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In the Strong Bad Email highschool, Strong Bad took a guess as to what the Homestar Runner gang was like back in high school. This page elaborates on how Strong Bad remembered what the characters were like in their teenage years. It should be noted, however, that Strong Bad himself admits that he has "an extremely unphotographic" (or "doodle") memory, and it is therefore uncertain to what extent these recollections are accurate. They appear to be a parody of the show Scooby-Doo.

Image Description Appearances
"I don't want to take any chances. We should play in a band, just to be safe." Teenage Homestar Runner
Other Teenage Homestar Runners from Sketchbook.

He appears on the show The Homestar Runner Mysfit-steries with his friends Marzipan, Strong Bad, and Strong Mad, all in their teenage years. Unlike the regular Homestar, he has brown hair, a blue jersey with the number 9, red-and-white vertically-striped pants, and black shoes. His eyes point sideways, and he seems more levelheaded than his regular counterpart. He also lacks Homestar's trademark rhotacism. Strong Bad and Strong Mad are frequently trying to get Teenage Homestar out of his stripèd pants. He also has his friends play in a band, just to be safe; he himself plays left-handed guitar. He is similar to Fred on Scooby-Doo.

Alternate sketches of Teenage Homestar appeared in the Sketchbook four days after his debut email was released. The first sketch depicts him with a hat, longer hair, and a polo shirt. The second shows him with slanted eyes, a droopier underbite, shorter hair, and an exclamation mark on his shirt. The third has his usual star shirt, a slight beard, and lowered eyelids. Over a decade later, he was recreated in squintmoji form by Strong Bad on his Twitter account.

highschool, Sketchbook (Jan 12 2006), @StrongBadActual (Aug 30 2017)
"Stampers! My long lost uncle's abandoned pie factory sure is mysterious." Teenage Marzipan

In contrast to the normal, "adult" Marzipan, this teenage persona features a nose and visible human legs. She also has more realistic proportions and her hair is not in a ponytail. She wears a pink dress with a yellow belt, a purple bandana around her neck, and purple shoes. In spite of her human-like proportions, she still lacks arms. Despite this, she can play the tambourine, and does so in the gang's band. She has a long-lost uncle who owns a now-abandoned pie factory, which she believes is mysterious, although Teenage Strong Bad doesn't agree. Teenage Marzipan looks like Daphne of the show Scooby-Doo, and even uses a similar catch phrase. Teenage Marzipan's is "Stampers", whereas Daphne's was "Jeepers".

"Ah, there's no such thing as 'mysterious'." Teenage Strong Bad

He looks like his usual counterpart, but with an opening mouth as opposed to his usual fleshtangle. He also wears a green backwards baseball cap with a pink brim, resembling that regularly worn by Coach Z. He is taller than the regular Strong Bad, with longer, droopier arms, a longer neck, and a slumped posture, resembling that of Senor Cardgage. He plays keyboard in their band, despite having boxing gloves for hands. He and Strong Mad are always trying to "liberate" Homestar from his ridiculous stripèd pants. He doesn't believe in "mysterious". Strong Bad appears to have the stature of "Shaggy" from various Scooby-Doo television series. His hat also bears the color of Shaggy's green shirt and reddish pants.

highschool, alternate universe
Teenage brother Graw Mad Teenage Strong Mad

He has brown curly hair on his head, square glasses with no arms, acne, and a nervous expression. His singlet is a brighter blue, and has a lowercase "m" and a period. Unlike his modern day counterpart, he appears to have more fat than muscle. He is also a rounder shape. He and Strong Bad are always trying to "liberate" Homestar from his ridiculous stripèd pants. He looks very similar to Velma on the show Scooby-Doo.

A teenage version of Strong Mad in the normal Homestar Runner style was later seen in imaginary. It greatly resembles this version, but with slight facial hair, rounder glasses, an angrier expression with bigger eyebrows, and a different "M" on his singlet. He looks more like the regular Strong Mad.


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