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Hi, I'm Susan, but around here I'm Power Pie. I was born May 21, 1998, and that makes me 21 years old. I found Homestar in 2009, just before the mega-hiatus. I'm not really all that active on the wiki.

Fun fact: Homestar Runner was how I found out about my favorite band, They Might Be Giants.

I'm susan-aka-teneight on tumblr.

PowerFile:Homestar Kamikaze Green Favicon.pngPie


[edit] How I found out about Homestar Runner

(NOTE: I wrote this years ago when I was 11 or 12; I may rewrite it soon.)

Back in October of '09, I was browsing some forum when I saw a topic called "Did you ever send an email to Strong Bad." They included a link to this wiki's article on Strong Bad saying "Click here if you don't know who Strong Bad is."

Well, I clicked.

When I got here, I decided to read the articles on some of the sbemails, starting with "some kinda robot." I wanted to check it out, but, thinking my parents would disapprove of me going on a site without their permission, I waited 'till I was home alone.

Then, on a quaint Wednesday afternoon, my chance finally came. (Before I go any further, I should mention that I homeschool.) My mom was going grocery shopping with my little brother and left me at home. I forget if I was already done with school or if I did it super-fast, 'cause I don't remember doing any school after my mom left, but I think it was around 3:00 and I was never done with school by 3. I also might have been naughty and went online first (this is sounding about right, but I still don't know if it is or not), or I maybe could have been sick (not likely).

Anyways, once I got the chance (There, I'll put it at that) I went to the wiki and clicked on the link that takes you to the official site. I watched the intro and went to a Main Page. Maybe the waffle one. I saw a button that said "First Time Here?" It being my fist time there, I clicked.

I saw a clapperboard held in front of Homestar Runner standing in some sort of field. "Homestar Runner dot com welcome speech, Take 1."

"Oh, hello! Welcome to"

"It's dot com."

"Oh, right! Homestar Runner dot net-It's dot com!"

From that moment forth, I was hooked. Every time I was home alone, I would type "" into the address bar, sit back, and watch. It soon got to the point where I got over my fear of being found out and watched them while my parents were at home.

And here I am!

[edit] FA Writeup I wrote but got edit conflict'd

In for kids, the 110th Strong Bad Email, released on Monday, August 9, 2004 , Allison wonders what a Strong Bad television series for kids would be like. After a failed attempt at playing "Where's The Cheat" with the audience (where dogs are threatened to be killed by Strong Bad), Strong Bad figures that Homsar would be perfect for the job, and imagines his show: Whaddaya Know, Haddi-man?. In this show, Homsar shows off the apparent letter of the day, G, which he claims is "a healthy piece of real estate". There is also a counting song to help kids count to 3 (which was played 51 times, but only 3 were shown) Strong Bad says that children who were raised on this "crap" would be subjected to the following problems: "HELD BACK. REPEATING THE THIRD GRADE. LOW STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES."

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