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[edit] Troga-ball Z

Trogador's anime beefy arm closely resembles the arm of Akira Toriyama's Dragonball Z hero Goku.

From: Happy Trogday
Posted on: 21:05, 18 January 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • The style of the muscles in the arm and the placement of the blue wristband are similar, if not identical to Toriyama's art.

Arguments against:

  • Since it's already in his bio, it's not a fun fact for this cartoon.

Additional comments:

  • Goku was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the beefy arm.
  • Would this be better suited in Happy Trogday or the Trogador character article?
    • Never mind, it's already in his bio. I think it's fine where it is.
  • See the argument against - that disqualifies the fact entirely.
  • Didn't know that. Feel free to shut this one down then.

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  2. DBK!
  3. Darth Katana X (discussionitem_icon.gif user.gif mail_icon.gif)
  4. Seriously (Talk)
  1. wave o' babies
  2. Spell4yr
  3. DorianGray
  4. Rebochan
  5. Nintendostar_Runner
  6. Has Matt? (talk)
  7. Heimstern Läufer
  8. Trey56
  9. teeeffoh!
  10. LePorello / T / C
  11. The Chort
  12. Lapper (talk)
  13. Bluebry

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[edit] All Your Trogdor

This video is very reminiscient of the "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" flash video, where people either took pictures of or Photoshopped in uses of the "All Your Base" sentence in real-life locations, like on McDonald's signs, billboards, etc.

From: Happy Trogday
Posted on: 00:58, 14 January 2006 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  • The two videos greatly resemble each other. For example, at the very end of both videos, there is a bit where several different images appear for just a few frames each.
  • The fact doesn't say the video is an overt reference to AYB, it just says they are similar.
  • Both begin with a snip from the thing upon which they're based (the Zero Wing intro and dragon)
  • I believe that at least the "Danger Burninating in progress sign" (i think, not sure i remember which one) had to have been photoshopped in the same way.
  • When I watched it I thought the exact same thing. At the end of the sond (NIGHHHTTT!!!) It quickly flashes a bunch of pictures, ends on one, and then fades out, very reminisent of the All your Base video.
  • The flow of the two videos mirror each other. The 3 years ago portion matches up with "In AD 2101." The "flashback" to the original email matches up with the ship scene before the photo montages. Finally, the fade through at the end of the montage is the same effect that the AYB one uses. The Stinkoman ending could be seen as a bonus ending of sorts. Both videos also use a remix of a theme tune. The AYB one was remixed by the Laziest Men on Mars and had the vox voice sampled. The Trogdor theme song had live guitar sampled in.
  • In response to the fourth arg against, Isn't that what the statement in question says? If so, that's an argument for inclusion.

Arguments against:

  • Most of the All Your Base pictures were Photoshopped, probably made by the creator of the Flash movie. The Trogdor ones were all real fan creations sent in by assorted fans.
  • Both are just montages of photos set to music. That's the only similarity.
  • Re the second argument for: yes, they're similar. Not similar enough to imply a connection, though, in which case there's no reason to note the similarity (slide shows frequently have background music).
  • While it is similer to All Your Base, the same is true for thousands of other homemade flash videos on Albino Blacksheep. There are tons of montages out there.
  • In response to the fifth item on the arguements for: the AYB flash does NOT flash pictures as rapidly as Trogday's does. Not any of the versions I've seen. Just because they're both montages doesn't mean one is based on the other.

Additional comments:

Notice The following website is outside of and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.
  • In the interest of having informed voters (I really hate when people vote without having viewed the toon, etc.), this link to "All Your Base" is available. Be sure to ask your mom if you can watch it.
  • Even though the second Argument For is technically correct (the fact doesn't claim that the video is an overt reference), why should we mention this? The only reason to list it is if we have some reason to believe that TBC were inspired by All Your Base. That is to say, if it's just that these two videos are similar, then that's not a good basis for a Fun Fact. See "Fact Facterson" and "All right for a montage" for voting precedents.
  • There was also a Homestar Runner parody of the "All Your Base" video. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to load (at least on my computer). The link can be found here.
    • I'd add in a vote for the HR AYB montage, actually.
  • It really seems to follow the same flow as the AYB video - start with an intro (SB drawing, Zero Wing actual intro at same time), then upon the start of the song, goes into the pictures. Photoshopped or not, its the same idea (Trogdor showing up in real life). Then it closes with fast montage. I would believe it if you were to say they watched the AYB video and decide to create one like it.
    • One of the first things that came to mind as I was watching the video was the AYB movie.

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  27. Mycroft Holmes
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  30. -NFITC1

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