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My userbox needs words. Like these right here!

Hello, hellote, haldo, helscome, and halosche! I'm SRMX12. Thanks for stopping by! I am a humble, frequent wiki user, a completely obsessed Homestar Runner fan, a Two More Eggs watcher (although I still prefer H*R), and the Machiavellian grammar police. I'm also a Minecrafter, a Scratcher, and a proud child of two loving mothers.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of Homestar Runner at a very young age, through my parents, who were really into it. Young and stupid as I was, I liked it but I didn't really understand a lot of it. My whole childhood and growing-up years had some Homestar Runner influence, but it wasn't until fifth grade that I started to really appreciate it. Then, about eighth grade, my extreme obsession with it started, I watched every single toon I hadn't watched already, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since (I'm currently going into tenth grade).

I first joined this great wiki in December 2015 (although I admit I had to check the user creation log for that) as a long-time browser, first-time writer. My edits were quite small at first, with WAY too elaborate edit summaries (this was before I discovered Recent Changes, page history, and the diff button). To be honest, my edits are still very small, but every so often I make a more major contribution, such as transcribing the majority of Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2, which I'm very grateful to my fellow wikiers for letting me do.

Now for some subsections!


[edit] My Pages and Images

[edit] Pages

Oh, Child — I'm not sure this really merited an article, but it had three references, and no one's raised any objections, so I'll let it go.
Lite Em Up Dan — I was quite surprised to learn that this didn't exist before. Certainly has more appearances than, say, Tish, You!. This is one I'm almost proud of. Thanks to DorianGray for putting a category on it like five seconds after I made it.

And that's about it, if you don't count talk pages and redirects. I don't.

[edit] Images

I have relatively none compared to my good friend Gfdgsgxgzgdrc, but I've uploaded a few. Actually not very many at all. Here theys are anyway.

[edit] My Bottom 10

Because why not? Seems everyone else has one. Listen to SRMX12's negative opinions! Currently in no particular order.

  • Wiki trolls
This one goes without saying. Don't you guys have better things to do than pointlessly destroy people's work? Do something constructive. Read a book. Write a novella. Leave us alone.
  • Pages claiming that mundane, common objects are running gags
Don't misunderstand me— this isn't a Spoons argument. I have no problem with articles like that existing. My issue is that they're called "running gags". Blood is a very common substance. It's going to show up once in a while in any given cartoon. Doesn't mean it's a running gag. I highly doubt The Brothers Chaps say "Oh, let's throw in another reference to eggs!"
  • Over analysis and speculation
Oh, man. This is a huge one. I've had it up to here with the "Homestar's arms" debate. If you could see me, you'd see that I'm holding my arm up to my chin. And I'm pretty short! "He has invisible arms, because of this, this, and this!" "No, he has powers of telekinesis because of this, this, and this!" Both wrong! How about— The Brothers Chaps just drew him without arms for humor value! Trying to analyze it will kill the joke!
  • Disrespect to wiki users
Especially sysops like Jay and It's dot com, who put so much effort, care, and love into this wiki, and then get crap from anonymous users about petty, immature things that they're usually wrong about. Overall, though, I find it remarkable how clean, professional, and respectful the sysops have managed to keep this community. Thank you guys so much :)
  • Poorly written fanstuff transcripts
Given what I just said about respect, I'll avoid bashing too much, but scripts that misrepresent characters' personalities, or that are riddled with reused jokes from other toons without original writing to save their lives, really bug me. Mine aren't perfect either though, so I guess I can't judge too harshly.
  • Apostrophe errors
Although there are dozens of other types of grammar errors I could mention, this is one of the most irritating. Let me give you a brief explanation of how to use these elusive, exotic creatures... put one before the "s" of a possessive word, except for the word "its". Put it after the whole word if it's a plural possessive. Do not— I mean, do not— I mean, DO NOT use an apostrophe just because a word is plural! I recently saw a sign outside a restaurant that said "Open's at 9". Sigh. Depressing.

Sorry, this is currently a bottom 6. Work in progress.

[edit] Favorites

My old user page just had a favorite quotes list, but Homestar Runner is way too vast and awesome for that. So here's a veritable list of lists of things that make me love the dot com day after day.

[edit] General

Characters: I really like Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Bubs, The Cheat, and Senor Cardgage. Impossible for me to name less than that.
Toon: Lookin at a Thing in a Bag. Really just because that was one of the very first H*R toons I ever saw. Thanks, my parents! I've watched it half a million dozen thousand times.
Sbemail: mini-golf, for pretty much the same reason. And, I mean, it's also a really good email. Fun fact, I actually saw this long before I had any idea what Sweet Cuppin' Cakes was.
Game: Stinkoman 20X6, assuming SBCG4AP doesn't count. I used to watch my mom play it all the time when I was little. I played it nonstop in eighth grade, and I've managed once or twice to play it from start to finish without a game over. Make Level 10 already!!
Spin-Off World: Sweet Cuppin' Cakes. I love the background, the music, and the characters. And Sweet Puttin' Cakes is fabulous. Anyway, 20X6 is a close second.

[edit] Inside Jokes

Many thanks to the Homestar Runner Wiki for helping me to appreciate all of these so much more.

Might add more stuffs later.

[edit] Strong Bad Emails

I've sent two. Neither have been answered and neither ever will be. Especially considering I sent 'ems both long after they stopped really making them. Here they are, for the record. They're not very good.

[edit] Pixstar Runner

So I said I was a Scratcher? Well, sometime last year I took it into my head to create some cool pixelated sprites for all the characters and create a Homestar Runner fan game. I'm not anywhere close to being anywhere near finishing that, but I have since used the sprites for a series of Homestar Runner animations that I call Pixstar Runner. Check it out! I've so far released two animations (a sbemail and a short), and more are in working. You can send me a Strong Bad Email via my official inbox, and I'll animate a response to it eventually in true sbemail style! Anyway, enough advertising for now.

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