUCKY YATES: Uh, anyway, I don't— I don't think I— I P.O.'d Daddy, so I'm gonna {cut to the game} say it's your move. {passes the dice}

STRONG SAD: Okay! Uh, okay, we'll see... {picks up dice} here we go... ohhh... let's, uh, roll a sad six! {rolls}

LUCKY YATES: Ooh, five and a six—

STRONG SAD: Five and a six!

LUCKY YATES: That's eleven, ohh.

STRONG SAD: Okay, here we go. {video cut; moving the girl} Nine, ten, eleven. {the girl lands near Daddy} So... I—

LUCKY YATES: Oh, you have to— {turns girl toward Daddy} you're confronting Daddy.

STRONG SAD: Oh. Ooh, maybe— is this where we need to write something?

LUCKY YATES: I think this is perhaps where we need to pen a— a... a note to Daddy. {video cut} Perhaps a note of appreciation, would you like to, uh, would you like to dictate one to me?

STRONG SAD: Yes, uh, okay. {Lucky starts writing} Dear... Daddy. {video cut} Just... wanted to... let you know... {video cut} that we like... how not P.O.'d you are.

LUCKY YATES: Oh, excellent strategy. {video cut; rips the page from the notepad} And we'll do this... and then... {puts the note under Daddy} put it under Daddy.

STRONG SAD: Okay! {taps Daddy} Come on!

LUCKY YATES: He's not P.O.'d! He's—

STRONG SAD: When is he gonna go— I guess—

LUCKY YATES: —perhaps he's been appeased.

{Cut to two white opaque cubes and two yellow translucent cubes on the barbecue}

STRONG SAD: What are these?

LUCKY YATES: It's time to put, uh, {picks up a white cube; cut to the board game} a marshmallow in Daddy's mouth. {drops the cube and misses} Whoop, wait, hold on. {puts it in Daddy's mouth}

STRONG SAD: Maybe— maybe those will get 'im... finally riled up. {Lucky taps Daddy} I just want to see that Daddy... {video cut} go on a rampage!

LUCKY YATES: {rolling the dice} Maybe he will, maybe he will. {video cut; rolls} Ooh, doubles!

STRONG SAD: That's gotta do something!

LUCKY YATES: Doubles, doubles, doubles, I rolled double 4.

STRONG SAD: Intriguing!

{The board game commercial music plays}

LUCKY YATES: Uh, something must have to happen here. {picks up a red shape; video cut} I'm gettin' stonewalled for rollin' doubles...

{Video cut; Lucky places the wall next to Daddy, who is now near the barbecue}

STRONG SAD: Is that good or bad?

LUCKY YATES: ...From the barbecue!

{Cube wipe to the shapes}

STRONG SAD: I think it's sandwich ingredients! {video cut} Let's go tomato...

LUCKY YATES: {places a red shape on a stack of gray and orange next to the board} All right...

STRONG SAD: And lettuce...

LUCKY YATES: {stacks a green shape on top} All right...

{Video cut}

STRONG SAD: {points to the blue shape} Uh, the Hellmann's?

{Cube wipe to the game. The Sad Kids are both on the hammock. Lucky rolls the dice.}

LUCKY YATES: And roll! Four, and a five!

STRONG SAD: Five! You—


STRONG SAD: Double bounce! So I go {picks up the girl and bounces her five times} one, two, three, four, five!

LUCKY YATES: {picks up the boy and bounces him to the start} Ohhh...


LUCKY YATES: I got bounced back to the patio. {cut to the barbecue; picks up a yellow cube} Let's put a red-hot {cut to Daddy} coal in his mouth!


LUCKY YATES: {drops the dice and misses} Uh oh... {picks up the dice}

STRONG SAD: That'll get him P.O.'d!

{Video cut; Strong Sad is tapping Daddy}


{Cut to Lucky rolling the dice}

STRONG SAD: This guy's got a high tolerance.

LUCKY YATES: He loves his children! {rolls}

{Cut to the game}

STRONG SAD: I'm afraid— I d— I don't wanna open the battery compartment!

LUCKY YATES: I dunno...

STRONG SAD: For fear of exposing us to toxins!

{Cut to Strong Sad rolling the dice}

STRONG SAD: What do you call that corrosive junk that forms on batteries from the '80s, Lucky?

{Video cut}

LUCKY YATES: Yeah, I always just called it, uh, battery tears.

{Cube wipe to later. Lucky is showing his dagger tattoo on his arm.}

LUCKY YATES: Hey, Daddy! Look, I got... a cool... skull dagger tattoo, maaaah!

STRONG SAD: Ahh! He's underage! He shouldn't be getting a tattoo!

{Cut to Lucky}

LUCKY YATES: I think it was pulled off the market because of these {cut to Daddy} gnarly chest hairs that he's got. That's just mean.

{Sliding door wipe to the game. Strong Sad has a page in front of him.}

LUCKY YATES: It's time to draw the daddy! {flips the sand timer} Go!

STRONG SAD: Okay, okay. Uh... {starts drawing; the video speeds up} See, he's got the cro-magnon forehead there, giant lumpity eyes, got that big jaw, don't forget his stubble...

{Video cut; the drawing is finished and the speed returns to normal}

LUCKY YATES: He's gonna be so P.O.'d!

{Cut to Lucky, staring, unamused. The music stops abruptly.}

STRONG SAD: ...And they're called soolnds, and really it wouldn't be any different than a regular foot rub, if you're interested. {long pause}

{Cut to the game. The music continues.}

LUCKY YATES: {replaces the red "stone wall" with a green shape} And that gives you a lawn...


LUCKY YATES: {unintelligible} I think that goes in front... {puts it in front of the lawnmower}


LUCKY YATES: ...of the lawn, I'm no longer stonewalled from the barbecue, so that helps me out.

STRONG SAD: So, can you go back there and get some s'mores yourself? {starts tapping Daddy}

{Cut to Daddy}

LUCKY YATES: Let's give him a s'more! {places a white cube in Daddy's mouth}

STRONG SAD: And... go!

LUCKY YATES: {taps Daddy; cut to Lucky shaking his fists and smiling} YAAHHH! {pan down to reveal Daddy is spinning on the barbecue} He's stomping on his own food! That's how angry he is! Now nobody gets dinner!

{Cut to the game}


LUCKY YATES: Maybe it's 'cause we put all these things in his mouth.

{Video cut; Daddy is spinning in the center of the board}

STRONG SAD: Whoaaa, Daddy tornado!

LUCKY YATES: {laughing} Oh no! {cut to Lucky} He's P.O.'d!

{Cut to the game. Strong Sad taps Daddy, knocking him over onto the girl.}

LUCKY YATES: {laughs} No!

{The music stops. Cut to Lucky.}

STRONG SAD: Well, Lucky, uh... what do you— what do you think? How close do you think we came to the real deal?

LUCKY YATES: Uh... I don't know that we came close at all, but, uh, I think we certainly improved upon the game.

STRONG SAD: Absolutely! I don't think, uh— the game could— there's no way it was even half this good!


{Video cut}

STRONG SAD: We got letter-writing, we got portraiture...

LUCKY YATES: Yeah, we got windows to souls, and sandwich building...

{Video cut}

STRONG SAD: Well, hey, thanks for coming... thanks for coming to my gaming dungeon, Lucky Yates!

LUCKY YATES: Yeah, well... some people would call it a... rec room, but you're welcome.

STRONG SAD: I'll, uh... I'll see you next week? At the thrift shop?

LUCKY YATES: Yeah. Okay. Uh... {video cut} I'm gonna be late.

STRONG SAD: Oh. Okay. {cut to the game} Should I— I'll just go... go in, or wait for you outside?

{Cut to Lucky}

LUCKY YATES: You can go in.

STRONG SAD: ...Or if it's raining...?

LUCKY YATES: Uh, if it's raining, stay outside.

STRONG SAD: Okay. O— o— okay. Thank you, Mr. Yates.

LUCKY YATES: Oh d— aww, don't make it formal. Don't make me— don't make me leave feeling bad. Take it back.

STRONG SAD: It's okay...

LUCKY YATES: Take back...

STRONG SAD: No, I don't take...

LUCKY YATES: Take back your sadditude.

STRONG SAD: No, it's, uh, it's okay.

{Video cut}

LUCKY YATES: {points at the camera} This has been Six-Sadded, Die. {long pause; Strong Sad pokes his finger} Aw, I'm unpowered again!

{The Six-Sadded, Die logo fades in}

STRONG SAD: {voiceover} Six-Sadded, {sound slows down} Die.

{Fade to black}

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