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Origins Unknown
Genre(s) Lo-fi
Alternative rock
Members Mitch Stockton (Lead vocals and guitar)

Clark Cross-Country (Backing vocals, bass guitar)

Doug Tarndner (Guitar)

Dan DiMinilliditto (Drums)

Mark D. (Guitar)

Discography sloshy (2007)

Limozeen vs. sloshy (2007)

"The B-est of B-Sides" (2015)

"Phonin' This One In" (2016)

The Worst Fonts EP

Instruments We Don't Play


Whose Baby Is This? (UK exclusive)

We Need A Lawyer EP

Final Assault EP

All Tomorrow's Euro-Restrooms DVD

Early Demos and Worse From Like, Forever Ago

Because Girl Bassist, That's Why

"Architecture Jerk" b/w "Helvetica Chump"

No Reason To Trend

Degradest Hits (2020)

Label Cheap as Free Records
Coolier Than Thou Records

The lo-fi band sloshy is a group that Strong Sad enjoys listening to. They were introduced in the Strong Bad Email concert, where they were opening for a Limozeen concert. Strong Bad was at first unwilling to view their set (as he had not heard of them), instead choosing to come "fashionably late". Due to a general lack of women in the audience, Limozeen never came on to play, and so sloshy played both sets, becoming one of Strong Bad's favorite bands until he finally realized they are not metal.

The band has been around since approximately 2001. One of sloshy's most noticeable traits is that their only backup singing consists of one of the members (very blandly) repeating previous lines with an echoey microphone effect, or in the case of Because, It's Midnite, saying "Because, It's Midnight". This, and the band's overall style, parodies influential grunge/alternative rock bands that saw success in the 90s, such as Nirvana, Weezer, and Pavement.

The members of sloshy were the antagonists of Limozeen: "But they're in space!" on at least one occasion. However, the page title of Limozeen vs. sloshy ("The Label Made Us Do It!") suggests that sloshy and Limozeen are signed to the same record label.

The name sloshy is usually written in all lowercase even in running text, and their wordmark is rotated 180 degrees with the o being a different color, usually red (ʎɥsols).

In the DVD commentary for concert, the Brothers Chaps reveal that sloshy was initially conceived as the band playing guitar for the scroll button song that was released the week prior.


[edit] Members

[edit] In-Universe

The band's initial lineup was a trio:

  • Mitch Stockton (lead vocals, lead guitar)
  • Clark Cross-Country (bass, backing vocals)
  • Dan DiMinilliditto (drums)

In 2018, the release of Air​-​Sea Dolphin​/​Sloshy split introduced two new members:

  • Doug Tarndner (guitar)
  • Mark D. (guitar)

Overall, they appear somewhat apathetic to their performances; during concerts, the band just strings some Christmas lights over the bass drum for special effects, wear whatever they had been wearing that day, and display a general lack of courtesy for the audience. Clark looks strikingly similar to Patrick Wilson of alternative rock band Weezer. He wears regular glasses, not sunglasses, much to Strong Bad's astonishment.

[edit] Live Band

The band Air-Sea Dolphin portrayed sloshy at the Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Shows and can be seen in the No-stalgia music video. Unlike the live iteration of Limozeen, it is not clear which band member each person is portraying.

[edit] Songs

Hope you had to wait in a long line

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