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This article is about the weekly Sketchbook featured on the Main Pages. For the sketchbook in the Museum, see Sketchbook (museum). For the strongbad_email.exe Disc Three bonus video, see Sketchbook (video).


The Sketchbook is a collection of conceptual art and sketches by The Brothers Chaps. These are found by clicking on the S at the top of the Main Pages, and are generally updated on Thursdays. Here is a list of all the sketches from 2006.

If you press the "s" button rapidly, the caption of the sketch will move up the box. The more times you press it, the further the text will move.

As of November 22, 2004, the image and text are no longer part of the Flash file.

Image Date Caption Description
reynold's brother sketches 30 Nov 2006 reynold's brother sketches Sketches of Reynold's Brother, the first of which was actually used
basketbully homestar 17 Nov 2006 basketbully homestar Homestar Runner as a bully, with freckles and two teeth. The "basketbully" part comes from the speech bubble.
bubsleberry pie 09 Nov 2006 bubsleberry pie Bubs holding a slice of pie.
the sheriff of town 03 Nov 2006 the sheriff of town The King of Town, dressed up as a Western sheriff. Note that he has arms and feet.
the kingsmen duo 27 Oct 2006 the kingsmen duo The Little Chef Guy holding his knife and The Bishop. Note that these are the only two of The King of Town's servants who are not part of All the King's Men! in senior prom. The caption is a reference to folk act The Kingston Trio.
here comes the thinkinman 20 Oct 2006 here comes the thinkinman A drawing of Homestar Runner thinking. The caption is a reference to the Thnikkaman.
barrelin' down 12 Oct 2006 barrelin' down A drawing of Strong Mad running.
bendy hop 25 Sep 2006 bendy hop Coach Z doing some sort of dance. This could be a parody of the Lindy Hop.
taped-on tentacles, nose 18 Sep 2006 taped-on tentacles, nose Homestar Runner with tentacles taped to where his arms should be and a nose.
just him 07 Sep 2006 just him A small, stout Homestar Runner with a twirling beanie propeller.
taste it out 31 Aug 2006 taste it out Homestar Runner biting a tape with text reading "tastes like high bias".
home t & sm supreme 18 Aug 2006 home t & sm supreme A sketch showing Homestar Runner with a 'T' on his shirt running and a muscular looking Strong Mad.
this sketch is saved! 11 Aug 2006 this sketch is saved! A surprised Homestar Runner skidding to a halt, marked "SAVED" with a stamp. The caption is a reference to a line from technology.
buy one get one half off 03 Aug 2006 buy one get one half off One King of Town and a half.
leggin it out here boss 27 Jul 2006 leggin it out here boss Low view of Homestar, walking along. It references the iconic "Truckin'" images by Robert Crumb. The caption is a reference to Cool Hand Luke.
9 to 5 homsar 20 Jul 2006 9 to 5 homsar Homsar waiting at a bus stop with a bag of groceries and a briefcase.
the thnikkaking 13 Jul 2006 the thnikkaking The Thnikkaman wearing a crown and seated on a throne with a leopard carcass draped over the back.
switchin em up 06 Jul 2006 switchin em up A picture of The Cheat tiptoeing labeled "The Sneaking Cheat", and The Sneak cheating at a game of cards, labeled "The Cheating Sneak".
work indeed 29 Jun 2006 work indeed Homestar Runner (or possibly 1-Up) is drawn in the background with "work!" on his shirt. He's kicking toward the camera, and the sole of his shoe reads either "1-up" or "7-up".
droolstar sleeper 18 May 2006 droolstar sleeper A drawing of Homestar Runner, asleep and drooling.
numba zero baller 11 May 2006 numba zero baller A drawing of Strong Sad playing basketball, wearing a number 0 jersey.
coach 3 and friends 04 May 2006 coach 3 and friends A drawing of Coach Z, an odd looking Bubs with his head on his front, and a long haired Coach Z-like character with a 3 instead of a Z.
strong badmantis 27 Apr 2006 strong badmantis A drawing of a combination between Strong Bad and a praying mantis. The caption is a reference to Strong Badman.
the cheat drawn from memory by missy p. 06 Apr 2006 the cheat drawn from memory by missy p. Missy Palmer's drawing of The Cheat from memory.
strong sadstronaut 30 Mar 2006 strong sadstronaut A drawing of Strong Sad as an astronaut, possibly sketched for senior prom.
suudsu 5 months later 24 Mar 2006 suudsu 5 months later A picture of the glass of suudsu from bedtime story, apparently aged 5 months. This is the second item in the sketchbook's history that cannot be considered a sketch. Suudsu was first mentioned exactly five months from the entry's post date: October 24, 2005.
poopertrooper sketches 16 Mar 2006 poopertrooper sketches Sketches of The Poopsmith as a trooper, for disconnected. The caption is a reference to pooper-scoopers.
shaker homestar & mike 10 Mar 2006 shaker homestar & mike Sketches of Homestar Runner and Mike Chapman with beards. Mike had recently grown a beard. "Shaker" are a now obscure Christian group who do ritualistic dances. Many of the men in this society sported beards.
12-string sad 02 Mar 2006 12-string sad An irritated Strong Sad playing a guitar, probably sketched for alternate universe.
2 more bubs 23 Feb 2006 2 more bubs A pair of Bubs sketches.
none shall pass! eww. 16 Feb 2006 none shall pass! eww. A drawing of The Poopsmith in an intimidating pose. "None shall pass" is a quote by The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
nice inking, mike 09 Feb 2006 nice inking, mike An drawing of Marzipan saying "opera." while wearing a scarf in front of a microphone, inked by Mike.
craig drawn homestar 02 Feb 2006 craig drawn homestar Homestar Runner and his house (which appears to be a Converse shoe), apparently drawn by Craig Zobel.
homestar ice crusher 26 Jan 2006 homestar ice crusher Sketch of Homestar Runner as an ice machine.
orbs up, yo 19 Jan 2006 orbs up, yo Sketch of Strong Mad, from death metal.
teen homestars 12 Jan 2006 teen homestars Sketches of teenage Homestar Runners, from highschool.


  • The font used in the captions is Blippo.

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