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"Wait, is Senor Cardgage real?!"
I kinda black out a lot lately and when I wake up sometimes things I made up in my brain come to life. I practically pee my pants every time a Cheat Commandos comes on.
Strong Bad, Decomposing Pumpkins FeedBurner description

In the continuity of the Homestar Runner universe, it's often unclear if things are made up or really happen. Occasionally, something that is clearly made up during one toon later appears as a real thing in another toon, without any particular reason or cause. While a fair number of these instances have been fruits of Strong Bad's imagination, the other residents of Free Country, USA have periodically created something in their heads that later on mysteriously become real. Whether or not the inventors of these mind-bending, reality-defying creatures and creations had anything to do with them, or if they pre-existed their alleged conception, is never revealed nor explained for the most part, so this bizzare, blurred line between fantasy and reality remains one of the great unexplicable mysteries in the Homestar Runner universe.

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