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Tweets for 2020


This is a list of all the @StrongBadActual Tweets from May 2020.


Note: some links to other tweets may only work on the full year page.

[edit] May

Text / Transcript Date / Link
It's comin! Gotta get Videlectrix to finish level 10 first so they can release a complete album!
This Tweet is a reply to @Spat856, who replied to the OST drop Tweet suggesting the Stinkoman soundtrack for Spotify.
31 May 2020

Two Gross Beans! That Dog-Tennis-Ball-Thing 'Cept With Fireballs! I love it!
This Tweet is a reply to @NotShadowFever, who posted a drawing of @Togemiss's and their own characters as Keepers of Trogdor.
29 May 2020

Totally! And WAY safer than trying to film his reflection in the chrome hub caps of moving semis which is what I did as a lad of 10 and one years.
This Tweet is a reply to @scullen, who had a son wishing to know how to use a fisheye lens to make a good rap video.
28 May 2020

Tweet image for 28 May 2020
Find out if grody haircut-needer Matt Chapman is actually a robot tonight at 8pm EST as he plays Inhuman Conditions with @tommygents and other fine folks!


The whole game is like the heated interrogation scenes from Dangeresque: The Cyberthyme Convection.
28 May 2020

If it's not on my official Teespring store or the official Homestar Runner Shopify, it's bootleg and has nuttin to do with me. Cept for Trogdor!! The Board Game which is available on Amazon and in hobby shops n stuff.
This Tweet is a reply to @muttonchopgamer, who asked if a company selling a shirt design based on Trogdor was an unlicensed unlicensed seller.
27 May 2020

It's very up. Your browser prolly just hates Flash. Like the rest of the planet. *sniff*
This Tweet is a reply to @robinandrea2, who inquired to Strong Bad about the Flash site not being up.
27 May 2020

Don't forget this time me and Strong Sad ate seasoned corn chips until 4am and ruined 2 indie rock classics at once:
This Tweet is a reply to @BraOfNachos, who posted a picture of Homestar as the person of the cover of Bee Thousand, saying it came to her in a dream.
27 May 2020

You named the cat Marzipan?!! But it's a little outlaw! You can tell by that twinkle in its eye!
This Tweet is a reply to @TheDoubleclicks, who replied to the Dimetrodon Tweet expressing love and posting a video of their cat Marzipan.
26 May 2020

I'll be grateful and supportive of YOUR FACE!!!
(and by that I mean, um, I won't actually be. in case you were thinking that I was actually grateful and supportive of your visage. I mean. I guess a little bit, but... ugh this is hard!!)
This Tweet is a reply to @StephenJPlant, who linked the previous Tweet noting Strong Bad's struggle between being grateful and being in character.
26 May 2020

Tweet image for 26 May 2020
While it would probably be more in character for me to like this Doubleclicks song "Dimetrodon" if it were being performed by Mastodon, it still speaks to me on a primal, Paleozoic level. youtu.be/G3sUoIm2K88

Fun Facts

  • The picture of Strong Bad fanning himself with a Dimetrodon is from trading cards.
26 May 2020

Hey good point. I ran outta tweetroom before I could pay a warning visit to AllCapsTowne:
This Tweet is a reply to @Shadowlynk17, who expressed concerns about potential side effects resulting from ingesting bottle caps and wrappers in response to @Librus_MT's reply to the previous Tweet listing Homsar-related side effects.
25 May 2020

The Homshake:

-1 cup freezer burnt Butter Pecan ice cream that's been in mom's freezer for 8 years and might actually be frozen soup
-1/2 cup self-serve bulk candies (wrappers on)
-3 shakes Liquid Smoke with cap still on
-Milk prolly
-Blend relentlessly

-Garnish with hot dogtopus
This Tweet quotes @MVDWALDESIGN, who shared a picture of Homsar on a milkshake cup.

Fun Facts

25 May 2020

I appreciate your struggles but I'm not trying to take advantage of anybody's vulnerabilitations here. This is strictly an opt-in ridiculous product. I will continue to make tweetgarbage and a couple new cartoons a year whether you make purchase or not.
This Tweet is a reply to @samanthaarmel, who linked to the towel designs Tweet, strongly considering buying one, and claiming to be vulnerable to break at some point.
22 May 2020

Tweet image for 22 May 2020
You deserve a break! Eating pudding with a spoooooon!
This Tweet is a reply to @_AlexHirsch, who responded to the towel designs Tweet having bought three Take A Break.exe towels and claiming he needed a break.

Fun Facts

22 May 2020

Prolly. If your CompyXP Pentillennium Edition desktop still works, that is.
This Tweet is a reply to @bellestardust, who responded to the previous Tweet asking if the Takin' a Break screensaver still works.
22 May 2020

Tweet image for 22 May 2020
Just in time for "beaches are open but maybe don't actually go to the beach" season, here are some ridiculous towel designs for sale! Why have a print-on-demand store if you're not gonna make obscure, niche products that only two people will buy, right?

22 May 2020

If it didn't cause your nose to turn into a mouth and say "loogaloo!" a bunch, then I think you made it wrong.
This Tweet is a reply to @UnofficialFace, who made some Hot Dip and shared the ingredients.

Fun Facts

20 May 2020

Somebody alert Tompkins at once!
This Tweet is a reply to @LinkVoximilian, who tagged Strong Bad alerting him about a real Sega tape in reply to a @gamesyouloved Tweet featuring a Sonic The Hedgehog 2 VHS tape.

Fun Facts

18 May 2020

Lo, the Moons of Pom!
This Tweet is a reply to @CrazySycho, who shared his abstract art project from 9th grade featuring shapes resembling Pom Pom.
17 May 2020

Get some unnecessary human noses on that unlicensed merch, man!
This Tweet is a reply to @MattShiversVO, who shared a picture of his Strong Bad merch table in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Fun Facts

  • Strong Bad's comment is a reference to licensed.
15 May 2020

Tweet image for 13 May 2020
A not-so-subtle clue as to the #WorstFirstChapter you'll hear from Matt "The No Glasses One" Chapman live tonight at 9pm EDT when you check out this awesome charity event full of hilarious peoples! bit.ly/WorstFirstMay13
This Tweet quotes @paulandstorm, who put out a reminder about Worst First Chapter.
13 May 2020

Hmm. Maybe I shoulda said "a hypothetical book from the wider, less popular, less appealing, less wanted H*R universe" in order to set the right expectation.
This Tweet is a reply to @cdubbs802, who replied to the previous reply, suggesting "The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw".
12 May 2020

Hey thanks man! And don't forget to check out the not-on-demand store for toys, games, and DVDs:
This Tweet links to the Shopify store.
This Tweet is a reply to @lancepelkey, who said he hadn't been aware of the official merch and would be doing some shopping.
12 May 2020

Think deeper, more obscure cuts.
This Tweet is a reply to @Applemask, who replied to the Worst First Chapter Tweet, speculating that the book would be "The Homestar Runner and the Bathyscaphe".
12 May 2020

Some jerk called Matt Chapman will be reading the first chapter of a hypothetical book from the H*R universe along with all the super funny peeps below to raise money for charity tomorrow night May 13th at 9pm EDT. Check the retweet for deet(weet)s!
This Tweet quotes @paulandstorm, who announced the upcoming Worst First Chapter.
12 May 2020

Plenty of official shirts here!
This Tweet links to Strong Bad's Specialty Shoppe on Teespring.
This Tweet is a reply to @JeremiahRiah, who wanted a wider variety of merch.
11 May 2020

No offense though, man. I'm just psyched you dig Trogdor. My ire laser is focused at the sellers not you. And it's more like one of those cat pointers that I taped a buncha tape recorder parts to anyway.
This Tweet is a reply to the same @D2Vincent Tweet as before.
11 May 2020

Here's the legit teespring styles:
This Tweet links to Strong Bad's Specialty Shoppe on Teespring.
This Tweet is a reply to @oganesson, who asked if the shirts on Teespring were licensed.
11 May 2020

Legal backups, all of them!
This Tweet is a reply to @RobertP221B, who replied to the unlicensed merch Tweet, joking that Strong Bad had a lot of floppy disks with hand-written labels.
11 May 2020

Proud of people buying bootleg unlicensed merch that I don't see a cent of?
This Tweet is a reply to @D2Vincent, who bought TeeFury's Trogdor shirt, saying he thought Strong Bad would be proud.
11 May 2020

AAAAHHH!! Not okay!! Insectoid needle legs is on my eye!!
This Tweet is a reply to @kitfm, who posted a wasp head model from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, comparing it to Strong Bad's mask.
11 May 2020

DyaaaAAAAaaaaa you Chozo ruined my grapple beam!!
This Tweet quotes @pynkblud, who posted fanart of Homsar as Samus Aran.
11 May 2020

Watch for "10 hours of Far Out Strong Bad for Relaxation and Deep Aural Focus/Astral Projection" coming soon to YouTube! Probably!
This Tweet is a reply to @ReploidREVO, who replied to the Characters from Yonder Website link, saying Strong Bad's narration is "unironically relaxing".
8 May 2020

Kinda already done!
This Tweet links to Characters from Yonder Website on YouTube.
This Tweet is a reply to @CCCieri, who reposted @bananawarmer's sketches of Homestar Runner characters as Animal Crossing characters, saying they wanted to hear Strong Bad give them their "garble voice".
7 May 2020

THERE WAS NO 2019 ALL ALONG! The months were coming from INSIDE the year!
This Tweet is a reply to @wholemilk, who replied to @JoCoCruise's photo from the 2019 cruise, which they mistakenly labelled as being from 2020.
7 May 2020

I don't like to bother peoples with notifications when it's old archive-y stuff. I try to save that for legit new content.
This Tweet is a reply to @RoscoeTheHorse, who responded to the Social Media Crap Tweet wondering why the YouTube notification didn't work.
5 May 2020

This cool, attractive ball is not in my court. Maybe I should just make a new and better point-at-then-click-on-then-listen-to game!
This Tweet is a reply to @PurpockPartyBus, who asked about the chances of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People being made available again.
4 May 2020

I do love me that grilled cheese music.
This Tweet is a reply to @faroffblue, who suggested the music from space program that plays during the grilled cheese slide as a potential OST Volume 4 track.
4 May 2020

I made a playlist of all the social media crap I've posted over the years so you can enjoy my styles in one convenient place! No more typestrain OR swipestrain!
This Tweet links to Social Media Crap on YouTube.
4 May 2020

I'm way beyond considering it. I am prosidering it as we speak!
This Tweet is a reply to @Dreyfusxano, who asked if a Trogdor board game port for mobile devices was being considered.
2 May 2020

No, just crappy kerning on ol' Ahnberg Hand! Er- wait, I mean my handwriting! Crappy kerning on my handwriting!! (phew! saved that one!)
This Tweet is a reply to @LarryLTrujillo, who noticed a wide space between the "G" and "D" in Trogdor's first appearance, and wondered if that meant his name was actually Trog Dor.
1 May 2020

I do! It's like playin friggin whack-a-The-Cheat!
This Tweet is a reply to @HowlettIsHere, who responded to @TheyCallMePeeps's reply to the independent artists Tweet, noting that similar practices are common in the industry and warning that one should check for them.
1 May 2020

Crap! Maybe try and clear your cache? Sorry bout that!
This Tweet is a reply to @space_wolverine, who replied to the discount code reply expressing disappointment that the promo code didn't seem to work.
1 May 2020

I totally forgot to tell all y'all! I'm playing this game Medium live with the @GTGamesLLC folks today at 4pm EST! Right here: youtu.be/3kPSV0yo-MY
This Tweet quotes @GTGamesLLC, who announced the Medium live stream.
1 May 2020

They do not!
This Tweet is a reply to @YoursTrulyKnits, who replied to @teefury's ad, questioning whether they had Strong Bad's permission.
1 May 2020

Thanks for ripping off independent artists @teefury! What a really cool practice!
This Tweet is a reply to @joesmith628, who linked to @teefury's Tweet advertising a Trogdor tee.
1 May 2020

Not official! Not legit! Not cool!
This Tweet is a reply to @Nicolai_DeF, who shared a Facebook post from TeeFury advertising a Trogdor tee, asking if they had permission to sell it.
1 May 2020
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