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Pitfall style!
This article is about miscellaneous references to video games. For the Strong Bad Email, see video games. For the DVD-exclusive email, see Videro Games.

References to video games, especially those of the 8-bit era, are constantly made within the Homestar Runner universe. While Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Intellivision, and Namco are most commonly referenced, others are listed here.


[edit] Generic / Ambiguous References

  • The Cheat Theme SongHomestar Runner claims the video is "the best video game [he's] ever played".
  • Email the bet — Strong Bad asks if The King of Town has any video games. He introduces him to Typing Tutor, an arcade cabinet that Strong Bad later hoisted over a blindfolded King of Town, intending to drop it on him.
  • Email pom pomPom Pom beats up Strong Bad by repeatedly kicking him in mid-air, in a similar fashion to fighting games. Numbered combo points also appear.
  • Videro Games — Strong Bad describes the effects of video games on children.
  • Email high schoolBaby Strong Bad pretends he is playing better video games.
  • Email secret identity — As Cara Carabowditbowdit, Strong Bad writes to Buttless in Bedstuy that she needs to play more video games.
  • Email keep cool — One of the pool rules is to "press UP, A, and START" before re-entering the pool after eating.
  • Email 4 branches — Strong Bad uses a video game's scoring system as a simile to how Homestar Runner's stupidity works.
  • Email concert — Strong Bad and Strong Sad play their FunMachine together while discussing sloshy.
  • Email slumber party — Strong Bad claims that "uncool kids' dads definitely still play video games" before going to Homestar's house, where he is playing Clapping Party because his father's M-rated titles are "off-limits".
  • Email environment — Homestar "plays" his FunMachine without a cartridge inserted, claiming he is "about to win".

[edit] Specific Games

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