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SB's Belly B

A belly button is a relatively uncommon physical feature among Homestar Runner characters. As much of the cast members are weird non-human, non-animal characters, most character designs lack several common physical features including belly buttons; characters may only be drawn with belly buttons only in certain toons or at certain revisions of their design. Belly buttons are more common among normal-human characters or Strong Bad's drawings.

Strong Sad has had a belly button since his earliest appearance. The Strong Bad Email origins implies that it is actually a scar from Lil' Strong Bad's drill, imaginary lends credence to this by showing Lil' Strong Sad with bandages over his belly button. Notably, in stunt double Strong Sad (as the titular Stunt Double) is seen without his belly button.

Earlier designs of Strong Bad featured a belly button, though it has not featured in his regular design after A Jumping Jack Contest. In the DVD commentary for the Original Book, Strong Bad calls it his "belly B" and jokes that it could have been "graffitoed" onto the page. Strong Bad spinoffs Old-Timey Strong Bad and Senor Cardgage have belly buttons.

Many of Strong Bad's comic characters are drawn with belly buttons, including Teen Girl Squad characters Cheerleader and The Ugly One, Sci-Fi Greg, and minor Teen Girl Squad Characters the Wave o' Babies, the Scotsmen, and Timkins.

The Fat Bluebird (one of Mike Chapman's favorite characters) has a belly button, despite presumably hatching from an egg. If any of the members of Limozeen's stomachs are ever seen, they have a belly button, most notably, Cartoon Larry.

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