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Homestore Runner!

The Store is where you can buy Homestar Merchandise. The Brothers Chaps say that this is the reason H*R can remain free of all advertising.

Page Title: All Types of Crazy Crap


Front Page

August 22, 2005


The new TROGDOR beanie (pictured thrice above) is black with a color image of the Burninator himself embroidered on the "fold up" part of the cap. Now for the special introductory price of just $8.99! All our beanie caps are on sale in celebration of the newest member of our beanie cap family. Click Here to order.


This New DVD contains Emails 101 through 130. Click here to order Strong Bad Emails Disc 4 NOW!!

August 08, 2005


Click on the links below to go to all our fabulous sale items.

All Messenger Bags are now just $23.99!

The Strong Bad Sings CD is only $8.99!

All Patches, Beanie Caps and Posters are just $8.99 each!

All Packs of Static Clings and Bumper Stickers are only $7.99 each!

Collectible Figurine Sets up to 50% off!

*The kitchen sink = all apparel items, baseball caps and DVDs


This New DVD contains Emails 101 through 130. Click here to order Strong Bad Emails Disc 4 NOW!!

July 25, 2005


"It's so good I want to keep it"
-- "Little Girl"

-- The Cheat

-- The Poopsmith

Click here to order Strong Bad Emails Disc 4 NOW!!


We've got Homestar Lite, H Star R, Strong Bad Head and StinkoMan 20X6. These are shirts you won't want to miss. Click here to order one or more.

July 11, 2005


Check out our updated Homestar Runner shirts which we like to call "Homestar Lite" and "H Star R." These replace the White Homestar Classic shirt and the navy Homestar Running shirt. We think you'll like these redesigned shirts better.

June 24, 2005


We now offer an inspiring close-up of Strong Bad's head, on a white, 100% cotton tee shirt with cool black "ringers" around the neck and arms. Get yours now for cool summer wear! Click here to order!!

And don't forget - we're still featuring the new 20X6 Stinko Man Tee Shirt, inspired by the ever-enlarging Stinko Man game! Click here to order!!


This is your last chance to purchase our White Homestar Classic and Navy Homestar Running shirts. We're discontinuing these shirts to make room for Brand New Homestar Styles! Less than one week left to buy Homestar Classic or Homestar Running. Don't miss 'em so Click here to order!

May 23, 2005-June 6, 2005


Here is an inspiring close-up of Strong Bad's head, on a white, 100% cotton tee shirt with cool black "ringers" around the neck and arms. Get yours now for cool summer wear! Click here to order!!

Coming soon - a girly shirt with black raglan cap sleeves, for all the lovely ladies who adore Strong Bad!!


Inspired by the 20X6 Stinko Man game, this cool red shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and bears four images of the "20X6 Stinko Man" on the front and the "20X6" logo on one sleeve. Get yours now, and wear it while you play new levels!! Click here to order!!


Every Character...Every Size...At a Great Price! Only $25 for Small through Extra Large, $27 for XXL, $29 for XXXL. Buy one today and save it for next winter. Click here to take advantage of these fantastic bargains.


This is the poster you've been waiting for. All of your favorite characters are here from A, Arrow'd guy to Y, Yello Dello and everyone in between. This beautiful, full-color poster is truly a work of art and suitable for framing. Click here to order!!


You'll look rather dashing in a fabulous Scalding Lake t-shirt. Click here to order the finest apparel Peasantry has to offer!




Shirt Close-up Name Description Sizes
File:stinkoman-full.gif File:stinkoman-close.gif 20X6 Stinko Man 20X6 Stinko Man Shirt!!! Inspired by the 20X6 Stinko Man game, this cool red shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and bears four images of the "20X6 Stinko Man" on the front and the "20X6" logo on one sleeve. Get yours now, and wear it while you play new levels!

Baby Doll Medium ($19.00)
Youth Large ($15.00)
Small ($15.00)
Medium ($15.00)
Large ($15.00)
Extra Large ($15.00)
Double Extra Large ($16.00)
Triple Extra Large ($17.00)

Image:stinkoman-blue-full.gif Image:stinkoman-blue-close.gif Stinkoman Blue Ringer Shirt Double Deuce!!! If you’re up for a challenge or maybe some light fighting, then you need this shirt featuring Stinko Man in his famous “double deuce” pose. This Bayside brand shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton and has a blue collar and cuffs to match Stinko Man’s blue hair. Width and Length dimensions of each size are shown below. The back of this shirt is blank.
File:scalding-lake-full.gif Image:scalding-lake-close.gif Scalding Lake Where's My Cottage? You’ll be wondering where’s YOUR cottage when you wear this stylish Scalding Lake t-shirt. Sizes Youth Large through Adult XXXL are sand colored shirts made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.
Image:sb-head.png Image:sb-head-detail.png Strong Bad Head Here's Strong Bad's handsome face on a white 100% cotton Tee Shirt with Black "Ringers" around the neck and sleeves.
Image:marzipan-full.gif File:marzipan-close.gif Marzipan Marzipan T-shirt This red shirt featuring Marzipan is available in baby doll sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. Also available in regular t-shirt sizes Adult Small and Medium. Red shirts made of 100% preshrunk cotton. The back of this shirt is blank.
Image:trogdor-black-full.gif File:trogdor-black-close.gif Trogdor Black Trogdor Burninates the Countryside!! This shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and features Trogdor the Burninator in all his majesty. Available in a variety of Youth Sizes, Adult Sizes and Baby Doll Sizes. Click on the icons below for the size category that fits you best!
Image:trogdor-lite-full.gif File:trogdor-lite-close.gif Trogdor Lite Trogdor Lite This white shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and features Trogdor the Burninator in all his majesty.
File:duck-full.gif File:duck-close.gif Duck Shirt Duck Shirt Some folk will say you are a terrific athlete when you wear your very own Duck Shirt just like the one the Homestar Runner wears in Strong Bad email 100! This 100% preshrunk cotton shirt comes in lemon yellow for regular sizes and pastel lemon for the baby doll size. Blank on back.
Image:strong-bad-full.gif File:strong-bad-close.gif Strong Bad The Supreme Ruler of Strong Badia! This is a 100% preshrunk charcoal colored shirt with a full body image of Strong Bad. The back of this shirt features the web address
File:strong-bad-zone-full.gif File:strong-bad-zone-close.gif Strong Bad Zone Your Head A Splode! This fabulous shirt has a vivid red 3-D type image of Strong Bad's face on a black, 100% cotton pre-shrunk tee shirt. The caption on the front proclaims "Your Head A Splode". The back displays the name of the shirt - Strong Bad Zone.
Image:the-cheat-full.gif File:the-cheat-close.gif The Cheat T-shirt Everyone's Favorite Little Yellow Guy! The front of this quality 100% cotton preshrunk T-shirt features The Cheat in all his glory and the website address is printed on the back.
Image:hstarrfull.jpg File:HStarRcloseup.jpg HStarR
File:cheat-commandos-full.gif File:cheat-commandos-close.gif Cheat Commandos Buy All Our Playsets and Toys! Reynold, Fightgar, Gunhaver, Firebert and Silent Rip - all on a cool navy blue 100% cotton preshrunk tee shirt. The Cheat Commandos slogan "Rock, Rock On!! is printed on the back of the shirt!
File:tgs-full.gif Not available Teen Girl Squad Check out the Fashions of Teen Girl Squad They're all here...Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face and The Ugly One. Choose from two different girly shirt styles: spaghetti strap or baby doll with black cap sleeves. Also available in regular t-shirts and 3/4 length sleeve shirts for the guys.
Image:homestarlitefull.jpg File:homestarliteclose.jpg Homestar Lite Homestar Lite

Here's a brand new Homestar style - Homestar prancing on a white shirt with a pale blue star background. Regular cut t-shirts are 100% cotton in sizes Youth Large through Adult Triple Extra Large. The baby doll style for the ladies is Medium/One Size which fits sizes 0-8. The back of this shirt is blank.

Image:star-full.gif File:star-close.gif Star Shirt Wear a Star!!!

This is a Big Red Shirt with a Big White Star!! The web address is printed on the back.

Image:homsar-shirt.png Not available Homsar - Raised by Coffee We are putting the Homsar - Raised by Cup of Coffee shirt on hiatus. It will be available again later on this year.
Image:coachz-shirt.png Image:coachz-shirt-detail.png Coach Z Discontinued This is a "limited time only" shirt and the only available size is Triple Extra Large. The back of this shirt is blank. Printed on a heavyweight 50/50 blend t-shirt of Kelly Green. For t-shirt dimensions, please see the "Sizing Information" section of our store.
File:limozeen-shirt.gif Not available Limozeen Discontinued Proclaim your allegiance to METAL! Now you can own a shirt featuring Strong Bad’s favorite metal band – Limozeen!! These recently discovered unsold concert tees are from their triumphant 2001 "Zeenin’ Across the Country" tour. This groundbreaking odyssey of rock included stops in Pantsburg, Loughleyton, Dempsey, and Broiter Grove, among other landmark concert sites, all listed on the back of this collectors item! (babydoll sizes don't have the list of concert sites on the back) Don’t wait – get yours today!!

Polo Shirts

Shirt Close-up Name Description
Image:trogdorpolofull.gif File:trogdorpolocloseup.gif Trogdor Polo Shirt Trogdor Polo Shirt The Trogdor polo is fast becoming the shirt of choice for cube dwellers on Business Casual Fridays! (or as Strong Bad calls it "Biz Cas Fri")

Hooded Sweatshirts

Shirt Close-up Name Description
Image:trogdorhoodiefull.gif File:trogdorhoodiecloseup.gif Trogdor Hooded Sweatshirt Burninate the Countryside
Image:homestarhoodiefull.gif File:homestarhoodiecloseup.gif Homestar Runner Hooded Sweatshirt Homestar Runner Hooded Sweatshirt Homestar Runner running across your chest on a navy blue hooded sweatshirt...what could be better?
Image:strongbadhoodiefull.gif File:strongbadhoodiecloseup.gif Strong Bad Hooded Sweatshirt Strong Bad Hooded Sweatshirt!

This is a black hooded sweatshirt with a full-color image of Strong Bad in his famous "check me out" pose.

File:thecheathoodiefull.gif File:thecheathoodiecloseup.gif The Cheat Hoodie The Cheat Hooded Sweatshirt

The little yellow man on a black hooded sweatshirt!

File:tgshoodiefull.gif File:tgshoodiecloseup.gif Teen Girl Squad Hoodie! Teen Girl Squad Hoodie!! This hooded sweatshirt comes in fashionable black to get you through the winter months in style. It features a white image of the entire Teen Girl Squad. Available in sizes Adult Medium through Adult XXXL. (Sorry, size Small is sold out).

Currently not available


Baseball Caps

Take 'Em Out to the Ball Park! Our baseball caps are high-quality Yupoong brand hats with six panels and a rounded athletic shape. No crappy adjustable plastic snaps here, our hats feature a "FlexFit" inner sweatband. (Sorry ladies, there is no hole in the back of these hats for pulling pony-tails through).

Beanie Caps

Stylish Beanie Caps!! These are Head-To-Toe brand knit caps with embroidery on the "fold up" part of the hat. Choose black with Strong Bad's mask, navy featuring Homestar's grinning face or black with the burninator himself, TROGDOR!

Messenger Bags

Stow All Your Stuff In These Great Messenger Bags!! Our messenger bags are made of durable polyester. Featuring a roomy main compartment and a smaller half pocket plus, a secret zippered compartment. Adjustable 2-inch shoulder strap and one front adjustable clasp closure. Navy Blue with Homestar, Gray with The Cheat or Strong Bad and Black with Trogdor.


Collectible Figurines

(1st set out on July 15, 2003; 2nd set out as of June 7, 2004.)

The Cheat Talking Plush Doll (currently not available)

Give it a good kick in The Cheat!
The Cheat Talking Plush Doll — A plush doll of The Cheat; when struck or kicked, The Cheat will make The Cheat noises. The Cheat Doll will be back later this month. (Click "Play Demo" to play Kick The Cheat.)


CD/DVD Name Description
Image:dvddisc4.jpg Strong Bad Emails — Disc 4 Strong Bad Emails Disc 4!!

This DVD includes Strong Bad Emails 101-130. Remember "Crying" featuring Li'l Brudder, "Virus" marking the tragic demise of the Compy, "Best Thing" introducing the Limozeen cartoon show? They're all on this DVD plus many, many more of your favorite Strong Bad Emails!

Disc 4 includes:

  • Strong Bad Emails 101 - 130!
  • Over 2 hours of Emails with all of the hidden scenes and easter eggs intact!
  • One previously unreleased Email plus two new karaoke videos!
  • Lots of puppet action, commentaries and other bonus stuff!
  • Region FREE so it'll play in DVD players all over the world!
  • Disc 4 is sold individually and will not be part of a future boxed set
Image:dvd3discset.gif Strong Bad Emails — 3 Disc DVD Set Strong Bad Emails 3 Disc Boxed Set includes:
  • Emails 1-100 with all of the hidden pop-ups and easter eggs
  • 3 previously unreleased emails and 4 Karaoke videos
  • Commentaries by the creators
  • Lots of puppet stuff and behind the scenes footage
  • Region Free
Image:Strong Bad Sings CD.png Strong Bad Sings CD Strong Bad CD

The CD features extended versions of your favorite Strong Bad hits such as “TROGDOR,” “The System is Down” and “The Cheat is Not Dead” plus many, many more. Also includes songs by Limozeen, Coach Z, Marzipan and other characters. Total of 20 tracks in all.

Each CD cover is adorned with Strong Bad’s own original artwork and a free Limozeen sticker is included with the liner notes.

Produced by the brothers chaps and Y-O-U

2-Dimensional Stuff


Poster Name Description
Everybody Everybody Poster

Our "everybody! everybody!" poster depicts all of your favorite characters crammed into the borders of Strong Badia.

Homestar Poster

The Homestar and Strong Bad poster depicts everyone's two favorite characters against the colorful background of Free Country USA.


New Embroidered Patches There are five colorful 3" sew-on Patches in a set featuring...Colonel Homestar Runner of the Homestarmy, Dangeresque and his cool, cool glasses, the official seal of The Cheat, Homsar's genuine "Raised by Coffee" logo, and the membership patch for the Trogdor Hi-Score club.

Static Clings

Get All the Static Cling Stickers This here is a variety Pack of Static Cling Stickers featuring one each of...Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, The Cheat and Trogdor!! These durable images, designed to be displayed on the inside of windows, are printed on clear vinyl and are easily removable.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers Now you can have a Variety Pack of Bumper Stickers featuring one (1) each of Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Trogdor the Burninator and the Teen Girl Squad!!

To Be Released


With a certain amount of money paid for your order, you get a freebie, or a free piece of merchandise.

  • Orders less than $25.00—Mini-Freebie
    • A free double-sided drink coaster. (Homestar on one side in red, Strong Bad on other in blue.)
  • Orders $25.00–$49.99—Big Freebie
    • A sturdy key ring with a colorful vinyl adornment displaying one of several memorable images.
      • There are two varieties:
Strongbadia Stop Sign
Homestar Runner Star Logo File:hsrkeychainfront.jpg File:hsrkeychainback.jpg
  • Orders $50.00–$74.99—Jumbo Freebie
    • Free Strong Bad sew-on patch.
  • Orders $75.00–$99.99—Ultimate Freebie
    • Free set of Series 1 Figurines.
  • Orders $100.00 or more—Ultimate Jumbo Freebie
    • Both the Series 1 and Series 2 Figurines.

Other Places To Buy

Local Business Area Stores

According to this page, independent comic book, music/video, and other specialty shops now have an opportunity to sell H*R merchandise (The Brothers Chaps say that they must never have a sale on the products or have the prices lower than TBC have them marked, to keep sales good). Find them with the store locator.

Froogle Search

If you search for Homestar Runner at Froogle, you can see H*R products being sold at various other stores.


Homestar merchandise also turns up in the occasional issue of Previews Magazine (limited on-line version can be seen here), which lists upcoming items available for purchase through local comic stores.

Comic Cons

According to this page, merchandise will be available for sale at Comic Conventions and shows around the country throughout 2005. The Homestar Runner booth will be staffed by Strong Dad and The Mother Chaps. Those attending have a chance to win door prizes consisting of autographed merchandise! Freebies will be included with every purchase. Future events similiar to those listed on the page will surely follow.

Easter Eggs

  • The time of day at Bubs' changes according to your computer's clock.
  • After you buy something, you are taken to a thank you page. During the day, or any time before midnight, one of three scenes is seen. It is currently unknown what causes the different videos to appear, but it has been speculated that it is based on the number of times the thank you page has been accessed, the time on your clock, or it could be random. The scenes will be darkened in the evening, but otherwise unchanged.
    • The first "day" scene shows Bubs at his Concession Stand.
      BUBS: Hey, thanks for buying my junk! Oh! {places a sign on the stand that says "THANK YOUS $5"} That'll be five dollars!
    • The second shows Strong Bad in a room filled with money, holding a glass of wine.
      STRONG BAD: Thank you for all your money, er, business. All your business... that you gave us. {holds up a cigar} The Cheat? Another extremely expensive light, please. {The Cheat comes in from the side of the screen, with a lit pile of money, and lights the cigar with it.}
    • The third shows Homestar Runner in The Field.
      HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ahem! {singing} I want to thank you for your purchase, toniiiiight, todaaaay! A-thank you!
      MARZIPAN: {walking on with Carol} Okay Homestar, I'm ready to record the thank you song.
      HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ah, too late, go away.
      MARZIPAN: {upset} All right, broken up.
    • At night (after midnight and before 5 AM), it always shows Homestar's House, unlit. Homestar walks in in pajamas, with his cinnamon beard.
      HOMESTAR RUNNER: {yawn} Oh, hi there. We appreciate you buying stuff from us and everything, but um, {yawn} you should really get to bed.
    • If you go to the link (what link?) without buying anything, it shows a Java icon that says "After installing the plugin, click here." Strong Bad arrives.
      STRONG BAD: Oh, thought you could sneak in the back door, eh? Why don't you buy something?
    • It will load the store front page after the scene is over. To see the different scenes, set your system clock between midnight and 5AM (or if already set there, between 5AM and midnight) then click on your back button. This can be done multiple times, just keep changing the clock and going back. (Note: the same scene will always play when your clock is set between midnight and 5AM as stated above)

Fun Facts


  • From left to right, the T-shirts play the notes A, B, C-sharp, D-sharp, G-sharp, A-sharp, C, C-sharp, D-sharp, E, and F-sharp. You play songs by moving your mouse over shirts.
  • While loading the musical shirt selection, a message flashes, reading "loading shirtfun".
  • While loading a "Thank-you" message, a loading screen appears reading "load 'er up".

Inside References

  • The Store Locator on the new store features The United States and Canada in white underwear, a reference to weird dream.

Real-World References

  • "Wide-Mart and Lackluster Video and Music," mentioned in Retail Opportunities, are Wal-Mart and Blockbuster Video takeoffs.
  • Under the "T-Shirts!!" section, it reads "Grab an ice cold "H STAR R" or a great tasting "HOMESTAR LITE" A new twist on some old favorites! (They're even better than Coke with lime!)". Coke with lime is a new flavor of Coca-Cola with the catchphrase "a little twist on a great thing".

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