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Tweets for 2020


This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from August 2020.


Note: some links to other tweets may only work on the full year page.

[edit] August

Text / Transcript Date / Link
It's post-orthodonture Homestar Runner after braces have corrected his undabite!
This Tweet is a reply to @AnimatorRader, who drew a Homestar Runner with a deΓ«mphasized underbite.
26 Aug 2020

This is some great fan art @TVsKyle and very accurate! Homsar all the time has a sentient two-tentacled Peowctopus following just behind him!
This Tweet quotes @TVsKyle, who posted a fan art of Homsar running and wailing, with a dust cloud behind him.
25 Aug 2020

This is some highway jobbery right here! You're better off scouring thrift stores in college towns for the next five years. Check those ziplock bags fulla Blubb-O's kids meal toys.
This Tweet is a reply to @LukosPH, who expressed regret about not having bought Homestar figurines sooner, and needing to pay ten times the amount to do so ten years later.
25 Aug 2020

I look like I'm eating Homestar's face and Homestar looks like he's somehow inhaled his own face.

And grown arms.

And hips.
This Tweet is a reply to @C4ptianmcd3rp, who made concepts for Strong Bad and Homestar-themed skins for Fall Guys.
24 Aug 2020

Dustbunny Strong Bad comes with everything you see here!

*Shower Drain Hair Clump Coach Z sold separately and not recommend for anyone ever.
This Tweet quotes @MaryGwendolyn, who made a Strong Bad head out of felt.
22 Aug 2020

This is a Retweet of @TheDoubleclicks' advertisement for Nerds and Music. 22 Aug 2020

Totally okay! You corrected it! This just reminded my of a public service announcement I prolly shoulda made 17 years ago.
This Tweet is a reply to @TheDoubleclicks, who responded with an apology to the "two different words" song.
22 Aug 2020

The matter is sadly out of my boxing gloves. Write a tersely-worded letter to your local Telltale representative if you wanna see it back for sale!
This Tweet is a reply to @noahremainsanon, who asked about the possibility to buy Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People in the future.
22 Aug 2020

"Wigs and Noodles" is the King of Town's usual Thursday night meal!
This Tweet is a reply to @murderwizard, who quoted the uncut Brain Sister video, describing it as "vintage wigs and noodles".
22 Aug 2020

Video thumbnail for 22 Aug 2020
This issue comes up a lot, so I made a little song.
This Tweet quotes @MiloOverYonder, who responded to the previous Nerds and Music Tweet noting the purchase page had Strong Bad's name as one word.

Video Transcript

{A still image of a Teen Girl Squad-style Strong Bad wearing a top hat, drinking a martini and pushing his ooh lips into a microphone is pictured. The text reads "you're listening to the smooth, soft, croonular swoons of: STRONG BAD"}

STRONG BAD: {singing}
My name is Strong Bad (doodle-a-doop)
Those are two different words (deedlely-doop)
It's Strong because I'm strong, and Bad because I'm great!
So don't forget the space bar, you nerds! (deh-doomp)
Now if your name was Simple McDaniels (doo-doop)
I wouldn't call you SimpleMc-Daniels (bee-doomp)
Or if your name was June Pretendo (doo-ding)
I wouldn't call you Junep-Retendo (bah-dump)
So don't forget that space. Do I have to tattoo it on your face?
Strong Bad is two different wooooords! (donk)

Fun Facts

  • Strong Bad previously used "two different words" in response to his name being spelled as one word in myths and legends.
22 Aug 2020

That's me! I am available to appear at any and all conventions, backyard wrestling matches, and PTA open houses**! Contact my agent The Cheat!

**Strong Bad is limited to only one "Looks like I'm Gonna Have to Jump" per appearance so get your stupid phones ready.
This Tweet is a reply to @rtorres81, who responded to the previous Tweet asking if Strong Bad was the guy from the Dangeresque film series.
22 Aug 2020

Tweet image for 22 Aug 2020
While I am neither specifically a nerd or a music -I am quite familiar with both- I am still taking part in the incredible #NerdsandMusic variety show TONIGHT 8/22! Get tix and let's raise some money for charity! Chariety show! Vacharety?

Buy 'em up Dan! http://bit.ly/NerdsMusic
22 Aug 2020

Bonus points for spelling it correctly!
This Tweet is a reply to @giantrobotbee, who shared a screenshot featuring a Blastoise named "fhqwhgads".

Fun Facts

22 Aug 2020

Nice custom walkman! I hope those are some Type 0, No-Bias tapes where you can hear side B bleed through to side A! Now that's some fidelity!
This Tweet quotes @JakeTopRope, who shared a custom Cool Tapes inspired Walkman they made.
18 Aug 2020

Tweet image for 16 Aug 2020
Don't get me wrong, this is totally awesome. But now all I see is this:
This Tweet quotes @Reidoken, who shared a drawing they made of Stinkoman.
16 Aug 2020

Tweet image for 16 Aug 2020
I see him! It's big maw Trogdor! He looks like he's goin "Myaah" like a 1920's gangster!
This Tweet is a reply to @TehParalyzer, who posted an image of a toy flamingo implying it looked like Trogdor.
16 Aug 2020

Tweet image for 15 Aug 2020
Out of context subterranean bearded Strong Sad sprite.
15 Aug 2020

The KOT loves everything chunky-style! Milk, dog food, water...
This Tweet is a reply to @Cataphract, who replied to the previous "kingmagotchi" tweet.
13 Aug 2020

He needs to sever those legs! Otherwise, who knows what kinda day it might be!!
This Tweet is a reply to @kitfm, who tagged Strong Bad in a post about Kujiran the whale, the mascot for Muroran City in Japan, comparing it to the Blubb-O's whale.
13 Aug 2020

Tweet image for 13 Aug 2020
I have no recollection of this. Found in a file called "kingmagotchi" dated 2004. What the crap would the gameplay have been for this virtual pet?
13 Aug 2020

More like GROMblecakes!
This Tweet is a reply to @Leavittman1, who shared a scene from the Disney show The Owl House edited to play Grumblecakes as Luz and Amity dance instead of the actual song from that scene.
13 Aug 2020

Sloshy and Limozeen are up next. Imminent even! Then I'll see about Vol 4.
This Tweet is a reply to @DarrenYouGuys, who asked about Volume 4 of the Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack and future music-related releases.
12 Aug 2020

All together now! 🎢This is impressive, disturbing, and makes me uncomfortable!🎡
This Tweet quotes @MisterMacanulty, who shared a segment of stupid stuff that he animated in his own art style.
12 Aug 2020

Aw crap! Sorry for the takelong response! Immobilized peasants can NOT be burninated. Not even a flaming head is enough to overcome their arrowedness. That's how I plays anyways.
This Tweet is a reply to @liracali, who asked if immobilized peasants in Trogdor!! The Board Game could be burninated.
12 Aug 2020
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