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Choosing between fresh and fly

When animating characters from different angles, it is often easier to flip images rather than draw new ones. While often this technique works, without careful attention the flip will reverse text or other asymmetric features unintentionally. The Brothers Chaps will sometimes do this intentionally as a parody of cheap or amateur animation, although sometimes they fall prey to this themselves. Matt has referred to this as "Blue Laser Commander eyepatch syndrome."


Appearances in Alternate Animation Styles

Cheat Commandos

  • Blue Laser Commander's eyepatch often switches eyes, though the Blue Laser insignia on his chest usually isn't flipped.
  • Silent Rip's headset and vest buttons switch sides.
  • Fightgar's ammunition sash switches sides.
  • The aisle of Price Style that has been shown has the same goods on both sides, but flipped.
  • Cheat Commandos — Fightgar, shooting his machine gun, flips a few times, switching his shooting arm a few times. This is seen again in an Easter egg in virus.
  • Let us give TANKS! — The fork in the injured Blue Laser Minion's eye switches eyes depending on which direction he is facing.
  • An Important Rap Song — The "fresh honey" scene is the same as the "fly girlie" scene, but flipped; the "BL" logos on the Blue Laser Minion's and Blue Laser Commander's uniforms are backwards.
  • 2 Part Episode: Part 1Flashfight's medals switch sides. Silent Rip's Jaded Teen Pizza hat's logo flips as well.
  • 2 Part Episode: Part 2 — The text on Dryghost's T-shirt is backwards when he is seen riding the Ramshankle.

Powered by the Cheat

  • Most characters have a noticeable flip animation when turning around.
  • New BootsThe Cheat's cool boots sometimes have the dollar sign backwards. Homestar's sock-covered foot changes after being knocked down. Coach Z's medallion is sometimes shown backwards in the scenes with multiple Coach Zs in front of the multicolor background.
  • Rap SongTenerence Love's watch switches wrists.
  • Where U Goin' 2 — In the "paunchberry ice cream dancing team" scene, The Cheat's "PAUNCH" shirt flips, and many cartons of ice cream in the back are backwards.


Appearances in the Standard Animation Style

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