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My Belly B

Only a select few characters have a belly button. Occasionally, characters have belly buttons only at certain times. Strong Bad has even named his belly button (Belly B), even though it only appears in the Original Book and in one scene of A Jumping Jack Contest. However, it may not really be there in the original book, seeing as Strong Bad claims that it was "graffitoed", along with his second mouth. Strangely, Old-Timey Strong Bad and Senor Cardgage have belly buttons, even though Strong Bad, upon whom they're based, doesn't. Strong Sad has a belly button, though it is implied that it is actually a scar from Lil' Strong Bad's drill. Additionally, Strong Sad is missing his "belly button" when forced to be a stunt double in the Dangeresque films. Lil' Strong Sad is shown with bandages over his belly button in imaginary. Cheerleader and The Ugly One have belly buttons in Teen Girl Squad Issue 5. So and So and What's Her Face's clothes don't allow their belly buttons to show, but they might also have belly buttons. Other minor Teen Girl Squad Characters have belly buttons as well, including Sci-Fi Greg, the Wave o' Babies, the Scotsmen, and Timkins. One of Mike Chapman's favorite characters, the Fat Bluebird, has a belly button, even though it is a bird and birds don't have belly buttons. If any of the members of Limozeen's stomachs are ever seen, they have a belly button, most notably, Cartoon Larry.

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