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Stylized character designs are intentional variations to the normal character models. The Brothers Chaps will play with line weights, colors and proportions to achieve a unique look for specific cartoons. These are not part of the gradual evolution of the characters, but rather a fresh experimental design.

Image Description Seen in Created
A distorted Strong Bad with no shading. Only one arm is visible. Dancin' Bubs 2000
The characters are paper cut-outs, colored in with crayons. The Reddest Radish 2000
The characters are drawn with bright colors and no shading. The proportions were also very inconsistent, especially with Homestar Runner and Coach Z. According to the DVD commentary for the Yello Dello storyboards, this is because Matt drew the storyboards very quickly and messily. However, Mike ended up liking those versions of the characters better, and so they were kept that way in the final cartoon. In Search Of The Yello Dello 2000
An updated version of early toon The King of Town, the new version also has a unique drawing style that is slightly more colorful and cartoonish. While the King of Town and the Poopsmith's designs in this toon can be counted as part of their evolution, Homestar Runner and Pom Pom have different proportions and are drawn in an off-kilter manner. The King of Town DVD New Version 2001
An illustration of The Poopsmith with irregular proportions. His big eye is white instead of black, and his small eye is black instead of white. He has an extra hair on his head. He has a small amount of whatsit on his gloves. The wood on his shovel is brown instead of yellow.
A potential partial explanation for his appearance is that TBC altered his head to resemble a Pom head, due to all other characters in the slideshow having Pom heads.
A Jorb Well Done 2001
Homestar and Strong Bad on a sewn needlepoint picture. Needlepernt 2001
A Strong Badian pilgrim illustrated in woodcut style. colonization 2003
"Brought to you by Hollerin' Jimmy Hobby Kits!" An exaggerated cartoony Homestar and Doreauxgard, as seen in the title card for "The Homestar Runner and Doreauxgard Show".
A similar version is later seen in The Actions You Can Do.
Main Page 25
Strong Bad and The Cheat drawn in a simplified vector style, with Strong Bad having a green tongue. Strong Bad refers to these figures as "Senor Muybueno" and "The Cheato Bandito". lackey (Strong Bad only)
2004 (Strong Bad), 2006 (The Cheat)
The characters in the The Castlefunnies strips are drawn with small eyes and large noses, among other distinctive stylistic choices. old comics 2004
The characters are illustrated with colored pencil, drawn in a different style than usual.
This picture was not created by The Brothers Chaps, but by a fan named Audrey.
FAQ 2005
In cutscenes, characters appear pixelated. They occasionally lack detail, and consistently do not have all their standard shading or reflection. Stinkoman 20X6 2005
Characters are drawn in a simplified, loose cartoon style. Stinkomanual 2005
The characters are reimagined in exaggerated, bizarre ways utilizing varied art styles. Exaggerations 2005
Hand-drawn marker illustrations of Space Captainface and Harold "Strap" Coopmore, used in the SBASAF slideshow. space program 2005
Strong Bad as painted by a Deutsch master. portrait 2005
Hedcut portrait of Strong Bad in the rich-guy newspaper. portrait 2005
A velvet painting of Strong Bad. portrait 2005
Strong Bad and Homestar in a soap opera comic style. lady fan 2006
Coach Z, Strong Bad, and Homestar drawn in pencil for a storyboard. Sbemail 150?!? 2006
The King of Town and servants are drawn in a rounded, free-flowing style that lacks outlines. The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show 2007
Strong Bad and Coach Z are drawn in the Dullard comic strip style. Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene 2007
Strong Mad, Coach Z, Bubs, and Pom Pom are drawn with blonde hair and without shading or outlines. hygiene 2007
When Homestar and The Goblin enter the Jibblies Painting, their style changes so that subtractive primaries are their dominant hues. They are drawn with thicker, rougher outlines and hand-drawn shading. Jibblies 2 2007
The Carnivorous Undead Sheep and Homsar are drawn with thick, black outlines, rather than the normal outlines. Most in the Graveyard 2008
During the SBASAF educational film, What's your Captainface? Space Captainface and Strap Coopmore are drawn in an extremely cartoony style with bold colors, rounded shapes, and a lack of outlines. Additionally, Strong Bad has visible eyeballs, teeth, and a cleft chin. Career Day 2009
"I'm-a gonna throw a brick at your cellist." Strong Bad in the style of Whaddaya Know, Haddi-Man?. He appears as a simplified, rounded head with ears and pupils. Crystal Fortress 2009
"Stinkoman... FIGHT!" The 20X6 cast is reimagined in a slick, modern anime style. Various extra details are added, such as giving Stinkoman more defined musculature and a mullet, or Pan Pan being animated with longer limbs that can bend at the elbows and knees. Stinkoman 20X6 Intro Cinematic 2020
Scratching the finish! The Cheat in the style of IKEA self-assembly furniture instruction manual diagram art. @StrongBadActual Tweet (28 May 2023) 2023

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